Sextortion Photos Case Arrest Made


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An arrest has been made in the sextortion photos case. Miss Teen USA Cassidy Wolf and seven other women became victims of sextortion when Jared James Abrahams, 19, of Temecula, Calif. used malicious software to control their computer webcams.

Abrahams allegedly used the cameras to video tape the women nude and then sent them emails threatening to publish the photos if they did not send him more. Abrahams went to great lengths to gain access to the victims' computers, even creating a "Virtual Private Network" to disguise his identity when he sent threatening emails.

Miss Teen USA Cassidy Wolf was allegedly the first victim and an acquaintance of Abrahams. The complaint says that the FBI first learned of the alleged sextortion in March via 18-year-old "C.W.," who became concerned when she received an alert from a social networking site saying her password had been changed. She said she then received "an extortionate email" with nude photographs attached. The sender, according to the complaint, said that C.W. should comply with his demands or have her nude photographs "plastered all over the internet."

In one instance, says the complaint, a victim identified as M.M. 1 agreed to communicate with Abrahams via Skype. She told him, "I'm downloading Skype now. Please remember I'm only 17. Have a heart." Abrahams allegedly responded, "I'll tell you this right now. I do NOT have a heart!!!"

If convicted, Abrahams faces two years in federal prison. But the investigation is continuing and additional charges haven't been ruled out, according to federal investigators.

Image from Wikimedia Commons.