Sofia Vergara, Maintaining Those Curves

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Modern Family star, Sofia Vergara, is no stranger to posting sexy photos of herself.

In June, the 41-year old actress posted a revealing picture of her shapely rear end in a pink bikini thong laying out beside a pool.

Recently, despite the fact that it was jokingly questioned on Jimmy Kimmel Live as to whether or not she had a "penis," Vergara also spoke on On Air With Ryan Seacrest about a sexy scantily-clad photo of herself and her finance, Nick Loeb, that she posted online.

"My son took that picture," she said. "And I'm like, 'Damn, I still look good! I'm going to post this one.' At this age, you don't take for granted a good picture."

But maintaining her fabulous body doesn't come easy. Her trainer, Jennifer Yates from Metamorphosis, a Pilates and Spin Studio, spoke to E Online about how she keeps Vergara so toned.

Because the Columbian actress often appears in strapless gowns, Yates says, "We do Lagree Fitness exercises like Arm Circles and Chest Openers, which are essential to define the shoulders for a long, lean neckline."

As far as Vergara's hourglass figure, Yates says, "Sofía is always eager to tone the lower body, especially her butt. We always end our training sessions with a squat series. She's a pro at doing squats and wears a weighted vest while she does them. Sofía commonly refers to squats as 'necessary torture'."

For those women who would like to work on their Sofia-like abs at home, Yates offers some advice: the "Tailbone Angel."

1. Balance on the tailbone, knees bent, torso angled back, feet lifted off of the floor.
2. Exhale with slightly bent arms and the abdominals engaged, open arms to the sides while squeezing the upper back, and extending the legs straight.
3. Return by bending the knees and bringing the arms together on the outside of the knees.
4. Make sure to stay on the tailbone, with the chest and heart open.

Light hand weights can be added to this exercise to maximize performance.

On Sunday, Vergara will be seen on the red carpet at the 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards after being nominated for Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Series, Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for Television.

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