Ravens Cheerleader Fall: Woman Released After Several Days In Hospital


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An unnamed Baltimore Ravens cheerleader was released from the hospital on Tuesday following a terrible fall during a routine.

The incident occurred when the Ravens faced the Tennessee Titans.

According to eyewitness accounts, a dark-haired cheerleader was thrown high into the air.

The Ravens cheerleader was supposed to land safely. Instead, witnesses say she fell hard, landing on her neck.

One fan tweeted of the incident, "Everyone please pray for a [R]avens cheerleader. I just watched her get put in the air and then dropped on her neck, and its pretty serious."

According to the Birdland Central Twitter account, the cheerleader was laid out the field for 10 to 15 minutes.

A photographer who witnessed the incident told CBS News that the injured woman was crying and appeared to be hyperventilating.

She was eventually stabilized by members of the Ravens' medical staff and then carried off the field on the back of a cart.

A spokesperson for the Baltimore Ravens said the injured cheerleader was taken to a nearby hospital as a matter of precaution.

Though some feared the terrible fall would leave her paralyzed, a number of tests performed by doctors suggest she'll be just fine.

"The cheerleader was taken to a hospital for precautionary tests," the Ravens spokesperson told the Baltimore Sun. "Everything came back clear."

When she was released on Tuesday, the Baltimore Ravens cheerleader was reportedly able to walk out of the facility.

The incident was no doubt harrowing for the cheerleader and her friends and family.

It also acted as a reminder that although NFL cheerleaders are known for their beauty and skimpy outfits, these women are also brave athletes whose performances can result in serious injuries.

In fact, the evolution of cheerleader in previous decades is believed to be responsible for an increase in serious injuries.