Skype Updated To Version 6.3 On Windows

By: Zach Walton - March 14, 2013

Windows Live Messenger users have a little over a month before they’re assimilated into the Skype collective. Before then, the team has been busy preparing Skype for the influx of new users that will be flooding in throughout April.

Skype announced that version 6.3 is now live for its Windows client. It’s a “maintenance release” which means that you won’t be seeing any major new features added, but the fixes contained therein are sure to make Skype a more stable and friendlier experience:

Skype Updated To Version 6.3 On Windows

Despite all of the above fixes, Skype 6.3 does have one little problem. The software can no longer display birthday notifications on Windows. There is no current workaround, but it shouldn’t be too much of a concern. You probably spend a lot of time on Facebook, and it will make sure that you see every birthday notification.

If you don’t have a Skype account yet, you can grab the latest version here. If you do, it should download the update the next time you open the software.

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  • http://amarildo99 suela

    Voglio skyoe

  • Yavor

    Since Microsoft bought skype-they have practivally ruined the good program,nothing works flawless anymore,endless updates and endless new screw-ups.

  • Lorrence

    WL Messenger was my #1 place for chatting with my friends and family online. I tried Skype last year and I disliked it a lot. I gave it a second chance again this year but still disliking it. I;m done. I’ll be upgrading my Yahoo Messenger account to #1.

  • MeMe

    I’ve been a routine skype user and it’s been working decently for a long time. HOWEVER, the program updated today without any consent of whether or not I wanted to and it just fucked everything up. I can open the program, but it can’t function one bit. This has definitely negatively impacted my decision on whether or not I’ll ever use it again if it continues to be like this. The update may have had “minor” changes, but now I can’t even use the program. Nice job.