Reddit Topped Two Billion Pageviews In December

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Reddit Topped Two Billion Pageviews In December
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Reddit had one hell of a December.

In fact, they had a December that was more than twice as good as last December. Reddit’s Erik Martin just told the Daily Dot that the social aggregation site topped two billion pageviews last month.

A 2010 post shows that number crushes the December 2010 number, a still sizable 829 million pageviews. That figure itself was up over 200% from January 2010′s pageviews, which totaled 250 million.

Reddit not only saw a huge increase in pageviews, according to Martin, but also saw a giant uptick in unique visitors. The site saw 35 million in December 2011, more than tripling the figure from December 2010.

Not only that, but the average visitor spends 16 minutes on the site (why so little, guys) and visits almost 13 pages.

More fun stats: 68% of traffic comes from Windows users, 42% of traffic from the Chrome browser and 65% from the United States.

When we’re talking about an internet property that still loves Insanity Wolf, it’s pretty funny to say that we’ve watched it grow up before our eyes. But think about it: reddit has done some pretty remarkable things in 2011. Subreddits like /r/atheism raised thousands of dollars for a kid’s bone marrow transplant and even more for charities like Doctors without borders.

Recently, reddit was at the forefront of the charge to boycott GoDaddy for its support of the Stop Online Piracy Act. In fact, reddit has been the most constant and influential voice against SOPA anywhere – and that includes internet media as well as traditional outlets.

But above all that, reddit’s link aggregation is simply a lot of fun. And the community is incredibly active. And we’ve seen it getting bigger each month for a couple of years now – there’s no reason to think that it won’t grow even more in the next year.

But 2 billion pageviews in December. That’s a whole lot of Good Guy Gregs, Skyrim posts, Neil deGrasse Tyson AMAs and wonderfully interesting Today I Learneds.

Reddit Topped Two Billion Pageviews In December
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