Selita Ebanks Gets Upset, Punches a Model in the Face

By: WebProNews Staff - July 25, 2012

Selita Ebanks isn’t someone you want to tussle with. If she thinks you’ve been putting the moves on her man, she’s going to tell you about it. And if she doesn’t like your response, there’s a very strong possibility that she’s going to punch you in the nose. Although Ebanks may look like a cute and innocent young woman with a body to die for, she’ll apparently mess you up without giving it a second thought. In short, don’t mess with fiesty fashion models.

Liza Irizarry experienced the wrath of Ebanks while partying at the Dream nightclub in Miami, Florida last November. When Irizarry gave Ebanks’ boyfriend a friendly peck on the cheek, the former Neiman Marcus model got her feathers seriously ruffled. Before too long, the situation started to turn ugly. Well, about as ugly as two models fighting can get, anyway.

“When she saw me, she said, ‘Don’t be kissing my man.’ I said to myself, ‘So what, that’s my friend.'”, Irizarry explained. “That’s when she hit me on the nose. I went to swing back – that’s when all her friends jumped in. I felt hair pulling and fists coming at me.”

After seeing a specialist about her busted snout on Monday, the Telemundo model discovered she had a complex nasal fracture and obstruction, both of which would require surgery to correct. Not surprisingly, Irizarry intends to file an assault and battery charge against Ebanks in Hudson County Superior Court. Why she went so long with a mangled nose is anybody guess.

An attorney for Ebanks called the lawsuit “baseless”. Big surprise there. Had the model actually owned up to the assault, I may have fallen out of my chair.

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  • jtrier1

    HAHAHHAHA…I find this to be HILARIOUS!!!

    “Don’t you be touchin my man!”


    “you just got knocked da F*** out!!!”

  • Jack D

    Fists don’t hurt people, people hurt people! We need to legislate “fist control”. Girls’ bony little fists hurt.

  • Carmen

    Well this incident goes to show that Selita is a ghetto hood rat. I can’t believe she would be fighting someone over Terrence J that little troll that wants so badly to be a man. In my opinion I thought her and Terrence were both looking for men to date.

  • jake

    Nothing new here. another black displaying what blacks are all about. Stupidity, ignorance, and ghetto behavior. You see its not the color or the race its the behavior. Even the mexican illegals in the USA have more responsibility than the black welfare baby factories. and what is this gibberish they speak. Obviously they are probably high school drop outs. Sad and 40% of the babies born in this country were paid for by a government program. Wonder what percent were black.

    • Chelsea

      So ridiculous, I didn’t think people actually thought this way.
      I am praying that you are just a troll!
      *fingers crossed*

    • FREE American man

      Come on Jake that is a very derogatory statement!!! You DO have the freedom of speech, but you also have the responsibility too choose that speech wisely!!!

      Most African-American people are looking to find their OWN culture. which is sad because we all bleed red…and on 9/11/2001 we were ALL Americans and color was no longer an issue for about 3 weeks to a month…Then the racist BS started back up on BOTH sides!!!

      when are we all going to stop our petty comments and stand by each other as “fellow Americans”??

      On the article itself…I am actually wanting to go see a fashion show/brawl now!!! THAT is good entertainment!!! Laila Ali would be the hands down champ!!! (She’s hot AND she can box…Oh and she has a better “tan” than your mom Jake!!!)

    • Jessica

      What does race have to do with anything? Look at white people…they shoot up movie theaters and kill innocent people including a 6 year old child. White, Asians, Russians, Chinese, can all act stupid, ignorant, and ghetto. And you’re an ignorant douchebag for making that comment.

    • Judy

      Your comment represents typical white based misfacts and ignorance . You live under government programs.

    • Judy

      Your comment represents typical white based misfacts and ignorance . You live under government programs.

    • Judy

      Your comment represents typical white based misfacts and ignorance . You live under government programs.

    • Judy

      Your comment represents typical white based misfacts and ignorance . You live under government programs.

    • Judy riley

      Your comment represents typical white based misfacts and ignorance . You live under government programs.

  • coco

    For starters where’s all the witnesses for this crap. this so called model looks like a fucking skanky prostitute, just some unknown looking for a spot in the limelight. to be honest this is a pretty biased argument for someone who knows neither one of them, but looking at the comments its clear your just taking the side of the non black person, how pathetic. why was this woman kissing her boyfriend anyway?, if you saw this woman kissing your boyfriend when she knows full well your there you would get upset.

  • Matica Ebanks

    I am Selita’s cousin and don’t get caught up in he said, she said BS but to Jake & Carmen, both of you sound Stupid, ignorant, and ghetto. You were not there and your commenting on something and someone that you know nothing about. The media structures stories to hype the situation and the public up so that they can sell their story. Then we have ppl like you that wants to put your two cents in. Like mama always said, if you don’t have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything!!! And by the way Jake, Selita has never been a welfare kid. How are you living??? Judge not less ye be judged. Oh and by the way, no one is pure white, pure black, pure hispanic, not even water is pure anymore. Get with the times and stop being a racist!! Hi 5 to Jessica, you said it well!!