Serena Imitated By Wozniacki, Move Called Racist

    December 11, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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When Caroline Wozniacki stuffed her tennis togs to create big breasts and an ample behind at a recent match, she got several laughs from the crowd; some spectators snapped pictures to post on social media sites, saying it was an obvious comparison to Serena Williams (who wasn’t in attendance). Several news sites are calling the stunt “hilarious“.

But many aren’t laughing at the reference and say it’s a racist caricature of a black woman’s body which shouldn’t be celebrated.

“So a white woman can do something like this, but Serena Williams can’t crip walk to celebrate a victory? Wozniacki stuffed her bra and underwear so that she could appear like Serena. It may have been done in “jest,” but I love how people can can turn a black woman’s body and sexuality into a caricature. However, we should not have the autonomy to celebrate any successes of our own. This is complete bullshit,” wrote one blogger after the photo went viral.

Twitter users have had a lot to say on the matter, as well, but for now, neither Wozniacki nor Williams has offered a statement. So far, the question remains: was Wozniacki indeed mocking Serena, or is that just the assumption?


Image: Eurosport


  • ronald jones

    she can,t beat her so she had to stoop so low to show her ignorance but the curves she has woman around the world is paying for!

  • http://Yahoo Toni Wms

    Silly woman. There are white women around the world paying for a butt like Serena’s. If it makes her feel better about her lousy playing so be it. Black is indeed beautiful.

  • john lake

    I like it, I do not think she meant any harm. Loose up people

  • Janet mcdonald

    She was being silly and young. Serena is the one who disappointed the US by doing a gang related dance giving the praise to gangs in California. She is the one showing her roots are from California streets. And for whoever said people want her backside? Really? I do not think even a little.

    • Pete

      Actually, Serena’s backside does not reflect the size of most Black Women. However; her butt, plus thicker lips,are a physical trait of African women. Funny, how so many flat butt, thin lipped White Women like this bitch spend big money to attain the look that she ridicules. Too many sick,racist Whites are just mega stupid.

  • herbert

    Hey Serena, imitate Wozniacki by dyeing your hair blond and losing a lot of tennis matches!

  • Barbara Rosenkrantz

    This is so inappropriate it turns my stomach. Of course it’s racist. Of course it sets a very bad example for others. It’s the worst kind of bullying. Making fun of a fine, strong, athletic woman is wrong.

    • Jen

      How is this racist? If she was making fun of a white woman with a big bottom nothing would be said.

  • http://webpronews olivia

    I think she’s ignorant, racist, and a bully. Why do people like to make fun and hurt other people because of the way God made them? Wozniacki is most certainly not a lady behaving like this. Her mother should have taught her beauty fades but dumbness is forever.

    • lovatreez

      that was not comedy, that was really a bad judgement call. friends or not, her move was a character or a whole lot of black women, who are just learning to love who they are and who our bodies different.

  • fad

    That’s right the skinning little white girl stuffed her clothes so she could look like Serena. Some women pay lots of money to get implants. It’s racial! Da sister ain’t respected! What the hell are these white people doing here! They can all move back to . . . cricket . . . damn them white people lives everywhere!

    But why are all the famous sisters turning white? Beyonce, Lil, Rhianna? I think it’s racial! Why do so many sisters pay to look skinny? I don’t know?

    Take a pill – do whatever you want to do and be happy! Stop bitchin’.

    • ZT

      She is not disrespecting anyone. Ask Serena. She is her friend and you are not. The only way its a race issue is if you make it one. Yes, I am a black “or African-American” and believe in a little comedy.

  • ZT

    Seriously, she is kiddin with her friend. For those who don’t know them, get a life. The tennis world has been doing this a lot lately, just cause you do not follow tennis, doesn’t mean you have the right to judge anyone.

    • michael elmagico

      I love Wozniacki. Serena should have quit a long time ago.
      There is nothing racist about this impersonation.

      • http://webpros/life mike nice

        Y should serena quit she can beat any woman on tour…on her worst day

    • lovatreez

      Well you all judged her when she performed her dance to celebrate her win, but hey this is how we know racism is still alive. white girls can mock our women and it just a joke we celebrate our culture we are thugs!!!!

  • Brian Trask

    Are you kidding me with the racist shit? She was joking with her friend, nothing more, nothing less. Why make this about race? So let me get this right, blacks can call each other the N word, have Black People Dating.com, hate white people and let us know, and call racism at any time? Let it go people, let it go. If you are so unhappy with the way we treat people in this country, move. I am so sick of everything having to have a hidden meaning. If Serena’s sister did this, it would be a big laugh. But because it was Serena’s white friend, there is a problem. Grow up, move on, get a freakin life people.

  • Robert

    This is not a racist joke. This is targeted joke towards Serena from Wozniacki. This is not a racist remark towards black women. Black women are a proud species. There are many white women that are built with a body that mirrors Serena’s. Therefore this can’t be considered racist. For all intents and purposes, Ice-T’s wife CoCo has such a build if not more exaggerated.
    I will say, that for many black women that wear a super straight weave you may want to ask yourselves, who are your imitating?

  • quietstorm1x

    Stop it, people. Serena DOES look like that in real life!!! Plus, serena herself is a bully. Black folks are the first ones to call white folks “crackers,” but when someone cslls them thr “N” word, immediately there is an outcry…

  • Jen

    Serena has a big @ss- it has nothing to do with race ! Everytime a black person is made fun of the race card it being thrown out. Stop with the race thing. Time to get over it !

  • http://webpros/life mike nice

    Loosen up america..this girl doesn’t have a racist bone in her body….serena is beautiful and im white

  • http://yahoo! Tommy Oliver

    Maybe she just wishes she had what Serena is blessedf with…don’t most white girls?

  • Gregster

    If Serena wawn’t offendede no harm no foul. What do they say about imitation really being the purest form of flattery.


    That skinny Broad wish she had an ass and tits like that…Dayum shame(Hater)

  • http://Yahoo jbugme@sbcglobal.net

    Well, I have mixed feelings, I do think she was doing this in jest however, I do not think it was appropriate in any case. It is funny but it could hurt. I do not think this was racist at all and it should not be taken to that level. Some people want to take it as a racial insult but as for most of us it was just a poor joke—not racist..Believe me Serena would have jumped on this had she taken it that way. You read into this and you get exactly what you want.

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  • moomoolala

    wow you are probaly racist if you defend racism it was done in poor taste and meant to be demeaning and its funny how white people Always have an excuse for being racist it is sad why let the whole wolrd know you re jealous and want to be SERENA!!!!!