Sarah Palin Tweets “Bomb Obamacare”

By: Erika Watts - September 11, 2013

Former VP candidate and Alaska governor Sarah Palin is being criticized for a Tweet she posted on Monday. While all eyes are on President Obama’s plans for how the United States should respond to the Syria crisis, Palin is focusing on Obamacare, which goes into effect on October 1.

Palin’s big concern with the Affordable Care Act is that “death panels” made of bureaucrats will have the final say in our healthcare. She believes that the elderly and disabled will be refused care in efforts to keep costs down.

See Palin’s post and the accompanying video below.

Many Twitter users responded to her post, and reactions have ranged from heckling the former governor to surprise at her choice of words.

Palin’s Twitter post comes just over a week after she made a controversial post to her Facebook account with the title “LET ALLAH SORT IT OUT.” The post says that “We should let Allah” sort out the Syria crisis until America gets a Commander-in-Chief that knows what he’s doing. Palin also included the comment, “So we’re bombing Syria because Syria is bombing Syria? And I’m the idiot?”

While Palin is being criticized for her views, she isn’t the only person concerned that the Syrian conflict is taking away attention from other important matters. On Monday Senator Ted Cruz said that the Syrian conflict was distracting people from holding the Obama administration accountable for Benghazi. While the senator considers how America reacts to the issue important, he doesn’t want other matters to be forgotten in the panic over Syria.

What do you think–are Palin and Cruz right in that the focus on Syria needs to be shifted to other matters such as Obamacare and Benghazi? Discuss below.

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Erika Watts

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  • clint

    She is afraid some poor smelly person might sit next to her in the waiting area.

    • Jeff

      Didn’t know you were poor and smelly.

  • clint

    If you don’t want poor people to have health insurance, then don’t call yourself a Christian because you are not.

    • Deke

      Where did Jesus say thou shalt have insurance?

      Look, the vast majority of Christians are not gonna deny someone who NEEDS it help. But, there’s that whole teach a man to fish bit while you’re talking Christ.

      Thing is most just disagree how to go about solving these problems and don’t want to continually get ripped off by Uncle Sam.

      Your logic isn’t working so good here dude, by that thinking then Christians would be as broke as the people you want them to support, that wouldn’t work too good.

      • Anweezy

        Didn’t your Jesus take the hard work from a boy and feed a crowd? Didn’t your Jesus give HIS own life to save you from your selfish sins? Sounds like a liberal to me.

        • Jeff

          Jesus may have been a “Classic Liberal” bt as far as “taking” the hard work, I’m pretty sure the boy offered it. And according to the Bible, Jesus willingly gave his life.

          Unlike the boy, I’m not offering money for the lazy. I’m no Jesus, so instead of willingly giving money for the lazy, it is taken from me in taxes.

          Your argument (like Obamacare) is invalid. Thanks for playing, have a nice day.

  • Jimmy Lee

    Sarah Palin is good people. She’s everyday people and you ought not talk bad about her. You hippies is ruining everything.

  • steve

    bomb the palins .

  • AslynGautreau

    I’m just curious if all of you people that are downing Sarah Palin actually have a job and work for your money? I have to pay health insurance for myself and my children, I have to pay copays and for prescriptions so the lazy can sit there and get all those benefits that I have to pay for free?? Are you kidding me? Get back to reality. The reality is as long as we pay these peoples way there is no reason for them to apply themselves because they know that they will be cared for above and beyond survival just for sitting at home watching there free tv and talking on their government phones! I believe in paying for the elderly that have worked all their lives, but I don’t like paying for the elderly bum or alcoholic that hasn’t worked or blew every penny they ever had because of poor planning and now expects me to foot the bill. no thanks.

    • Dr James A Jones

      Very well put. Only the bums and un-educated people that have not made a plan for there lives and think others owe them something for being lazy are why we have problems in the United States. You can also thank the the Government for these problems escalating, giving and providing benefits for free to lazy people. The Obama phone needs to be stopped and welfare needs to go back to original policies (3 months and you need to find a job, extended unemployment needs to go back to 3 months or less. Those that are complaining about others taking jobs are the ones that don’t want to work. There are so many problems with the government and Bug Unions that we need a Commander and Chief that can lead and not talk and vacation every other week.

      • Ken

        I agree with you 100%. It goes back to the Bible, “If you do not work, than you do not eat.” And all liberals should be bombed!


        • Matt

          Just like a good Christian, Ken! Bomb the Liberals! You’re one of the biggest hypocrites on here. And to ‘Doctor’ James, you don’t think people who are honestly down on their luck should have healthcare? You’re a piece of shit. Do you even KNOW what the Hippocratic Oath is? And lastly, Ashlyn. Assuming that anyone doesn’t have a job because they shoot down an obviously under educated person in a political office is just asinine. I hope no one in your family is ever downtrodden. Not everyone who doesn’t have a job is ‘lazy’. You’ll be the first one to say, I’m sure, that employment is low due to Obama, but then when people don’t have jobs they’re LAZY. Make up your damned mind. Also, alcoholism is not ‘poor planning’. It seems as if you and Palin went to the same school. With your atrocious grammatical errors and logic. Have a fucking seat, twats.

      • Joe Mama

        Doctor Jones,
        So you want to bust unions, does that mean you would go along with busting the AMA? (I know, a professional association) which is really an exclusive union which helps prop up prices for medical care.

    • MikeG

      I have been working steadily for 49 yrs, contribute to my healthcare premiums, pay taxes, served in the military, my wife has 35 yrs in the Army (and counting. By the way she is also an immigrant from Mexico, yeah, one of THEM!)I have also had need, once years ago to avail myself of the welfare system for a couple of months and was damn gald I was “entitled” to it based on the taxes I paid. And Sarah Palin is still an idiot.

  • AslynGautreau

    For the record Clint…. just because she is a Christian doesn’t mean she has to be a push over. There is a difference between being “poor” and being “poor” by choice. Most of the “poor” Americans are that way be choice. Lazy and entitled…. most of america these days!

    • http://yahoo Sweet

      she can’t be much of a Christian with the hatred that the exhibits for Obama everytime she oepsn her mouth. Christians don’t hate and they don’t opress healthcare, voting rights and other necessities the poor need. In the Bible it speaks of helping the needy; therefore, I don’t see her as a Christian.

    • MikeG

      What makes you think she’a Christian? Because she says so? So did George W. Bush. Neither of them would know Jesus Christ if He shook their hand!

  • Seymour Rothstein

    Every time the poor boob opens her mouth you realize how poor was her education. It appears to me that Sarah was one of those persons left behind. We should not criticize such poor souls, but should feel sorry for them

  • Seymour Rothstein

    We should not speak evil of Sarah. Just let her do the talking. “Refudiate, misundrestimate, wee-weed-up”. The poor gal is illiterate and in her own mind proudly mistakes illiteracy for literary genius.

  • Teresa

    Sarah Palin is a good strong American fighting for American values. We might forget those because we have been subverted in out schools with communist teaching for years. Even Dewey, who is considered the father of modern education, went and got his tactics from the Soviets.
    We all can’t be blamed for being taught to be socialists from childhood, but we can make good decisions now seeing communism doesn’t ever work for the good of mankind.

    • Robert a.Moore Jr.

      I pity the Fool that even think Sarah Palin knows anything, this nitwit lives off instint. Shes dumbs as bricks and because she gets a little testy, her dumbfollowers think shes relevant. You all have the nerves to talk about her values, please, when is lying, values..

    • MikeG

      So you think Palin is a “good strong American”? That’s scary. The woman has proven herself to be an incompetent moron over and over. And what’s all the talk about Communism? What’s Communism got to do with anything being discussed here? I guess in Teaparty circles it’s still the big bogeyman. Every person I have met that identified themselves as Teaparty member was a knuckle-dragging, mouthbreathing idiot.