R. Kelly: Tax Evasion Will Cost Him Dearly

    September 11, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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R. Kelly reportedly owes several million in taxes, and although his reps say he’s already working with the government on a way to pay them back, he could find himself in hot water if he doesn’t to it soon.

Kelly has already racked up $4.9 million in back taxes from 2005-2010, according to TMZ, and has since thrown another million on top of the pile from last year. With a new album, memoir, and another installment of “Trapped In The Closet” all out this year, he’s set to rake in quite a bit of dough, and it’s doubtful the IRS will be quite so forgiving if he forgets to pay his taxes for 2012.

  • Scott N

    R Kelly needs to go to prison just like Wesley Snipes for not paying his taxes.

    • Ms. Nicole

      Forreal??? Why so negative Scott N? I think you may have drunk just a little to much of that HATER AIDE… LOL,, DIM WITTY

  • rmw

    no he doesn’t need to go to prison. he is just trying to get back on his feet after all his troubles. leave the man alone.hope he keeps his heads up and keep dropping tracks like the one who brought some of you into this world.


    You Crazy as hell SCOTT N. He Just needs to keep making hitz!!! You’ll get killed saying that s.h.i.t. in the wrong place. Mark my word…..

    • Ri Ri

      @ the real deal his mother been dead for years. Know what talking about b4 u start talking s**t.

  • Ey Now

    “Hmmm, should I pay into the government with one of my million dollar royalty checks? Lemme think … Naahhhh — I’m buying a 10.5 million dollar home, eighteen cars, hiring an entourage and paying them all six figures to hang with me, buying my mama a hummer, and peeing on young girls.”

    Every single “urban” artist seems to land in this exact same predicament. Are they all just horrible with money?

  • Big Dog

    Damn then what will happen if we say he is a child molester? Anyone from da chi know thats true… lololol
    Hope he pays his shit or ends up on lockdown.

  • babygirl

    So of those comments are really damn racist.. No, all “URBAN” artist are not bad with money, it just so happens that for some reason “urbans” have to struggle more in life and are forced with major consequences regarding their situations!

  • http://tweeter modest

    yeah good one

  • Edwin

    Seems like R. cannot keep his ass out of trouble, just as long as there isn’t another sex tape coming out involving another under-aged girl and urination.

  • Joe Mudder

    I think he really needs to pee on another underage girl. He’s out da closet

  • Konatee G. morris

    Most often,i get Sick n tired with these Players Haters on the Back of the Pied Piper n other Black Stars. Are u guys (WHITES) not yet tired with these Wicked Attitudes? Why can’t u guys give us a BREATHING Space instead of Pretending around here? Pls Note: Kels did not do this intentionaly but, its just that His busy schedule got things this way. Listen, man, we’re not yet tired hearing hit n inspiring songs which always revives our Dead Souls from R. Kelly

    • KEN

      I’m black and I have no sympathy for people who don’t pay their taxes,there is no way in hell that you can make that much money and be too dumb to pay your taxes,him and all others get exactly what they deserve.

      • Anthony Gordon

        If you knew how much the government took out, you would probably be surprise why so many people get caught up in this situation. Those taxes probably could be from 1 album alone and he probably has paid taxes, that might even be a fraction of much he had to pay.

  • http://yahoo Mark E. Jones


  • Chris

    Was he “pissed” when he heard about this

  • G-File

    He Pissed it all away!!!

  • yorel

    This fool could have put people to work instead of giving that money to the government. Ass-hole! or is that the problem…

  • Ms. Nicole

    Hey every one has financial difficulties at one time or another (rich and poor). However, if I had the money that R Kelly has, I would not be QUESTION in my mind to hire an accountant for matters such as this (IRS)… R Kelly you are awesome with your your music but off with your management of your assets. Pay it off and keep it moving because I am here to encourage the situation not discourage the urban R&B singers or actors/actresses…

  • jr

    black women are so niave and simple. Always defending the no good black man, and wonder why she gets abandoned and abused so much.

    • janaeb

      Excuse me, not all black women are naive and simple. Do not lump everyone together like that. Im a black woman and I have never been abandoned or abused for that matter. If someone is wrong they are wrong I don’t care who you are. He just needs to keep the right people around him and make sure he’s checking what’s going on with his money and not just leave it for other people to worry about. However, it’s easy to pass judgment when your not in that predicament. I guess we could say the same about these young white kids who go their highschools and shoot up the place. A minority does not necessarily represent the majority.

    • Sarita Nicholson

      I agree 100%

  • KHA

    I guess none of the negative commenters have ever messed up at some point and time in their lives. I guess you all are perfect. It’s so easy to sit back behind these computers and castigate others, but we really should take a look at our own lives. I’m pretty sure we can find some things we can improve on whether it be internal or external.

  • Sweetness

    So many institutions are unforgiving. I know someone that has paid over 1/2 million in child support, is currently $6K behind and may go to jail.

  • george

    thats my robert…always peein’on people


    What did he do with all of his money? Piss it away? lol

  • Will

    Good. He took money away from me by canceling three shows in the same city so eff him.

  • Sachie

    This article is pointless. It was already released that Kells pays his taxes and that this was a mishap by his accountant. It wasn’t that he never paid, he should have paid more. The person thsta wrote this article wants attention. He has been working with the IRS all along. Of course it is common sense that if he fails to work with them he could get in trouble. Read between the lines

  • Ri Ri

    @ jr I agree 100%

  • Ri Ri

    Ms Nicole maybe scott n drunk some of r kelly’s pee. lmao

  • Ri Ri

    Everytime there’s something going on with an African American there always got to be some racist white person jump in the conversation with there petty thoughts. If u hate blacks so much why would you even waste time commenting on what they going through. That’s straight up jealousy, I’m glad my people take up so much space in your itty bitty mind. I really don’t think you have much room in your pea brain to hold many more thoughts in there.