Pretty Little Liars Has A New Clothing Line


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Pretty Little Liars, for those who might not know, is a hit television show that airs on ABC Family, with the story line revolving around a group of friends who, as IMDb puts it, "band together against an anonymous foe who threatens to reveal their darkest secrets, whilst unraveling the mystery of the murder of their best friend." And when the writer says this show is a hit, she means it; the show is incredibly popular among high school-aged viewers, as are the books the show is based on. So popular, in fact, that there is a new clothing line being launched with the show's name on it.

The clothing line surely won't come as a surprise to fans of the show; the lead characters are often dressed to the nines, and style is a very important part of the show's aesthetic. With that in mind, it's certainly not surprising that Aeropostale would pick up the show's fashionable, up-and-coming clothing line. Fans of the show won't be disappointed, either; the clothes are being designed by the show's costume designer, Mandi Line, for a four-season collection.

Line, when asked about her involvement, seemed very excited about the opportunity and positive about her creations. She was quoted as saying, "I knew that if the cards aligned this would be the ideal show for a clothing line. It's just so popular- a combination of the books, and edgy, savvy team, and a cast that embodies everything. The line is only going to get better and better."

Fans will also be pleased to hear that they can get their hands on a piece of the clothing just in time for the show's return to the silver screen by shopping on the website, with the pieces being divided by character. This allows the line to feature all kinds of styles, ranging from "tomboy" to "girly," meaning that any fan will surely be able to find something stylish to add to their wardrobe while supporting a show they love. And with all the pieces being between $18 and $72, a new addition to a budding fashionista's wardrobe won't break her bank, either. It seems like everyone wins with this line!

Image via Twitter.