Robocop Remake: Fans Find Robo’s Suit A Little Too Batman-Like

By: Chris Crum - September 17, 2012

New set photos from the Robocop remake have emerged, showing off the titular character’s new suit. Fans have obviously taken to Twitter to share their reactions, and from what I’ve seen, they tend to lean toward the negative, or at least skeptical.

Many are finding a striking similarity to Batman’s suit from the Christopher Nolan Dark Knight films. That may have been fine for Batman, but I don’t get the impression that everybody’s sold on such a look for their favorite crime fighting cyborg.

Here’s a sampling of what the Twitterverse has to offer on the subject:

Not everybody thinks Robocop looks like Batman, however:

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  • JR

    The suit just ruined the movie for me. The original looked like an actual robot, you could see it in his his torso, hips, etc. This wasn’t some man in a lame suit. The head was perfect, and nobody could play Murphy as well as Peter Weller. Now the new guy looks like a $5 space marine game nobody feels like buying at Gamestop. Please Hollywood if your gonna rip of an 80’s idea, at least have the sense to rip of the design as well. Quick somebody call a real director, one with vision to see this is gonna bomb unless they fix this now!

  • William Everett

    Looks fine to me. I feel it reflects on the advancements made in the field of mechanical prosthetics technology over the last twenty years.

  • Moe

    I will not see the movie with him wearing that!!!

  • Randolf

    Looks like a combination of of dark knight and judge dredd.. -__-

  • Brian

    Looks terrible. Ruined it for me also.

  • jamesbachand

    The new suit would be better if it were the right color. Either go with the original chrome or cop colors or maybe red, white and blue.

  • Dave

    Waaaahhh to all the whiners. You are not going to see an 80s suit in a movie now a days. It will look cheezy. While I’m not 100% sold on the suit, I expected something sleaker and more modern than the original. Maybe go with a gray instead of the black. Either way it’s not going to stop me from seeing the movie. If you’re not going to see it because you don’t like the new suit, then you weren’t a fan anyways.

  • Michael T. Simpson

    I think Hollywood needs to stop with all the remakes/reboot/revamp/reimaging bull$;#!.

  • DashinginSocal

    WTF….I grew up on this movie and was fascinated with the fact he was a robot. The movement, the gestures he looked like a big heavy robot not like these pics of a man in a HALO outfit or a cheezy Batman get up. Not sure who Hollywood is trying to market too. But they either should of upgraded the movie or leave it alone. Nothing wrong with the 80s version.

  • JR

    Looks like Shaquille O’Neill in the movie STEAL.
    Could the suit look any more lame??

  • Robert DiPietrantonio

    A definite no see for me.

  • Emmett

    The original robocop is a masterpiece of film art, just like the robot in metropolis.

    This fault is due to producers letting the art Dept and production designers design something a genius makeup effects studio should have done. Like the original Rob Bottin Productions.

    Cg is not the answer, it’s letting practical fx people design things properly. This new suit is a FAIL

  • AL

    The original one looks strong and heavy. The new one makes Robo look like a mere grunt.

    I have a feeling this film will be on the same level as G.I Joe and that new Conan the Barbarian film.

  • frosty

    this movie, new suit or old should never have been green lit without Verhoeven directing.

  • yo grandma

    For the love of god somebody do something! That suit sucks bad! He looks like a mortal kombat reject. That suit doent project the same azz kicking, face cruching postur of the original

  • jaman

    The original robocop is one of the best movies of all time. No matter what they do in the remake, it won’t touch the original, espeically with a suit that makes robocop look like a f@ggy marvel superhero. And why is is black? It makes him look like the bad guy or something.

    • will

      Hey don’t say that, the Iron Man armor looks much more like the orginal robocop suit than than this Nolan Batman ripoff.

  • DuoTronix

    Watching Robocop 2 now, and just found out about this remake (i could have guessed there was one in the process tho). Upon seeing the “new suit”, i imediately thought of batman (i was in TDKR and got to see it up close) even before i read any comments. I will still see this movie, but as of now I am thoroughly dissapointed in the design. The original was just that, Original. The least they could have done was keep it along the lines of the original. Im not sure why a cyborg needs abs. The original 2 (3 wasn’t unwatchable) were great movies and i don’t get the need to poke at them in the script, unless ofcourse they got people who hated the originals to write the script, and then this will be one giant waste of time and money.