Romney Blimp Crash Lands in Florida

    October 22, 2012
    Sean Patterson
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A blimp carrying a political message in favor of U.S. presidential candidate Mitt Romney crashed (but didn’t burn) in a field in Davie, Florida on Sunday. The aircraft made an emergency landing and deflated after high winds prevented it from moving forward. The FAA is currently investigating the incident.

Along the side of the blimp, Romney’s face and the message “AMERICA NEEDS ROMNEY” could be seen as it traveled from Boca Raton to an airport in Pembroke Pines. According to a Miami Herald report, the pilot downed the 160-foot airship in an open area of a housing development after it became clear the craft wasn’t going to make it to its destination. The landing was successful, and no people or property were damaged.

Romney will be hoping that his presidential aspirations won’t take the same nose dive tonight, as the former Massachusetts governor and President Obama square off in the third and final presidential debate.

Just weeks away from election day, Real Clear Politics national polls show Romney with a slight edge. On a state-by-state basis, however, President Obama is leading polls in several key swing states, including Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Winning those four states would put the president just a few electoral votes away from reelection. Romney is currently leading polls in Florida, while Virginia and Colorado are currently a toss-up.

Feel free to leave your jokes about Romney being full of hot air, or his campaign deflating, in the comments section below.

  • Jonathan S.

    It seems like more and more people are now realizing that Mitt Romney has based his entire campaign on false information. It does not take that much research to find out that his entire “political” career has been based on misleading and flip-flopping positions. American people cannot have a President that is known to be a liar. Particularly when it comes to such important issues as women’s rights (Lily Ledbetter Act, which he opposes) or equal rights (he opposes gay people having the same hospital visitation rights as straight people, for example) or even on an economic level; he would increase, by trillions of dollars the military, which they have not asked for, at a time when all Americans agree we should be moving OUT of Iraq and OUT of Afghanistan. So many lives have been lost. We are only just now finally beginning to come out of one of the most difficult times in our countries history and he wants to increase spending for war? And to top it off, Mitt Romney has the highest, domestic and international disapproval ratings of any president-hopeful in the history of the world. Higher than Bush. That is not American. That is not right. We should be proud to be American. We should be proud of our country. We are worth more than that.

  • Jeff

    When Romney says Obama has increased the debt by trillions instead of cutting it half as promised-is that a lie? Price of gas almost 4 dollars a gallon with a bad economy-is that a lie? Millions of people quit looking for work which is the only reason the unemployment rate is lower- is that a lie? Almost 50 million people on food stamps-is that a lie? Bottom line is he has done nothing but hurt the lower income families. Higher gas,food, etc. Is hurting them big time. Those are facts not lies.

  • Tribeca Mike

    And the award for Best Metaphor Of The Year goes to…

  • Uhh Duhhh

    Sorry to disappoint you Jeff, but your own party even disagrees
    and thinks Paul Ryan and Romney are not telling the truth regularly.

    In response to undecided electoral college elector.
    Here is the typical republican voter these days YES quoted directly from their own words just like hearing Romney say Let Detroit Go Bankrupt.
    Romney did say it AND He wrote and participated in the op-ed article and wanted to change the title of the Bankrupt article BUT wait HE FINALLY approved the title of that article. If you think not, then therein lies another issue. You mean to say Romney does not have enough weight when involved in an article to get his subject line communicated?

    That title of the op-ed was sent up by Romney to see if it would stick. It didn’t stick well and he now retracts exactly as he did on the 47% statement “out of his own mouth”. It didn’t fly well.

    But I digress on the statement by a Republican electoral college elector:

    ‘ In Texas, elector Billie Zimmerman said she sees Paul as the only candidate able to save the country.

    She considers Romney and running mate Paul Ryan to be just another couple of Republicans who will disappoint her, and she called the GOP convention a “shocking display of deception and treachery and cheating.” Zimmerman said she hasn’t decided how she’ll cast her electoral vote. ‘

    Kind of makes you wonder how much more it would take to become decided doesn’t it?

    Deception , Treachery and Cheating….yep those character flaws will keep me undecided too when I choose a friend, a business partner or anything of a serious nature every time?

    It’s a really tough call? how about doing the right thing for the country? Hmmmm?