Royal Wedding Google Doodle is a Stretch

Can you find the Google logo?

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Royal Wedding Google Doodle is a Stretch
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A lot of people found Google’s recent doodle for John James Audubon difficult to read. I personally didn’t have too much trouble with it, but I do look at these things a lot. However, today’s Royal Wedding-themed doodle on Google.com is a bit of a stretch.

Are Google’s doodles simply getting harder to read? I can’t think of one in recent memory that was this difficult to find a Google logo in. This is more difficult than a “Magic Eye” (remember those?).

If I squint my eyes, and use my imagination, I can kind of make out the word “Google,” but it’s still a bit off from the actual logo-style (at least from what I can see). Let us know if you disagree.
The first “G” and the “l” are the ones I’m having the most trouble with.

I enjoy a good Google Doodle, and appreciate the creativity that goes into making interesting images that present the classic Google logo, and they’re often done so in a very clever manner. This one, while not necessarily a bad piece of art, is just a little less convincing in its portrayal of the logo itself, if you ask me.

Now, the Earth Day and Pac Man doodles? Top notch.


Royal Wedding Google Doodle is a Stretch
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  • http://duttonart.net Mike Dutton

    G-Westminster Abbey, foreground roof and chimney.
    O-Red building with giant clock.
    O-Yellow building and the giant fountain.
    G-Greyish-blue building with the bridge, curling into the foreground lamppost.
    L-The fairy-tale castle
    E-Second bridge and bushes.

    Definitely one of the more abstract ones we’ve done in terms of recognizable letterforms. But we’re just spectators like everyone else, and like any good wedding guest, we thought it best to wear something understated. :)

    • http://www.webpronews.com/ Chris Crum

      Hi Mike,

      Thanks for the explanation. I don’t mind the abstract stuff, just seemed a little bit out of the norm for Google. I wonder how many people would notice the “Google” if just shown the picture without any other context.

      Anyway, as I said, not saying it’s a bad piece of art.

      Still having trouble with that first “G” though 😉

  • http://signature.eu.com/we-promote/search-engine-marketing/ Kent SEO Company

    I agree with you on this on it appears the designers are going out on a limb here with this abstract Doodle and perhaps forgetting the brand a little bit. On the whole I love em!

  • Jon

    The thing is, this doodle is not meant to be shown out of context. Anyone who types in google.com on their address bar or has google as their homepage will get it. A grand majority of the internet using population is acquainted with Google.

    I see where you are coming from though. The concept wasn’t delivered as well in this doodle compared to others but regardless, I love it.

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