Sony Unveils Box Art For Gran Turismo 6


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With the gaming industry about to be turned on it's ear as the "next-gen consoles" get ready to launch--it won't be long--news about one of the most popular PlayStation games ever created coming out for the PS3 may be a little surprising. Of course, when Gran Turismo is involved, it's newsworthy. The fact that the game won't be available for the PS4 only adds to it. Granted, the game has been in development since 2011, at least according to the initial announcement, and it's apparent making one for the PS4 in concurrence with the PS3 was not part of the plan; or at least, if it was, that news is being kept under lock and key.

Anyway, next-gen consoles aside, Sony's appearance at the Gamescom conference included them confirming the release date for Gran Turismo 6 (December 6, 2013), releasing a new trailer (which can be seen at the top), and releasing the game's box art for all to see and salivate over:

Gran Turismo 6 Box
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There's also a shot of the Anniversary Edition box cover, for those of you having a hard time deciding between the two:

Gran Turismo 6 Anniversary

In case you're unaware, the differences between the to, aside from price, includes the following:

...including special Anniversary Edition Steelbook, 20 x 15th Anniversary Edition cars with performance and livery enhancement; 1M in-game credits and custom paint chips, race suit , race helmet and PSN avatar.

Sony's post was also eager to point out any pre-order bonuses as well:

Firstly, anyone who pre-orders the game whether Standard or Anniversary Edition will be able to get their hands on a special five-car pack known as the ‘Precision Pack’... In addition to the Precision Pack, depending on your retail destination you will have a choice of one of the other four car packs; Torque; Velocity; Performance; Adrenaline or 1M in-game credits to start building your own car collection.

You can pre-order GT6 at the normal retail destinations. Again, the game will hit the shelves on December 16. The question is, will people still have their PS3s out to play the game? Because it's Gran Turismo we're talking about, there's certainly a good chance.