Russian Hovercraft Makes Appearance On Crowded Beach


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Sunbathers and beach goers alike found themselves graced with an unexpected guest on a Russian beach today; a ginormous Russian hovercraft decided to pop in on the beach festivities, most likely in search of a friendly volleyball game and a nice spot to catch some sick rays. An amateur video of the events was taken and leaked to the internet, and it's a pretty interesting sight to behold. The video can be found below.

The massive scale of the craft seems daunting on its own, and the sight of it hurdling towards you as you frolic in the water seems even more frightening. After all, the hovercraft weighs in at about 550 tons, and is about 60 meters long. Yet, the beach goers seem to be more amused than afraid of the massive constuct, with many standing about, pointing fingers and lifting children to their shoulders so young eyes might better behold the almighty strength of Mother Russia.

Nobody was injured or killed during the hovercraft's visit, though many witnesses came forward and said that paratroopers landed on the beach and asked visitors to move along. A spokesperson for the Russian Defense Ministry said that the hovercraft was on a "tactical mission" in land owned by the military. He went on to say, "Docking at the beach ... is a normal event. What people were doing at the beach on the territory of a military (base) is unclear." However, a local newspaper reported that the area the spokesman was referring to was a few kilometers away from the beach where the craft actually landed.

This author of this article speculates that the hovercraft was exhausted from a long few days of work and, thusly, determined that it deserved a nice beach party before Summer ended. Hopefully it was able to get in on that volleyball game and work on its tan.