"Sandlot" Actor Arrested, Head-Butts Officer


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Thomas Guiry, most notably known for playing Scotty Smalls in the 90's kids baseball hit, The Sandlot, has just joined a long line of celebrities with mug shots.

The New Jersey native was arrested this past weekend after an altercation at Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston, Texas. Guiry was preparing to board a plane when a United Airlines employee decided the actor was too drunk to board his flight.

The employee called the Houston Police Department at 6:45 Saturday evening for help with Guiry. HPD tried speaking with Guiry, giving him the option to either be arrested for public intoxication or spend the night sobering up in the drunk tank. Apparently Guiry didn't like either of these choices because he allegedly became belligerent and threatening with the officer. He was even informed that he would face even more charges, but continued in his drunken state. He then allegedly tried to kick the officer in the face, and when that didn't work, he headbutted the cop.

Obviously Benny Rodriguez was not around to save the day this time.

The cop walked away with minor injuries, while Guiry was arrested for felony assault on a police officer. He was later released after he posted bail, which was $5,000. His camp has made no comment on the incident.

Guiry gained fame as a child actor in the 90's, not only starring in The Sandlot, but also as the lead in the remake of Lassie. Unlike some child stars, he continued acting in notable films like Tigerland, The Mudge Boy, and Mystic River. He even spent some time on the small screen after being cast in the short-lived NBC series, The Black Donnellys.

He was most recently seen on an episode of the CBS drama Elementary and in the film Culling Hens.

The Sandlot celebrated it's 20th anniversary this year, and the director and some of the actors even reunited at the same baseball field where the movie was filmed.