Samsung Announces Smart App Challenge 2012

By: Mike Fossum - May 8, 2012

Samsung has announced its Smart App Challenge of 2012, a contest with prizes totalling $4.8 million, in an effort to facilitate the development of new Android applications.

This contest also offers broad marketing support for promotion of the best 80 apps, divided into 60 Samsung Super Apps and 20 Best S Pen Apps, which incorporate the most creative Galaxy Note Stylus Pen (S Pen) functionality. Galaxy Tab and Note apps are judged based on download popularity, with prizes ranging from $30K to $200K, and S Pen apps are judged by a panel, with the same potential for reward.

Samsung’s “mega marketing support” will encompass press releases, social media channels, and even television and print advertisements. The Smart App Challenge ends on September 30th.

In related news, Samsung just released the specs of its new Galaxy S III smartphone, which is set to be released in Europe on may 29th.

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