Rumor: iPhone Getting Major Redesign

By: Shaylin Clark - December 28, 2011

As the 2012 Apple product cycle draws nearer, the rumors about what we can expect from the newest collection of iDevices are beginning to pick up steam. Most recently, BGR is reporting that they have learned several details of the next-generation iPhone. Citing “a close source” they predict a fall launch date. The current generation iPhone 4S launched later than normal – instead of the usual June/July launch, the 4S launched in September. A fall 2012 launch will maintain Apple’s usual one-year gap between device launches.

The report also says that the next iPhone will have an aluminum back, like that found on the iPad, and will feature a complete redesign of the antenna system. Finally, they expect the phone to have a bezel made of either rubber or plastic, like unto what is found in the iPhone bumper cases Apple sells now.

This early in the game, any report about the next generation iPhone should be taken as rumor. This is no different. An aluminum-backed iPhone has been expected before, and never materialized. That is not to say that the next iPhone won’t have it; it may well, but we shouldn’t be surprised if it doesn’t. One thing is fairly certain: the iPhone is due a significant redesign. So far, Apple has followed a two year cycle on iPhone body designs. While the first generation iPhone got a significant redesign with the iPhone 3G, the iPhone 3GS was externally identical to its predecessor. Then, the iPhone 4 was a significant redesign, while the iPhone 4S is externally identical. If the pattern holds, the next generation iPhone should get an external redesign. An aluminum back – and even a rubber/plastic bezel – is not out of the question for such a design.

Another thing is highly probable about 2012’s iPhone: contrary to what many in the blogosphere are saying now, it will almost certainly not be called the iPhone 5. The iPhone 4S is the iPhone 5 in all but name. Next year’s iPhone will be Apple’s sixth phone, and will likely be named the iPhone 6, accordingly.

Beyond that, we can expect the rumors to continue flying for the next several months. While a clearer picture will probably emerge as launch time (whether summer or fall) approaches, it’s still early days yet, and we should probably be taking everything with a hefty helping of salt, just to be safe.

[Source: BGR]
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  • Gert

    Why the hell would they jump from iphone 4S to iphone 6? They didn’t jump from iphone 3gs to iphone 5 did they?
    Other than that, curious about the specs and design, but even more about the iPad 3!

    • Brett

      Shaylin and Jenny are absolutely correct! The iPhone 4S was actually iPhone 5 in the series so the next phone would be the iPhone 6 but they will probably call it iPhone 5. That’s a little messy but there it is.

    • Greg

      Learn to count. iPhone (1), iPhone 3g (2), iPhone 3gs (3), iPhone 4 (4), iPhone 4s (5), iPhone 6 (6).

  • Jenny

    They didn’t go from 3GS to 5 because the 3GS was in fact the THIRD gen iPhone (progression: iPhone–iPhone 3G–iPhone 3GS–iPhone 4–iPhone 4S) and so naming the next one “4” was logical. As you should see from the progression, and as the article states, the 4S is the 5th gen and so, logically, the next should be the iPhone 6. Or the iPhone Siri-is-monitoring-your-calls, or whatever the heck they want to name it.

  • Shaylin Clark

    Jenny’s got it right: the iPhone 4S is the fifth generation iPhone. In fact, most people were surprised when Apple announced that it was going to be called the iPhone 4S. All the rumor reporting called it the iPhone 5. So next year’s iPhone will be sixth in the line, making it extremely unlikely that they’d call it the iPhone 5. Meanwhile, if you’re in the mood for iPad rumors, I wrote another piece a few days ago about the iPad 3 and some of what might be coming. You can check it out here.