Rumor Schedules Google China Exit For April 10th

Official announcement said to come on Monday

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Google may end its search operations in China very soon, according to a new report.  A local employee supposedly told a Chinese newspaper that Google will announce its plans to leave on Monday, March 22nd, and then actually pull out on Saturday, April 10th.

Google LogoIt’s hard to judge the accuracy of this information.  On the one hand, there have been no shortages of rumors and hoaxes surrounding the situation in China.  Also, Saturday seems like a rather odd day for any company to execute a major business maneuver.

At the same time, the tension between Google and the Chinese government has been mounting for months, and there have been multiple signs that the two sides are just about done talking.

So we’ll just present what little fresh info is available.  A Bloomberg article stated this morning, "Google Inc. may pull out of China on April 10, China Business News reported today, citing an unidentified Chinese sales agent for the company."  Furthermore, "The search engine may announce its exit on March 22 . . . .  It may also reveal plans for its China workforce on the same day, according to the report. "

We’ll see what happens.  At least the Monday target date won’t keep everyone on edge for too long.

Rumor Schedules Google China Exit For April 10th
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  • http://www.funbiznow.com/ Jake

    If that happened, Google will loose money, lots of it. And Baidu is very happy. Their stock has shot up about 42 percent already!

  • http://www.TheOkayNetwork.com Adsense Publisher

    Here’s the thing.
    Does Baidu care that only Chinese approved content can be indexed?
    I see Chinese businesses that rely on Google so much just moving their websites to offshore hosting.

    If it’s true, I think it’s a very good move for Google to not fight those who don’t want them.
    Let the Chinese people deal with their own government. Google has too much other stuff to deal with.

  • http://www.towercooler.com Tom Hargrave

    Google pulling the plug will drive chinese companys to host out-of-country so that their sites are properly indexed. This massive move will kill or at least cripple the hosting industry in China.

    It’s a shame that the Chinese Government is so afraid of loosing control that they are willing to shut down a entire business segment.

  • Guest

    Google still owes an explaination why it entered China in 2006.

  • http://www.zhongguolu.com/ china maps

    This is the best thing google can do, more western tech companies should follow googles example.

  • http://awisersolution.com Rey

    If Google believed in evil they could really do a job on China. Imagine that if the vast majority of businesses find things on Google, and if google banned Chinese businesses from its listings then China would have a great deal less business all of the sudden. Alibaba would not be found or any of the top Chinese companies that reply primarily on the US to get business. Even if they just move them down the listing it would really affect business.

    China is used to getting away with murder from everyone including the US but they may not understand the profound problems this can cause them if Google wanted to sink them. Just giving priority to news from discidents and stuff like that can sink them in the public eye, moving stories about negotiations up for countries and resources that China need that negatively impact that country, many many thing they can do–if they did not have the policy of do no evil. it sux being the good guys sometimes.

    I do not need this war just when I am launching a Chinese business in 3 months. I sure hope Google doe not sensor or screw with Chinese businesses!

  • http://www.fsbizcollect.com/ Peter

    It is a shame how the government controls everything. I see China as a house of cards. It is just a matter of time before it all collapses. They don’t want Google to takeover their country, so they are just kicking them out. Free markets are efficient and China is not a free market.

    Thank you Google for not playing by China’s corrupt rules.

  • nettiser australia

    I think very soon the PRC citizens will riot. Their Internet service is very unreliable with all the restrictions implied. As a traveller recently I found so many common sites blocked, even my own which carries no political messages or anything I could determine was subversive.

    Very few Chinese companies use their own ISP’s emails because they are read and censored, that is why so many use Hotmail accounts. This has been detrimental in business dealings with the West due to hotmail often carrying scams from asian outlets.

    To lose one of the biggest search engines will put China further into limbo as a developing nation.

    One often thinks of China as a Communist country, however it is only the common citizens who live under a common umbrella. The corrupt administration are all living of the fat as capitalists in fine houses and driving imported cars. Point out one member of their parliament that is living like apeoplescommunist….none. Expect to see changes in China soon as it’s peoples rise up and route this opressive government of patriachs. Any news that gives an indication of how poor it is as a nation whilst its admin live like lords is immediately locked out. The people of Chinha are mushrooms.. kept in the dark and fed bullcrap.

  • Guest

    There’s more to life than making a few million more, when you are dealing with a country that has no regard for freedom of speech or expression and does not care for their own people.

    Good for Google, if it is true. Though I rather doubt that it is, hence money talks regardless to majority of business that deals with China. That was our first mistake trading with China before they actually changed their ways.

    Or does it matter as long as you get your goods cheap? Fact: for every legitimate item that is produced or manufactured in China, 5 are fake. Work out how much money that could possibly be to business in the US, UK or Europe. We are talking billions and thats not forgetting the amount of world wide jobs that have been lost due to businesses in our countries seeking cheaper staff wages and very slim working rights, they all go to China.

    Who do we blame then?,… ourselves.

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