Ricin Guilty Plea, Man Also Nabbed For Molestation

    January 18, 2014
    Toni Matthews-El
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Tupelo, Mississippi native James Everette Dutschke pleaded guilty on Friday to charges related to sending Ricin-laced letters to President Obama. The 41-year-old was also on the hook for mailing letters to Mississippi’s Senator Roger Wicker and Sadie Holland, a Lee County judge.

Dutschke has been in jail since he had been accused of mailing the toxic letters back in April. Until his plea change, he had vehemently denied any involvement in the act of domestic terrorism.

Says Lee County Sheriff Jim Johnson about the press release, “It’s closure, and any time you can get that it’s a good thing. [The guilty plea] has eased our community.”

Johnson also feels that his admission will ease the hurt that Dutschke has brought to local victims.

As it turns out, before the Ricin accusations were made, he had been arrested for an act of child molestation involving a 7-year-old girl. Dutschke had been taken into custody last January and released on a $1 million bond, after which he was ordered to avoid any contact with the children of his karate school, their families, or even third parties.

According to the agreement, Dutschke would plead guilty to the molestation charge next week and after having plead guilty to the charges of possessing ricin, mailing the ricin-laced letters, and threatening the life of the president. He will serve his sentences concurrently in a federal prison. Given that he was facing the maximum of life imprisonment, his defense attorney Ken Coghlan viewed this as the best possible outcome.

“He was facing a lot of uncertainty and at least now he knows where he stands.”

The Justice Department says that the sentencing will come in sixty days.

Initially, Paul Kevin Curtis was set up as the fall guy for the terrorist act with James Everette Dutschke going as far as to lift quotes from the Elvis Impersonator’s Facebook account to try and falsely connect him to the sending of the ricin letters.

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  • Wow

    The government forces people to plead guilty all the time. I work in a courtroom and see it all the time. These letter cases are also very strange. Remember the Anthrax letters? Well, the politicians those were sent to just happened to be the two politicians who were against the Patriot Acts. Out of all the people they could have been sent to, it was the ones who were against what the government wanted done. DAs do this all the time in court. They threaten people with an obscene amount of time and then the person pleads guilty to avoid that chance. The whole terrorism / politics cases are extremely suspect to me. I also just generally find it creepy that all the people connected with government plots always go by three names.

    I just don’t trust what happens in America anymore. I was in New York on 9/11. I saw the plane that hit the towers and it didn’t look like any commercial airline I flew on. That plane had something connected to the bottom of it. Like a military plane. Then they told me they found a passport from a terrorist? Two of them actually, a bandanna, and a business card? No freaking way those things made it through the fireball. That doesn’t even make sense.

    • @Wow

      Yeah, I couldn’t care less about the letters, but I do care about 9/11. You are indeed very right about the planes. All people need to watch this short video and demand answers:

      youtube.com/watch?v=o551CQFAMKI (just paste it in your browser)