Roommate Killed Over Pork Chop In Florida

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An argument over how a pork chop was cooked escalated to murder, Florida police say.

55-year old Thomas Hahn has been charged with second-degree murder after shooting his roommate, 35-year old Robert Eugene Gray, Jr., twice in the head with a rifle. He initially told police that he shot in self-defense, but investigators say witnesses claim differently. They believe alcohol was a factor in the shooting.

“This appears to be a senseless act of violence stemming from a minor domestic dispute between roommates,” said Chief Mark Barker. “There is no clear answer at this hour as to why Hahn acted with such extreme violence.”

Neighbors say they aren’t exactly surprised by the incident, given the history of the roommates.

“Frankly, I was expecting something like that to happen with all of the people he had going in and out of his house for the last few years or longer. We always suspected that it would be him who got killed,” said neighbor Cheryl Seltzer of Gray.

Image: WESH.com

Roommate Killed Over Pork Chop In Florida
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  • Frankie

    How do you kill someone over pork?

    • mike

      Pork is srsbsns

    • Mary

      I guess the same way you kill someone over their loud music. People have lost their minds. Maybe the sun has gotten to their brains.

  • http://yahoo evelena vorise

    See what pork slime can do to ur mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://Yahoo SJackson

    I bet the roommate was a black man and the white murderer was “just standing his ground”. Excuse for a hate crime…but wait until the tables change. Then that law will be removed when the other side uses it.

    • Ken Smith

      You are such a racist scumbag.

      • http://yahoo Mike

        come on folks .no need to respond herb and s jackson are attention starved..serious.if they had any heart..they can always drive to area heavely populated by African americans and voice their views….that will be the day.lol lmbao…

    • herb

      it was’nt chicken dumb ass

      • Kim Gramer

        I agree

      • Kim Gramer

        I AGREE!

  • Michael

    I want the recipe…

    • Ashley Fullen

      Oh Michael!!!
      It’s to DIE for!!!!


      • JosieQuervo

        HA HA HA! That was hilarious! Ir’s to DIE for!!! (Literally).

  • http://background-recording.blogspot.com Leslie Siegel

    I cannot believe the state of my generation! The kids of the 1970’s, OMG, killing over a pork chop! What a terrible thing. What is this world coming to?????

    • Kim Gramer

      Until you know the whole story don’t say drugs and alcohol!

  • Grace

    Got to be drugs and alchohol. Some people have just lost all self respect and desire to be a good human being!!!!

    • Kim Gramer

      Hey Grace just so you know it don’t take drugs and alcohol to make a person go off……..it does contribute to those who need no help from it though….just saying

  • Jay

    Upon reading the headlines I could help but think please don’t be black.

    • herb

      must have been a waffle house chop

      • Kim Gramer

        Wow I am white and thought the same thing…..

    • cheffa

      I was thinking the same thing, lol.

    • Kristina


  • Kim Gramer

    God be with them both……..

  • cstew

    Did anyone else notice when this came up on yahoo that to the side “related topics” was a bunch of easy recipe’s for cooking pork chops. They should have just gone to GOOGLE and ended the argument. Google knows all the answers.

  • Nate

    Between the plot to castrate Justin Bieber, people flocking to a mountain to avoid the end of the world, and now this porkchop story, I think the world NEEDS to end–things are just getting weird. I need to stop reading the news.

  • keith chatman

    i bet those pork chops burned

    • Kim Gramer


  • Roger Clemens

    oh, that can’t be right, alcohol is legal.

  • mrbuffalo

    The end of my chop eaten unless i cook it!DAMN

  • Clit Torius

    Thank God most of the crazies live in Florida. Instead of Puerto Rico becoming part of the USA, how about making Florida part of Puerto Rico?

    • shygirl1020

      why dont you do us a favor and go back to where it is y the hell you came from

      • pupper

        now thats funny…make florida part of puerto rico not all of us are retarded down here I dont wanta be a rican or whatever we call them

    • Jason

      Hello, Puerto Rico IS apart of the United States… They just aren’t a State but a Territory.

    • Haha

      Your name describes you well.

  • timbo

    that’s why Muslim do not eat Pork :)

    • Cher

      that’s funny!

  • Jay

    Gay boys got temper.

  • Chip

    Meat is Murder

  • Haha

    Well dang, a porkchop DOES have to be cooked a certain way! He should have listened to the man.

  • A#One

    Welcome to the human race

  • Jennifer

    This sounds lover-like. Were they homosexuals?

    • Jessica Jones

      Are you kidding me? What an ignorant statement and an even more ignorant question. You need to pull your head out about that much and reevaluate your life. You need your ass whipped.

  • CLB

    It had to look like a huge mess- how can people be that insane to get that worked up that you would take a life.gruesome.I wonder if he’ll like the pork chops in prison.

  • Greg

    I’d kill for a good pork chop…..lol

  • http://yahoo jerry emmanuel

    people that has no manner or value life can do anything,Because they did not know why God created us.To live and enjoy the good things God has created for us.whosoever that killed should be kill not to inprison them ang more. this happen all over the world,The police also kill nobody query them for their wrong doing.See some countrys that as being in war for so long people has lost their lifes and LOVE ONES.NIGERIA.

  • http://ms1.gotdns.com jonny rocket

    were they gay? sounds like it.

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