Reddit Launches iPhone App Just For AMAs

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Reddit announced the launch of the reddit AMA (as me anything) app for iOS - an app built specifically for the popular Q&As that frequently take place on the site.

AMAs have been around for about eight years, and have only grown in popularity in that time. These days, celebrities and interesting people engage in them all the time, and often get news coverage for their answers. Reddit says on its blog:

"AMAs get a lot of attention outside of reddit, and often you’ll see “Top 10 answers or moments to [insert name of celebrity or person]’s AMA.” While those recaps may be good for those who cannot follow AMAs as they happen live, there is so much more to AMAs that those brief excerpts cannot convey. One of the best parts of AMAs is experiencing the complete spectrum of questions and answers with full context."

"With this app, we want to share more about what reddit is all about, so people can find and enjoy a wider variety of AMAs as they are happening."

As the company notes, some of the most popular AMAs are by "people who are doing everyday jobs". Examples given include a flight attendant for a top airline, a vacuum cleaner repair technician, and the guy who kicks people out of Alamo Drafthouse movie theaters for texting or talking.

Reddit has also built out its OAuth API to encourage developers to use its data in their own apps.

An Android version of the AMA apps in on the way. It already exists in beta.

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