Romney’s Binders Full of Women Remark Gives Birth to Crappy Flash Game

By: Josh Wolford - October 19, 2012

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: this election is weird, and it’s being made weird by the internet. And I’m not saying this is a bad thing – at all. All I’m saying is that it’s hard to imagine having social networks like Twitter and Facebook around with their current reach during Bush v. Gore or Clinton’s impeachment.

Mitt Romney sure knows that the internet has probably changed elections forever. He saw a gaffe, slip of the tongue, misunderstood statement, calculated dig at half the population – whatever you want to call it – go viral this week. His “binders full of women” remark at Tuesday’s town hall debate blew up almost instantly and has yet to really die down.

And now, you can play a hastily-made flash game based on the pop culture phenomenon. Yes, the instructions make no sense, and yes you are given the really odd time limit of 80 seconds (?), but you do get to catch falling silhouettes of women in a binder. In front of the White House.

Anyway, play it or don’t play it. All I can do is lead a politically exhausted voter to water.

[via Kotaku]
Josh Wolford

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  • Sam

    What a comment by Romney about Hello!!!!!!!!It’s 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The only thing I know is that The men who have binders of woman are , in those programs like Criminal Minds, Law and Order etc. All those stories that have these shows, These men Have a binder full of Woman that they are going or plan to assault. Woman are ” Binders???? ” – A Loose leaf Notebook???? Mr. Romney Please be advised that “WE WOMAN ” are the only species in the Entire Universe, That we Can and Will do what we need to do When we have to do it, even if it’s a man’s job.

    We Woman Can Handle Anything. Start by Single mothers raising children without their fathers and holding down the dam “Fort” every day going to work and when we get up until we go to sleep. My sister’s and I are are all. Educated with degrees and we are all from from the 1970’s until the present. What the hell were you speaking about? So what’s are you saying about Binders???????- We are all Woman ( Human )We can do anything, ( DO YOU HEAR ME???? ) We are powerful. By the way, For Your Information: There is a woman , that came out and stated that she was in the work force at that time in one of the companies that Mitt Romney represented and that she was at that meeting and he stated specifically that he did not want woman to work in that workforce, ( That list of Educated Woman).

    Mitt Romney Stated That He was Not Interested in Them. She stated That It Was All A Lie!!!!! She Stated that is why she came out and spoke to CNN and AP. When he made that comment to the audience and stated That he was looking for Woman in Binders in the 2nd debate******** Now I have a question. Why!!! hasn’t any of Romney’s 5 sons gone/ or served to any of the wars. ( My sons and family )have served. Before and in the present? The Queen of England sent her sons and grandsons. Actually one is there now in his 3rd tour and they are Prince’s. What a pack of lies-.

    He speaks well but does not deliver. He’s Good Salesman.
    Hey Romney! I have a Bridge to sell you if your interested in. I throw in the Bayonets and Horses. As a bonus. Since you are living in the 1950’s. LOL