Sharia Law Prompts Beverly Hills Hotel Boycott

    May 7, 2014
    Mike Fossum
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The Night Before the Oscars, an annual gala held at the Beverly Hills Hotel, may be hosted at a different venue henceforth, due to the Sultan of Brunei’s ownership of the storied inn. The Motion Picture & Television Fund, which holds the annual star-studded pre-Oscar party at the Dorchester Collection property, has cut ties with the establishment, after Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah enacted Sharia law last week in his Southeast Asian country.

In the Arabic-speaking world, Sharia, also known as Islāmī qānūn, means the moral code and religious law of a prophetic religion. Sharia deals with many of the same topics addressed by secular law, including politics, crime and economics, as well as with personal matters such as sexual intercourse, hygiene, diet, prayer, general etiquette and fasting. Punishments include amputation, flogging and stoning.

In a statement, MPTF’s top executives expressed their “deep concern about the recent enactment of laws in Brunei that call for violent punishment, including amputation and death by stoning, against those engaging in same-sex activity and extramarital sexual relations and those committing adultery. We expressed very clearly that we cannot condone or tolerate these harsh and repressive laws and as a result support a business owned by the Sultan of Brunei or a Brunei sovereign fund associated with the government of Brunei.”

The Night Before party, initially conceived by DreamWorks Animation CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg, has been held at the Beverly Hills Hotel since 2003, and has raised more than $60 million over the past 12 years. Its 2014 host committee included Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck, Camila and Matthew McConaughey, Jamie Foxx, Sandra Bullock and Octavia Spencer.

On Tuesday, the Beverly Hills City Council is scheduled to consider a resolution regarding the landmark. Beverly Hills Mayor Lili Bosse commented that the boycott “is not in any way a statement against the Beverly Hills Hotel … which is a pillar of our community. It’s about the ownership and its lack of concern for justice and human rights.”

Other Dorchester Collection properties including the Hotel Bel-Air have also been boycotted due to Bolkiah’s Sharia decree, and Virgin Records chief Richard Branson tweeted that neither his family nor Virgin employees would stay at Dorchester Collection hotels “until the Sultan abides by basic human rights.”

Image via Wikimedia Commons

  • who_earn_it

    Sharia Law for Savage Animals

    • ted

      Until the ” good” Muslims start to speak out publicly against the
      terrorists instead if sitting silently by we should begin to boycott all
      Muslim owned business in America.
      And don’t give me that ” what iof thy stop selling us poil” GOOD!!
      THEN maybe Obama will let us get our OWN energy that ht’s been hiding from Americans every way he can.

      • mikeydoesntLikeit

        LOL. don’t hold you breath waiting.

  • Willet

    Sounds like Islamaphob is alive and well in Beverly Hills.

    • Ann Marie Neufelder

      Islamaphob? Really? You call protesting torture a phobia?

      • jacko01

        A little torture never hurt anyone,especially waterboarding a terrorist.

      • Willet

        They’re not protesting torture, they’re protesting ownership of a hotel by a Muslim. It’s hatred and intolerance straight up.

    • Lisa A. Wilson N-fidelCracker

      Islamaphob? No one is afraid of Islam, just disgusted with their laws! I’ll bet you never even read the Qur’an. Islam dictates that cutting off of the opposite hand and leg for those accused of theft…no court, just automatic cutting off of body parts. Also stoning for a woman accused of adultery. A hole is dug with the woman being placed into the hole and dirt brought up to around her waist, keeping her arms below the surface. She is then stoned with small rocks until dead…thrown by anyone in the crowd. How about their ritual of cutting their foreheads to allow the blood to drip down their faces…even small children are held by their mothers to have their foreheads cut. Or what about beheading? Or the law that gay people should be thrown off a tall building, although they have ‘dancing boys’ who perform for men that bid on who takes the kid home with them…the highest bidder, for what, to just look at him all night? I think not.
      Read the Qur’an and you can then call someone an Islamaphob. You don’t know what you’re talking about.

  • mgmtboy

    If the mayor wants the hotel under different management go ahead and buy it.

  • gypsypatrick

    he just can not ignore US law and replace it with sharia law since most of the “moral code” is illegal in the states

    • Lucabrasi2345

      Read it again, he’s not replacing anything here in the US, it’s back in Brunei

  • Peaceful_man

    WTF ??? Where in the Sharia Law is blinding, severing of the spinal cord, burying alive, hanging, burning alive and crucifixion allowed? Mike Fossum, know your facts before you publish them.

    • jack01

      Peaceful man,You got to be the most stupidest man alive.Sticking up for a raghead Sharia law.May be ur wife or girlfriend would find it helpful for them and you can be MAACHOO.

    • Lucabrasi2345

      It doesn’t, it’s twisted interpretation of what to do to punish non-believers.

  • Dan Gregory

    Screw Islam bull s— and the sharia crap.They sound more like gutless cowards.

  • trs

    Until the ” good” Muslims start to speak out publicly against the terrorists instead if sitting silently by we should begin to boycott all Muslim owned business in America.
    And don’t give me that ” what iof thy stop selling us poil” GOOD!!
    THEN maybe Obama will let us get our OWN energy that ht’s been hiding from Americans every way he can.


    • Lisa A. Wilson N-fidelCracker

      Anyone who abides by the ‘laws’ of the Qur’an is considered a ‘good Muslim’ and then that would make them all terrorists. They are doing exactly what the ‘holy book’ tells them to do, behead people, stone them to death, kill those who don’t believe in their religion, called infidels, cut off body parts, kill children who are born female, marry children as young as 1 day old. Read the Qur’an before you start dividing them up into good muzzies or terrorists!! It even tells them how to correctly have sex with animals and what to do with those they have had sex with…sell to the village down the road because the meat is now unfit for them…!!! It even tells how to properly wipe their own butts…using their left hand, without using toilet paper!!! WOW! All of these are good laws to abide by…NOT!!!!!

      • Bgal

        Andddddd how many times have you read the Quran? And in what language? Was it the physical book or some trashy website that decides to write stuff like that for people who like to diss others? Andddddd what is your religion are you, might I add? I can think of most religions where their past isn’t quite so ‘holy’.

  • dndgaddy

    keep it for the arabs one the other side of the pond NOT IN THE U.S.!

  • whoisjohngalt58

    to quote AchMed,
    “Silence, I keeelll you!!””


  • yaki534

    I have been wondering when women groups would wake up. Sharia law puts women a notch or two under the family dog. Such is the law of muslim swine.

    • Lisa A. Wilson N-fidelCracker

      Sharia Law does not allow a ‘family dog’, they are dirty!!! Yet they wipe their own butts with their bare left hand. That’s really clean!

      • B

        Hmm…my Muslim friends don’t. Do yours?

  • Chuckawobbly

    I’m waiting for all the Christians who support keeping homosexuals out of their businesses to say Sharia law is just fine in someone’s business because obviously Christians believe in religious freedom in the U.S. don’t they?

  • aj

    Honestly people, please stop using CNN, Fox News, and YouTube as your source for information, just makes you sound stupid..honestly. It saddens me as an American to know how many of my stupid fellow citizens choose to write such uneducated crap. Take the time to read the religious books of different faiths, educate yourselves on the different religions around the world, learn the difference between the cultures people follow and the religious teachings they follow, and lastly don’t fall victim to this hate mongering attitude you’ve allowed the media to have imprinted onto you. Peace to all, no mater what religion you belong to.

    • bj

      Why would anyone possibly want to read religious garbage?