Robert De Niro Doesn’t Impress Critics With Red Lights

    July 16, 2012
    Zach Walton
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I’m a big fan of Robert De Niro. His films have always been some of the best in the business and I’m willing to forgive him when he signs on for a less than great film. His newest film, Red Lights, seems to be one of those films.

Red Lights is the story of two paranormal researchers played by Sigourney Weaver and Cillian Murphy who make it their job to debunk psychic frauds. Robert De Niro comes in to the picture as a powerful and revered blind psychic who goes by the name of Simom Silver. Weaver’s character, Dr. Margaret Matheson, used to go after Silver, but now wants to back off. This leads Murphy’s character, Tom Buckley, to take on Silver himself.

The premise, along with the great cast, lends itself to greatness. I love a good psychological thriller and Red Lights would appear to be one of the greats. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the case. The film is sitting at a pretty bad 33 percent on Rotten Tomatoes which firmly plants it in rotten territory.

Most of the complaints from critics seem to stem from the film’s story being incoherent to critics saying the ending is even worse than what M. Night Shyamalan serves up. That’s some pretty stiff criticism, but those are the critics. You may enjoy the movie nonetheless. There are plenty of universally panned movies that I can’t help but love. Check out the trailer below to see if Red Lights looks to be worth your time and money.

  • Ophelia Phelan

    I think it is fantastic from just the trailer, I did not hear about Mr. deNiro joke but from what they have said about our president and he said the country is not ready for a white first lady, come on you know he can not speak for the country, so it had to be a joke…do not be so sensitive… or is that is what you are actual thinking…

    • Chris

      That is the most honest, accurate, and hilarious comment I’ve read in a long time. I laughed so hard I nearly spewed coffee across the table!

  • obvious

    Since when did a shitty, hipster website become the end-all litmus test for movies? The majority of reviewers are deadbeat little dicks who took a film studies class in school and now think they’re all Jean-Luc Godard. Pull your head out of your ass, dummy.

  • NotFondOfLibs

    I’m looking forward to boycotting it along with everything else people like Hanks, Affleck, Damon, Penn, Roberts, and Clooney, etc make.

    • http://yahoo.com Jerry Thompkins

      So, now that you have made your sentiments known, continue to live
      in misery. For starters, you may want to try Rush Limbaugh.

  • JustVisiting

    I don’t think DeNiro cares what the critics think.

  • Bob Cap

    Love his acting;hate his personal views……..

  • Robin

    Love his acting and his politics

  • Chris

    That comment above was in response to the post by “obvious”, btw. The webform screwed my reply up and didn’t group it with the original comment.

  • BklynLady

    Love DiNero, love his movies, could give a crap what the critics think.

  • John

    By chance, I met him in at one of the restaurants a few blocks from from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Total snobbish asshole. He’s just as lousy as his political beliefs.

  • Bea

    Awesome! I love M.Night Shyamalan, if there is one thing I have learned it is that critics have become the worst at critiquing movies. They criticise a movie, because they dont like it. No thank you! I like to form my own opinion. They have forgotten how to walk into a movie and just enjoy the ride. The have preconcieved notions, and expectations. They have no imagination, just negative, lofty attitudes which hinder there abillity to enjoy the movie for what it is, entertainment. Bitter people should keep their opinions to themselves, we each have our own tastes, dont discourage audiances from the movie… example: I love “Pride and Prejudice” my husband thought it was boring, and ridiculous. He hated it, does that make it a bad movie? of course not!

    • NJPatriot

      M.Night Shyamalan is a joke. Only made one good movie with Mel Gibson……His other movies ZZzzzzz!

  • Winks13

    You questionin’ me? You questionin’ me? Then who the hell else are you questionin’? You questionin’ me? Well I’m the only one here. Who the f do you think you’re questionin’?

  • DJ

    Whats the problem? Looks good. If critics hate it, It must be good!

  • DJ

    Whats the problem? Looks good. If critics hate it, It must be good!

    • Erica

      Very true.

  • NJPatriot

    I think DeNiro is a racist. He really thinks he is black and I think in my opinion, he hates most white people but continues to make horrible movies and takes white people’s money for making them. Most black don’t pay to see his movies, just some of the dumb white people who know nothing about him….So there you have it.

    • Drew

      For a racist, he’s doing a good job of hiding it…he’s married to a black woman. Would you and the rest of the “chip on your shoulder” brothers please stop playing the race card? The rest of us find it nauseating.



    • NJPatriot

      He be a racist…you dumb white fool.

      • Rosali


    • Ethan

      An iconic filmmaker? He’s only made two films so far.

      An iconic actor? A star? Yes.

      Filmmaker? Not really.

      • cleojones

        what a stupid racist comment…

  • http://webpronews Alfredo

    It’s been more that obvious to anyone who has followed DeNiro’s career, that for the past 15 years or so, he’s just interested in the big paychecks

  • http://webpronews munequitareyes

    Love Mr.Robert. Great actor!!!

  • Sam K.

    isnt it funny how one guy dissapears from screens for few years and people start to talk negative? You dont know his personal life, what kind of charities he helps what he does, thats the role they gave him thats how hes gonna play. How many years can someone seat and wait for the right role. Some good some bad he did his share in the past concentrate on the new generation actors who just get in the game because theri last name ends the way Hollywood wants it. No acting skills at all just few roles one after another and they end up on red carpet. all that said, I want you all to have a great day and continue respecting one another.

  • Brian

    I’m a big De Niro fan, and he may be the best ever, but lets be honest. It’s been a long time since he has been in a great movie, or given a great acting performance.

    • http://yahoo.com Jodi

      I wish he would go back to his Casino, Good Fella days!!!

    • craig varney

      “Stone” 2010 De Niro, Ed Norton, Milla Jovovich! It currently playing on esuspense & edrama chanels. I’m a big De Niro & Norton fan, but this one flew under my radar. Don’t know or care what the critics said, This is a very good to great movie IF you watch it closely. De Niro delivers a great performance in a non-typical De Niro role.

  • Me

    I love all of Robert De Niro’s movies. Haven’t seen this one yet but if he’s in it, it can’t be as bad as is it is said to be. He is an exceptional actor.

  • Roger

    Zach – Sorry dude. You have absolutely no credibility to even think of wanting to criticize anyone, especially an artist of DeNiro’s stature. ANY acting/directing this man has done, worked for, reflected on, studied, developed, or aspired to being is far more worthwhile a pursuit that being a ‘game/technology writer’. Please don’t misunderstand – he’s not a better person than you. It’s that his skills are far more developed than yours, mostly out of a desire to be the best he can be. And because the standard he set for himself was so high, he became associated with greatness early on. But he’s maintained that standard; he’s close to being without peer. However, you think that you have some right (other than a paycheck) to remotely be critical of this man’s artistry, and that is purely where your ego runs afoul. You have every right to like or dislike his efforts. But you can in no credible manner say that this man’s latest work is good or bad… which in fact you don’t even do: You leave it to ‘other critics’ to serve this guy up. It’s pathetic. Are you a frustrated actor?? Never got your ‘big break’? Sorry. You might as well put a link to rotten tomatoes site and stop trying to have a remotely valid opinion. You don’t. And it isn’t. Ask anyone that actually IS an artist, dude. You’ll get it… Maybe.

  • Mamimba Pata

    De Niro does not have to impress critics, but stupid movie goers.
    People do not need a reason for watching a movie. They have become addicted to them. They don’t even care if they like it or not.
    They just go to the movies because that’s part of their identity.

  • bill

    Only one movie I didnt care to see that he was in and that was Rocky and Bullwinkle. the man is a very good actor i’ll watch the movie and decide for myself.

  • http://magicbycobb.com James Cobb

    Hey Bobbie!
    It’s over!
    Save us all from your Piss Poor Performances & Fucking Retire you Fucking Prick!
    You have some really Great Movies under your Belt, please keep them there, you got nothing left except a Fucking Asshole Agent that Books Chris Angel!

  • getbackjojo

    Deniro could only be cast in Brooklyn gangster/mob movies. For audience acceptence.
    He left character roles after Taxi Driver (his one and only true Non Italian Brooklynite character role) and would play variations of a mobster ad nostrum.
    All due to his one dimensional self stereotyping. Is the guy in Midnight Run any differnt than the guy in all his movies?
    He’s just playing Deniro as a removed version of the scripted character,it’s all perfunctory, this happens to many actors who had a talent and then hit it big, they lose the spark and purpose.
    Compared to say Edward G. Robinson, Deniro could never get hammy or emotive. He’s dull..

    Deniro was stuck with his own flat response style of acting. and never got past it. Never got to romantic lead or likable good guy etc.. And that whole turn to comedy thing was P.U. too late
    Well thats Hollywood.
    You can always watch Mean Streets

    Hey wheres my 10 dollars?

    • Benny Haist

      Respectfully have to disagree. I hear your point if it were directed at recent years. But suggesting that Deniro’s roles in Texi Driver, Raging Bull, Deer Hunter, Midnight Run, Awakenings, Stanley and Iris, Brazil and Goodfellas all mirror each other..seeems almost insane to me.

      • RedGuitars

        I don’t think he’s had a really good role in a long time.
        He is a great actor. Everyone has there own taste
        I watch “Ronin” once a month. I used to watch “Heat” 12 times a year. I haven’t seen anything from RD in years I would like to see.
        I’m not a fan of his comedy roles.

    • Benny Haist

      Love your name though

    • Brian

      He was at his best in Godfather 2, Taxi Driver, Deer Hunter, and Raging bull. He was in some great movies in the early to mid 90’s like Goodfellas, Casino, and Heat, even though he was past his acting prime. I see him in all of these crappy movies nowadays, and I think to myself,”WTF is he doing? Does he need the money that bad?”

  • Danpaine

    If you like drama, check out Everybody’s Fine. Not a very well-advertised movie, but I think he was great in it.

  • sallie

    Everythin g this man does is excellent!

  • ray

    not all movies that de nero play in were good,I only remember 3”’taxi’the god father”’mission.all the other one were just money makers,like this one red,

  • Kim

    THE most overrated actor in history. He is the same in every role