Salma Hayek: Women Are Trying To Look Like Boys

    October 5, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Salma Hayek says she is the luckiest girl in Hollywood to have a job, considering she has an accent, is dyslexic, and is “chubby”.

While most of us wouldn’t classify her as anything other than curvy and gorgeous, she insists she’s got a fuller figure, and she likes it that way. With female celebrities being hounded to keep their weight down, she says, they’ve gone from looking like women to resembling little boys, which is not sexy.

“In recent years, we have had to fight against our genetic nature to look like little boys, to be socially accepted as beautiful,” she says. “It used to be that a young girl couldn’t wait to grow up and take the shape of a woman. Now our goal is regression, to look younger and like a child. There has not been enough diversity of boy shape in fashion.”

She also says she refuses to go on the fad diets that take Tinseltown by storm every year, particularly the ones that cut out carbs and fat.

“I am 46… I will not have Botox. You know why? I don’t need to do it because I eat! I eat the fat, I eat the vegetables, I eat everything. If you exercise too much and you don’t eat enough, it takes its toll on the skin. Everything starts aging. If you don’t eat carbs, you slow your metabolism down. And you know what? You look miserable.”

Salma Hayek, I think I love you.

With their electric curves and undeniable sex appeal, actresses like Hayek and “Mad Men” star Christina Hendricks are changing the way we look at celebrities, in a much-needed way. Hopefully that trend will spread.

  • Anthony

    She’s beautiful “sigh” I love her “sign” oh did she say something? lol

  • Ron

    She is sexy and hot and she knows it! What a woman.

  • Obi-1

    Women are looking more like tranny messes more than boys!

  • Darrell

    Salma Hayek is quite simply…a real woman…I’ll take a real woman ..accent and all..like her everyday over these straws and reality wannas bes.

  • Ralph Malph

    This is nothing new. Looke at the pictures of the flappers in the 1920’s And, does anyone remember Twiggy?

  • Mike

    Oh she is and always will be beautiful!! Love Love Love her!

  • http://yahoo JCE

    On a scale of 1-10 I gotta give Salma at least a 12…

  • Corpsman7

    Christina Hendricks? hahahahaha, while she is very pretty,…..she does not compare to Salma!

    • amanda

      I think she was only comparing the two in their curvaliciousness. In my opinion Selma is the more beautiful also.

  • Camille

    Thank You Salma, you are a true example of a natural,beautiful, woman. Like myself, I use to hate my breast. 38DDD can be a hassle, but inspiring women like yourself help us curvy ladies apprieciate our bodies, and its totally fine. Trying to get rid of them would be unatural!!

    • rank

      I would love your eee’s.Never alter them.You are a real woman

  • truth-a-lot

    Like I have said for a while, why are so many guys attracted to women with the bodies of little boys? It is a little disturbing.

    • rank

      she is extremely hot.Men who like women with little boys bodies are sickos

  • joseph

    Chubby? I don’t think so. Perfect is a lot closer.

  • Bill

    Salma is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. Runway models can’t hold a candle to her. In fact a lot of them look like a candle. How boring. Wish I knew if that was really her ass we get to see in the “Wild Wild West” or just a butt-double. Stunningly beautiful face and a body that is absolutely edible. I am so jealous of whoever it is she is married to.

    • francis clickenger

      Why cant you just admire her for her work as an actress? Frida was my favorite film of hers, because she played the part so well.. I’ve never seen many women that can hold a candle to her as for being beautiful. She’s a pleasure to watch, and interesting too.

      • anen

        Bill is a fine example why men like him have no say on what goes on in the fashion industry cause they only want to see women naked (note his memory of salma is when she shows off her naked ass in a movie). U people forget that Fashion is about the CLOTHES! This is why “chubby” women are not wanted in the catwalk cause all they see are her boobs and ass, it’s distracting, designers want you see their clothes and what better way to show off their clothes than by using walking “hangers”. Rail thin women look better in Clothes, Chubby women look better without them. capeesh?

        • Deborah

          Boy Anen, you sure dont like her to much do you? someone needs to stand up for women with curves, its about time, curvy is more feminine than a skeleton, plus she has a right to her own opinion doesnt she? i think its great that she seems to embrace beauty within as well. I mean why should women starve? to be a size 0? what for? to be hungry constantly to be accepted? thats absurd! i think if you are in a healthy weight range period thats all should be concerned about. Media is so hard on women, its pretty sad

  • Rj

    Chubby in all the right places

    • http://Yahoo.com A. Robinson

      Bless you for looking so good.

  • richard byrd

    Right on. We used to call women like Selma and Christina STACKED, after all nobody wants bones but a dog.

  • jeff

    Shes not chunky, shes perfect..

  • rank

    There are some great nude shots of her hot body if you google them.She loves to show off those great knockers and world class ass

  • Orenthal

    All of a sudden I am real thirsty for some milk.

    Not sure why.

  • Alley Al

    All I can say is Muy Caliente!

  • wulahula

    I LOVE Salma Hayek, and always have! She’s ONE absolutely GORGEOUS woman! Wish we were friends!!

  • http://www.autodevis.fr devis

    I think that she is simply irresistible

  • eve




    • Chaun

      Eve, you are either a moron or can’t read. Salma said that in Hollywood they are trying to make women look like boys and be ultra skinny. This has been said by many people for over 20 years about Hollywood and the fashion world. 2nd, her husband is a Billionaire. 3rd, she had millions before she married him so she doesn’t need his money, and i highly doubt she needs or would get nipped and tucked. SMDH Women like you are such haters!

  • Roto

    No other Hollywood girls compare to Selma, except Christina. Both blindingly beautiful. I agree, skinny girls with no curves are useless for me. Real girls, real curves, real beauty. Period!

  • Suga

    Who in the hell is calling Salma Hayek “chubby” obviously needs to get the crap out of their eyes she is absolutlly gorgeous… and her accent makes her that much better

    • Warren

      Um, she called herself chubby…dumazz.

  • gloria taber

    Right on Salma! You go, girl. My husband and I both agree with you. My husband says America’s Top Model contestants are far too skinny!

    • Suga

      Real women have curves not angles

      • anen

        I would like to see you say that to all the supermodels out there with more than one baby. Would you explain to me How they are not real women???

  • Stu

    Salma is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. I agree with her statements. She simply takes my breath away.

  • http://www.hawcandthefew.com Annual Collins Jr

    I really cant say enough about this gorgeous woman. But to hear a real woman like her say the things she said is a real turn on….more than ever. I have always said that women are beginning to look like men and that is because of the gay influence that we have allowed to infest this country. It runs Hollywood and the people behind it, especially in the fashion world where gay men run it and they want their models to look like attractive young boys…..no butts. Selma if you are the definition of chubby….then I want CHUBBY…You are inwardly attractive as well as outwardly…Bless You

    • Juan Carlos

      When I think that people can not be more ignorant, then I read posts like yours. I do not believe that women are beginning to look like me because of the gay influence in Hollywood. Gay people do not run Hollywood, Jews do, so get your facts right; don’t say such ignorant comments just because you hate gay people. It sounds like you didn’t even finish elementary school. And if it has to do with your religious beliefs, then keep them for yourself just like I do keep mine. And by the way, it’s Salma, not Selma. At least learn how to spell. She is an attractive woman I agree and a proud representantion of mexican women. Once again if you hate gay men, don’t hang out with them, don’t be in a relationship with one and move out of the gay neighborhood, simple as that.

  • Bob

    Ok, Selma is gorgeous. There is no question about it. However, my wife is 5’4″, weights about 107lbs, and is smokin’ hot! Her physique would unquestionably be described as thin. I think she has a fantastic body! So, thin can absolutely be sexy!

  • MrsMinnesota

    She is one hot piece of WOMAN!

  • skinE

    yea she sure is chubby sheesh

  • Bob

    Salma only has Lebanese, the rest is Mexican.

    • anen

      So??? ALL women, regardless of race/ethnicty have different body shapes. Zoe Saldana who is black/Dominican and she is rail thin. Eva Logoria is Mexican and has “little boy” body, And???

  • Char

    Guess they don’t realize how much slower curvy, thick, fat people’s apperances age. The reason for all the plastic surgery and botox is because thin people show their age faster. A thicker 60 year old usually looks younger than a thin 60 year old. Although I look younger than my acutal age, I have a friend who is larger than me (considered by most as obese, but for blacks it’s not the same) and she looks waaaaaaaay younger than me. Sad that they hang onto that “Thin is better” image till they start looking like that NY socialite that looks like a cat. ((((shrugs)))

  • Walter

    As a black guy, who is the “we” in the last paragraph. Black culture has always loved curves. LOL…

  • http://Webpronews Reginald

    Fat or skinny girls that look like little boy are dikes, I like real women like Salma, thick and fine, good looking, skinny or fat, a girl that looks like a boy is not cool, no matter what color.


    I think she’s hot with or without the curves and i applaud her for not going under the knife because all of that crap only makes you age faster and you have to keep going under the knife just to keep it up,It’s nice to see someone all natural and further more it’s common in blacks to have curves and i notice the darker your skin in most cases the younger you look.Let’s take for instance lil Kim she was straight beautiful before she went under the knife and now she looks like Michael Jackson GOD bless his soul.

  • Bob

    I’m surprised Salma had the cahones to admit the truth. She’ll receive lashes from the liberal media for that comment.

  • anen

    Eva Longoria, Zoe Saldana have “little boy” bodies and men still like them…. Are they not real women?

    • kt

      If that’s what you have, then work it. The point is women starving,bulimic anorexic to achieve “little boy” bodies.
      There is beauty in every size.

  • JL

    I think Salma is one of the hottest women to walk the face of the Earth…
    Dayum woman!

  • Lisbeahto

    Salma is other worldly hot. She is so hot, that when I even think of being with her, I ache. The scene which involves Salma portraying a stripper who dances with a large snake as part of her act is a scene I will never forget. And the reason I won’t forget that particular scene is because Salma’s beauty is on full display and you get to see her body and therefore are able to somewhat grasp just how unbelievably hot and sexy she is. Her world class butt, her world class legs and on and on it goes. Just a spectacular beauty that I actually thank God for just being able to have the chance to look at her.

  • Luis Colina

    Salma is one of the most amazing persons I’ve ever had the pleasure to known and work with, she’s a daily inspiration to me and her looks which are beautiful is only a small part of all her attributes. She’s smart as hell, has a huge heart, unafraid, reckless, a true pioneer, loves life and a
    huge heart to boot.
    Thank you for been whom you’re.
    Te amo

    • Whats up Luis Colina!

      Love your movies. You are terrific! Hope you are well! 😉

  • Luis Colina

    Salma is one of the most amazing persons I’ve ever had the pleasure to known and work with, she’s a daily inspiration to me and her looks which are beautiful is only a small part of all her attributes. She’s smart as hell, unafraid, reckless, a true pioneer, loves life and a
    huge heart to boot.
    Thank you for been whom you’re.
    Te amo

  • Alvin Kizer

    I have seen some very nice looking people in acting who’s appearance have suffered in later years, because of surgery they once had, to improve their appearance. In later years as their faces begin to age,and the surgical changes did not match very well. Salma hayek has a natural beauty and she is very pretty. To me hollywood’s version of beauty does not always represent the public. I think even in her 40’s salma is very attractive.

  • Jeff

    I applaud her refuse to partake in the general-neutral, unisex scheme being shoveled by “progressives”

    Men and women are NOT the same and those differences are what attracts us to each other.
    Speaking of attractive, Salma is easily one of the hottest women in Hollywood for the last 50 years.

    With her recent comments, she’s even hotter!

  • Maria Bing

    I completely agree with Salma. She has the right attitude. Love it.

  • liz rudolph

    i would motorboat the hell out of salma hayek. and i don’t even like women.

  • Jihane

    I was thinking the exact same thing recently. I feel women try so hard to look like men. I say embrace your feminine beauty and work it.

  • bill

    selma,i am a great fan of any woman who wants,and looks like you. please donot change a thing.

  • kt

    Thank you, Selma. I am slim, but my weight changes 5-10# depending on the season. Eat everything, moderation is eye. Older women and I’m 49, definitely need a little weight to look vibrant.

    • kt

      moderation is key