Record Label Decca Searches For Singer With World’s Lowest Voice

    February 3, 2012
    Billy Thomas
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Women love a man with a deep voice; women love a man that can sing. So, whomever possesses the ability to sing the world’s lowest note should be a total chick magnet, right?

Record label Decca has begun their search for the person that can sing the world’s lowest bass notes. The search will stretch across the globe spanning from the lowest parts of the south to the highest peaks of the Alps. The purpose of the search is to find the right person for a particularly difficult choral session; in search of bass: the final frontier.

The writer of Christmas hit “Wherever You Go”, has composed a new piece that features a note, astonishingly, six (6) semitiones below the deepest note ever written for a choir. J.D. Sumner is a previous world record holder for the lowest note ever sung. He can be seen in the video below showcasing his extreme lows.

The label has fully progressed into the public, placing ads for singers to audition. Paul Mealor, the composer of the featured work, is well known for his bass-featuring pieces, but remarkably he has surpassed previous works with his new piece, stretching far down to the low E note, which is three octaves below middle C for all you music theorists and composers out there.

The low E note is, in fact, so low that it’s thought to have never been sung before; E is two semitones below F# (F sharp). The lowest note thought to ever be included in a work is Bb (B flat); Rachimaniov’s Vespers. Mealor had this to say about his new piece:

“My setting of De Profundis calls for a rich and powerful voice.”

He went on to say:

“A voice that can not only touch the heart with its sincerity and truth, but also make every fabric of the human body resonate as it plunges into the very lowest parts of the vocal spectrum.”

The ads for the auditions will soon appear in international publications and on the internet. The ads will probe the question “Low low can you go? How deep can you sing?”

Those wishing to audition can send demo tapes or upload a file to www.howlowwillyougo.com

  • http://www.myspace.com/davidgreenald2 David Greenald

    here’s a song I wrote and recorded at home a few years ago! there are two examples of “Low E” in the song, the first is at 1min 23 seconds and the other is at the end of the song! enjoy!


  • http://www.myspace.com/davidgreenald2 David Greenald

    for anyone who is interested in such things, andin case you haven’t already got this via another route!….my song “Down Low” two examples of Low E therein – first one is at 1min23secs, other is at the end!


    ps. hit some Low E flats this morning…
    nice to have a reason for further exploration of these depths!

    • http://www.myspace.com/davidgreenald2 David Greenald

      oops!…didn’t realise I’d already posted it!