Robin Thicke Is Allegedly Dating Katie Holmes

    August 23, 2014
    Ellisha Rader Mannering
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Robin Thicke has been hung up on his ex Paula since the two of them split up last year.

Thicke was caught cheating on Paula but after realizing what he had lost, he tried everything to get her back.

Thicke dedicated many of his performances and songs to Paula and even a recent album.

He has publicly pleaded and begged for Paula to forgive him and take him back, but Paula is just not having it.

Although it seemed like Thicke would be hung up on Paula forever, a source close to the singer claims that he has finally moved on and is now pursuing a relationship with actress Katie Holmes.

“She dropped him an email recently to see how he was, knowing he was going through divorce hell,” the source said. “And he was so happy to hear from her.”

Although Robin and Katie haven’t actually gone on a physical date yet, it seems like their online relationship is really working out well.

Thicke is currently on tour, but the source said that he and Katie have made arrangements to go on a date when the tour ends at the end of August.

“They’ve arranged a date in New York after his tour ends this month,” the source said. “Everyone’s encouraging this as they have so much in common and if anyone can get him over Paula, it’s Katie.”

The source went on to say that Katie and Robin bonded over their relationship problems and that both of them were there for the other when things got bad.

“Robin totally leaned on Katie,” the source continued. “As she was in the same boat with Suri, who was four at the time. She was invaluable with her advice on looking after a new baby. They bonded over tips and music after he heard her sing to Suri.”

Hopefully Robin and Katie can start a relationship together and both of them can move on from their exes.

  • Eva Smith

    So that was a pretty good showing then about how he’d do anything to get his wife back. As long as the task was completed within 6 months; if not, on to the next woman?

  • Kris W.

    My issue? Robin Thicke has been quoted a few times saying that he is only into black women, and that he’s never dated nor wants to date white women. So I find this hard to believe. Maybe they’ll just be good buds, but that’s about it. Probably have dates for the kids or something (you know, playdates) but I doubt a romance will bud. You don’t chose what turns you on and if black women turn you on and that’s what you’re attracted to, you’re not going to just up and start dating white women. Just makes no sense.

    • Bonnie

      I don’t believe this story I still think him and Paula will end up together she has not file for divorce so I think she still loves him because if she didn’t she would have filed already.

      • Velma

        I hope they will get back together,there is a child and in today life it will take two to make their life completely right, at least that’s the way I was brought up. ROBIN AND PAULA MAKEITRIGHTFOR YOUR LOVE AND YOUR SON. GOOD luck.

        • Bonnie

          Well said Velma.

  • Jordyn Alexander

    this is so not true… if this was true at all then why would his bio on twitter say that the loves @paulapattonxo still… i mean if i were katie i wouldn’t be sure dating him knowing he’s not completely moved on.

  • Lee

    I cannot stand him. What a little bitch! I’m so glad he only sold 530 copies.

    • Judy k

      Robinthicke deserves to be happy I hope he does get with katie holmes and show paula he don’t need her ! The man begged pleaded and wrote her alblum for God sake