Rick Scott To Facebook Users: Help Me Sell The Idea That Florida’s Awesome

By: Josh Wolford - January 5, 2012

In order to aid in a new “project,” Florida Governor Rick Scott has waded into the murky water that is Facebook feedback.

On Thursday, Scott posted a contest of sorts to his Facebook page that asked people to share their best reasons for living and working in the state of Florida. According to Scott, the best submissions will be used when he’s trying to sell the state to potential businesses looking to move into the Sunshine State.

Rick ScottI need your help with a new project here on Facebook. Let’s work together to make the case for why Florida is the best state to live, work and play. I will use the best submissions as examples when I’m talking with people interested in expanding their businesses or relocating to our state. We have many success stories and I’d love to hear more of them from you. If someone submits one below that you like, be sure to let them know by clicking the “Like” button.

Governor Scott has thus far received over 250 comments to the post, many of them espousing the various benefits of life in Florida.

Users pointed to Florida’s lack of a state income tax as one big incentive to move there. Sunny beaches, access to water and only a few weeks of winter were also popular responses. One user wrote: “Rich in history, in diversity and in economic growth. Why wouldn’t someone want to live here?”

Another user said, “Never more than 50 miles from a University that businesses can utilize for research – not to mention having your children attend [and] ripe for solar and wind power development to help companies develop systems with our 300+ days of sunshine.”

But remember when I mentioned the murky waters of Facebook feedback? Governor Scott also received some most likely unwanted responses:

Social media is a crucial tool for elected officials to communicate with constituents. It’s fast, easy and efficient. Just know that if you’ve pissed some people off, don’t expect for anyone to hold their tongues on Facebook.

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  • Mike Holland

    Florida was a really great place….. Then for some ungodly reason the wonderful republicans of Florida elected an honest to God criminal governor. Florida will be great again one day…. Unfortunately that day will be many years after Rick Scott is gone, and we have managed to rebuild what Scott has wrecked….

  • Pink Slip Rick

    Rick, Florida would be really Awesome if you you would leave and never come back.

  • norma riccobene

    scott, is the best example of a repulican we have, he is a crook, and politican.

  • http://yahoo Tony

    The fact that you ask us, the people of Florida, to provide you with ideas is ludicrous, to say the least !!

    It does not say much for the creative quality of your staff !

    • http://yahoo Obama

      Bravo !

      I will get reelected !!

      OBAMA is the one !!