Send Odors Through Your Smartphone With Scentee

    May 14, 2013
    Zach Walton
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Smell-O-Vision was a short lived idea in the 1960s that never really took off. Even so, people have tried to communicate smells through electronic transmission for quite some time now. One new smartphone accessory may have finally perfected it.

Say hello to Scentee, a new accessory from Japanese company ChatPerf. It’s a small attachment for mobile devices that disperses scents from small liquid capsules loaded into it. Check it out in action below:

So, how would you actually use this? The developers at ChatPerf suggest that somebody could send a scent to a friend, or they could use it to augment a media experience. One example in particular is that the Scentee could disperse a gunpowder odor during a first-person shooter.

Using odors as a form of communication seems like a strane idea that might not catch on, but you just never know anymore. If it works as advertised, the smartphones of 2020 may have odor dispersals integrated within them.

  • NOT Frank

    Ok, the first thing I thought of was someone farting into this thing. The second was someone sending the smell of weed to your phone as you are trying to get onto a flight and the drug sniffing dog. Then morning breath…. do we really want any of these things?

  • http://www.ientry.com Joshua

    Now at first this may seem kind of irrelevant, however, I think it would be pretty cool to play call of duty AND have the smell of bullets being fired. I may be wrong and it may end up being dumb, but at least now it sounds like it would improve gaming.