Radiohead Accident: Twitter Users Reveal Victim’s Identity

    June 17, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Coming less than a year after a deadly stage collapse in Indiana at a Sugarland concert, another concert-related accident has claimed the life of one man and left several others injured.

Just one hour before a Radiohead show in Toronto’s Downsview Park on Saturday, the enormous metal roof covering the outdoor stage collapsed, pinning a man who was later pronounced dead at the scene. Several crew members and stage hands were on the stage when it happened, but most managed to get out of the way in time, although at least three other men were taken to the hospital with injuries. The concert, obviously, was cancelled, although Radiohead has yet to issue a statement.

Because there weren’t heavy winds rolling through when the incident occurred, officials are investigating exactly what caused the collapse. If human error is found, those in charge of erecting the venue could have a big problem on their hands. After the Sugarland stage collapse, the Indiana Department of Labor announced there were worker safety violations and fines were doled out amounting to almost $90,000.

The victim’s name hasn’t officially been released by authorities, although media sources learned it was a man in his 30’s. However, Twitter users are saying his name was Scott and are offering condolences via the social media source.

  • glenn grab

    who are the assholes who put these things together?…isn’t there some kind of inspection process?…

    • http://yahoo joe white

      yea glen there come now and look into it always a death brings out the best in people

  • sherry

    just saying, there could of been more fatalities if the concert was going on. and the band Radiohead would been hurt as well having their equipment ruin. Why did not the venue check out all of this before having bands come to their venue.. very disturbing !!! And now hope no -other bands come to this venue intil they have proper building inspection .

    • Zach

      They were still BUILDING the set. So they can’t check it out until it’s complete. You don’t actually think they have it sitting out there. I don’t think you realize it’s not a building. It’s a stage they BUILD in a field or a park for them.

    • http://yahoo joe white

      worry about the band never mind any of there drums and shit sherry baby

  • Vicki

    Even if the stage was just built for this concert like Zach said, it still should have been inspected, doesn’t matter if it was built yesterday or 20 years ago, it needs constant inspection to make everything is up to par, sounds to me like it was preventable, especially since the weather was decent, very heartbreaking, poor guy and his family as well as those injured and in pain now.

  • Joey

    So many buildings and skyscrapers have been built the past 100 years and many have lost their lives but they usually never end up in the news…

    • http://yahoo joe white

      well joey because there not all band memebers

  • mike

    bad use of words in that twit from Alex Mcnamara. your friend was “crushed” by a fallen stage