Solange Knowles Dances Alongside Sister Beyoncé at Coachella

By: Jasmine Allen - April 14, 2014

One of Saturday’s performances at Coachella 2014 showed a lot of sisterly love.

During Solange Knowles’ performance of “Losing You,” Beyonce made a surprise appearance dancing alongside her baby sister.

Solange, flaunting an orange romper and big black curly hair, appeared to be very excited when the “Drunk In Love” singer made her way on stage. Beyonce’s attire was also not too far off from her sister’s retro style. She wore a colorful floral outfit with big blonde curly hair and a top hat.

The pair jumped right into choreography and apparently was having lots of fun as they smiled and laughed.

Of course Solange led the way, and it seemed as if Beyoncé-known for being the great dancer that she is-was just following along.

At one point in the video you can see the superstar pause slightly as she watches Solange and then jump right back into the dance routine.

The crowd was already pretty hyped up by Solange’s performance, but Beyoncé’s presence on stage was the icing on the cake.

At the end of their dance duet, Beyoncé nearly leaped at Solange hugging her tightly before exiting the stage.

The two definitely seem to have an unbreakable bond that every sibling should have.

After the small dance collabo, Solange returned to the mic and concluded her performance with a final message to the audience:

“Give it up for my wonderful band. And, giving honor to my favorite dance partner…my favorite person in the world…my sister Beyoncé. And, give it up for your mutha f***** selves! Have the best time tonight this whole weekend. Drink, smoke, dance, feel good.”

One audience member wrote on Twitter: “ALMOST didn’t stop by Solange. But it was “Losing You” so we watched. Then Beyoncé came out. Lesson: ALWAYS watch Solange. #coachella”

Well, it seems that Solange definitely made everyone’s night when she brought out Mrs. Carter.

Watch the performance here:

Image via YouTube 

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  • Marie Evans

    Why do Beyoncé have to join her sister its as if she can’t allow anyone else to have the spotlight for a moment.

    • imani1962

      Agreed, was thinking the same thing. Of course Solange is going to be excited to see her sister, but I question Beyoncé’s motive.

    • tyronebiggums

      it was sisterly love , it was a planned little bit. RELAX women its ok to share the light, it isnt always about yo ugly ass

      • Marie Evans

        Your momma is ugly! I said it and I meant it this was Solanga day Beyoncé should have sat her butt in the audience and be a fan for a moment.

        • Jackie Burwell

          solange should be priviledge to dance along side the queen..paleeeeeeeeeeeesee..But they both were good

      • Jackie Burwell

        AMEN TO THAT

  • tyronebiggums

    black people love taking the spot light away…..kanye? i can name a bunch more. BTW before you guys begin to hate, i am darker than dark. so dont hate bitches#