Racism Is Over According To GOP Tweet

    December 1, 2013
    Val Powell
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Is Racism Over? Republicans thinks so. On Sunday, The Republican National Committee (RNC) seemed to suggest that racism was ended with Rosa Parks’ arrest when it tweeted through its official @GOP Twitter account that, “Today we remember Rosa Parks’ bold stand and her role in ending racism.” The tweet was made in remembrance of the 58th anniversary of Rosa Parks’ fight against racism. Rosa was arrested 58 years ago after she refused to give up her seat to a white passenger on an Alabama bus.


Many Americans are not bothered about celebrating the woman’s courageous fight against racism; rather, they are perturbed by the suggestion that racism is over. This news could make things worse for the Republicans especially now that the party has been struggling to gain support outside the white community.




This suggestion is a sharp contrast to a 2008 poll from Gallup that showed more than half of Americans believe that racism against blacks is still widespread in America. Another recent survey from Pew Research showed that the majority of Americans believe that there is still some elements of racism against Black Americans. This is not the first time the Republican Party has come under fire for its misguided stance on racial issues. Republican members were in the forefront to reduce Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program(SNAP), a move which mostly affected minorities. A senior GOP official was forced to resign after he slated “Lazy Black People” while on The Daily Show. After the GOP tweeted, some users countered it with anti-racism hashtags.

In fairness, the GOP later recanted their previous tweet and replaced it with a more aptly worded one.

  • Please

    I hate twitter. A person misspeaks and the world goes nuts. Here is what gets me. People on twitter can complain but very few get off their ass and do anything. All they do is tweet. Racism will never end. People won’t let it end. In fact, this past year in the NBA, a group of blacks was bent out of shape that the Minnesota team was too white. In a league that is literally 75% black, people were still crying racism.

    Yes, racism still exists. But it is not nearly what it used to be and if truth be told, there is a lot of reverse racism. Heck, the black culture is racist with itself. There is even a pecking order within their own race. Doubt what I say? Hang out in the black community sometime. You will hear more racist comments towards whites and other blacks than you ever care to hear. You can hear the n-word a thousand times a day. No one writes about this. They ignore it. But it is the truth. It is hypocrisy. But no — don’t actually go to these places — just sit at home and tweet.

    It is like the Riley Cooper incident. Everyone was bent out of shape. Oh! A white person used the n-word.! The outrage. Then the incident happened with Miami and twenty players came out and said those words are used all the time. It is like we pick and choose what to acknowledge and get bent out of shape about.

    So much hypocrisy in this country. Twitter is the primary vehicle for hypocrites to spew their garbage.

  • DDee

    No kidding. They said “her role” in ending racism. That’s not the same as saying it’s over. There will always be racism and racist individuals in society, as there will probably always be other types of amoral people like pedophiles and muggers. White racism existed since before America existed, while minority racism is a relatively new phenomenon because they never really had the power to be racist before. And they still lack the power that white racists had at their peak political strength. Racism is less of a factor in our society at this moment than it was in the past, but there are very very few leaders who seriously want to address the problem honestly with the interests of all Americans at heart, so I think it’s something that our country will continue to grapple with for the forseeable future.