Shailene Woodley Thinks Parents Need to Chill When it Comes to Miley Cyrus

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Shailene Woodley thinks parents really need to chill when it comes to Miley Cyrus and her controversial antics.

In Vanity Fair's July cover story featuring Woodley, the Fault in Our Stars actress told the magazine she feels parents should focus on something really important like bullying rather than what Cyrus is up to.

In the end, Woodley believes Cyrus is just doing what Cyrus does, and it’s nobody’s business but her own.

“Miley isn’t rude or mean or cruel to anyone in her actions,” said Woodley. “She just does herself. And regardless of whether you agree with what she’s doing or not, it’s none of your business what she does. She’s not in the world doing mean things.”

Let's check out Cyrus' 4th of July weekend posts on Instagram.

“Why are all these parents or all these people freaking out about Miley being herself?” said Woodley. “If you don’t want your kids to watch it, you know, you can change that situation at home, but don’t make a big deal of what she’s doing. Make a big deal about the bullies at school who are beating kids up.”

Woodley also offered a shoutout in the cover story to another strong woman, Fleetwood Mac's Stevie Nicks.

“Her music has sort of been throughout my entire life. [Fleetwood Mac] was always a part of something I listened to. And I also just love sort of who she is and that there’s no one in the world like Stevie Nicks. She was never the next anything. She was the first and only Stevie Nicks, and she was brave and she was strong, and she was her, no matter what that meant. She was her.”

Gotta give Woodley credit. She knows her mind and is not afraid to speak out on behalf of women, their choices and originality.

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