Presidential Winner Predicted in State-by-State Analysis

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Presidential Winner Predicted in State-by-State Analysis
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A University of Colorado (CU) analysis of the 2012 U.S. Presidential Election predicts that Mitt Romney will win the election in November. The model used for the prediction is one that has correctly predicted all presidential elections since 1980, including George W. Bush losing the popular vote but still winning the election in 2000. [Details Here]

“For the last eight presidential elections, this model has correctly predicted the winner,” said Michael Berry, political science professor at CU. “The economy has seen some improvement since President Obama took office. What remains to be seen is whether voters will consider the economy in relative or absolute terms. If it’s the former, the president may receive credit for the economy’s trajectory and win a second term. In the latter case, Romney should pick up a number of states Obama won in 2008.”

The prediction model uses an analysis of economic factors to determine an outcome for each of the 50 U.S. states. It was developed by Berry and his fellow CU political science professor Kenneth Bickers. Two of the factors the model takes into account include state and national unemployment numbers and changes in real per capita income, both of which affect Democratic and Republican candidates differently.

The study has predicted that President Barack Obama will only receive 218 electoral votes, far short of the 270 needed to win the election. It also predicts that Romney will receive 52.9% of the popular vote.

“The incumbency advantage enjoyed by President Obama, though statistically significant, is not great enough to offset high rates of unemployment currently experienced in many of the states.” said Bickers.

The Berry and Bickers study will be published in this month’s Political Science & Politics. An update to their analysis using more recent economic data will be coming in September.

Presidential Winner Predicted in State-by-State Analysis
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  • Alpine

    Great news. I love how people say we are doomed if Obama doesnt get in. No one man has single handedly put a nation in a financial bind like Obama has. People are truly, truly stupid and blind.

    • Rodney

      @Alpine are you forgetting about Bush? He is the one that started this economic mess!

      • TJ

        Rodney, blaming someone else for your problems just like our 2 months left on the job president won’t solve this country’s problems. Based on his performance the first 3.5 years, if Obama was a 1st round draft choice in the NFL, he’d be on the trading block right now and you know it. Stop giving this guy a pass and look at what he’s done or hasn’t done. He’s terrible and Bush2 isn’t responsible anymore, no matter what NBC news says!!!

      • Harsh Times

        All by himself? Gosh – I remember Pelosi being there…Obama and Reid as well. Nothing happened in DC without their support. Nothing.

        • Kristine

          NOTHING HAPPENED because the GOP has stated: “Whatever he is for, we are against”. Pretty hard to get the economy moving when there have been a worlds record for FILIBUSTERS from the GOP. HUNDREDS, when in past years it was less than 5 a year! Talk about a bunch of HATERS.

          THERE ARE BRIDGES AND ROADS THAT NEED WORK AS THEY ARE ALL UNSAFE. The GOP voted “NO” for anything related to people going back to work.


        • Doug

          hey harsh … you need to get a job….or is this it.

    • julian axworthy

      That was Bush. If the GOP got off their FAT arses and voted for job creation initiatives the US would be better off. Romney would have voted against the GM bailouts and 1 million more people would be out of work, not paying taxes, drawing UC.

  • caroline brown

    what a joke —how much did the repubs pay you to do this study =any study can say anything you program into it ==garbage in -garbage out –if the rich pub wins the usa is sunk –give it too those with money and be ready to see bad changes

    • Gary Johnson

      Wow – you’re as dumb as your are liberal. The Conservatives are the only thing that can SAVE this country from your ilk.

      • Doug

        really Gary? who the hell got us into this mess….I think it was ummmmmm, Clinton who left W with a surplus and then we start two unfunded wars, lower taxes for the rich and the medicare part d gift to big pharma…hmmmm.

        • Tony

          Doug that surplus you talk about was done with a Republican congress. How much money has this dummy spent in 4 years? Get your facts right.

        • rubtherightway

          We didn’tstart the war and there was only one.

        • DG

          Clinton didn’t do crap you fool. the congress was majority wise republican and the president doesn’t make the budget congress does twitface lol how can you not know that? LOL nevermind im sure it isn’t hard for you being a democrat to have your head stuck in a hole in the ground.

          • Debra

            You go DG…….You are RIGHT ON TARGET!

          • Debra

            DG….I am so glad you can put people in there place. Please People………….I mean “DEMOCRATS” Are you really that dumb? Can’t you see what OBAMA has done with this country? Talking about CIVIL WAR? LOL November 7th will be CIVIL WAR if OBAMA gets in not ROMNEY getting in. Have you ever passed the Constitution test? Do you remember the U.S. Constitution? I am a teacher I know the Constitution. This man has this country in such a mess we will never get out of debt. China owns us now. Do you know your facts about where Obama received his money? Or do you mind letting China take over our country? When asked about who I am voting for: I say: “THE AMERICAN” The only thing I can say thar the republicans are blamed for is not finding OBAMA’S birth certificate before the first primary! I use to go back & forth on the ballot. But, after seeing what OBAMA has done to our country, I’m STRAIGHT OUT REBUBLICAN from now on,think about how it use to be. Oh yes, it’s still BUSH’S fault right Democrats? Aren’t you still blaming Bush? He came in office at the wrong time. If Obama had been in office would he have done things different? The 9/11 was something terrible that happened in our country but, no it’s Bush’s fault, right? Democrats? You all are so RADICAL. You can tell by the way you talk. You are all the same! I keep thinking you all will wake up & see what Obama has done. Guess not…

    • Harsh Times

      Didn’t you read that they have predicted the winer correctly since 1980? That would include 3 Democrat winners as well. Read, try to understand and then post. If you can’t do the either of the first two – don’t post.

    • Kristine

      Anyone that votes Republican that makes under $100,000.00 a year, will see their lives take a turn for the worst.

      It is right in your faces. Republicans think that anyone making under a million is poor. If you are not in the top 1%, and you vote for Romney, you must be a racist.
      Knowing your healthcare will go down the toilet, your SS will turn into vouchers, your kids in COLLEGE will be booted off your health insurance, and you need a PELL GRANT for college, (that will go bye-bye)”meals on wheels” for seniors, GONE, reduced breakfast programs for economically challenged families, GONE!

      Knowing all of that, and you still vote ROMNEY, you are a damn fool.

      Republicans think that ONLY black people get meals on wheels, reduced lunch programs, are on WELFARE and SSD, when in reality, there are more white people getting all of those services including WELFARE.

      Well, I have to go buy a horse, because we need the TAX DEDUCTION. LOL….

      • Brian

        Holy Crap.

        You are simply the best. As a Republican, I love when Democrats go off the deep end (much like yourself) and start shouting stupid things about Racism and how the GOP hates old people. I’m not in the top 1% and I’m not voting for Obama. Not because he’s black and I’m a racist… but because of all the other things you listed.

        How under Obamacare the quality and availability of healthcare will be compromised. Face it, you can compare it to the Euro system as much as you want (rightfully so) because many people in the UK warned the US about their system’s flaws. I’ll take my private insurance, thank you (at least while the govt lets me keep it)

        And all the other programs you offered…. (College, Social security, healthcare, reduced breakfast) How do you propose we pay for these things? Do we continue to go to Banco de China? If that’s your answer than I feel bad for the people who surround themselves with you, because you are most obviously living in a bubble and have little to no concept of reality. We need cuts. Deep cuts, or else things are going to get progressively worse.

        I’m going to go continue to be an ignorant, “damn fool” but before I go (because I know I’m going to be branded as stupid) because any other response you come up with will most likely revolve around an attack on me and not an answer to your own argument’s flaws.
        I am a top college educated, high school history teacher from a blue state. I’m not a tea party member or a far right christian conservative.

        I just have common sense… something you most obviously lack.

        • julian axworthy

          Tell the 50 million without health insurance that they are better off without coverage. Tell the people that go to the emergency room for urgent attention but have to wait for hours because somebody has no insurance and their kid has a sore throat. Tell my daughter that when she graduated college at 22 – she had no health insurance. Tell the people with pre existing conditions they won’t be covered. Finally tell my employer who pays $1660 for my insurance (United Healthcare, PPO, Family, NJ) and has seen a 400% increase in 15 years.

          • Teneka

            Why do you believe that the government should be involved with your healthcare?

            I know for sure that I want my healthcare to be between me and my doctor. Not the between the government, a doctor the government chooses for me, and a plan for my health that the government decides for me. Next thing you know the government is going to be mandating what I can/cannot eat, how much cardio I do daily, mandating how long I can spend outside in the sun… Not to mention that the quality of care will go down. The great thing about America is Freedom, the more we let the government in to “solve all of our problems” the less freedom we have. I just encourage you to think this through.

        • Sipzz Pourner

          Wow – you’re a high school HISTORY teacher?!? That’s sad…VERY sad. No wonder our students are so effed up and graduate so uneducated and UNDER-educated and then have trouble competing with foreign students in the job market. And if YOU’RE the standard of secondary school education TODAY, I can just IMAGINE what it’s going to be like a FEW YEARS down the line.

          Time to HIT THE BOOKS, my friend! :-)

          • Brian

            Like I said, your response was strictly an attack on me and has no foundation in fact. Saying that I’m the problem with America’s education system and that we’re in trouble does nothing to advance your point, it does however advance mine.

            And as an aside, perhaps one of the biggest problems with American education is that some students who are unwilling to admit they are wrong just put their fingers in their ears and shout “LALALALALAA YOU’RE WRONG! YOU’RE STUPID! LALALALALA” Which is pretty much what you did.

  • Enough

    Just for a moment, step back and think about the comment “rich pubs”. Why is there a perception that all Republicans are rich, or that if you’re rich you’re a Republican?

    Does anyone remember the 2008 DNC? The amount of A List Hollywood celebrities that came out and donated to and supported Obama? You want to talk about rich? Here’s a partial list of the who’s who of Hollywood that were at the 2008 DNC and are firmly in the Democratic party:

    Oprah Winfrey, Sarah Silverman, Fallout Boy, John Legend, Cyndi Lauper, Ashanti, Fran Drescher, Ashley Judd, Rage Against the Machine, Aisha Tyler, Anne Hathaway, Susan Sarandon, Jon Hamm, Cash Warren, Jessica Alba, Fergie, Will.i.am, Kanye West, Matthew Modine, Kerry Washington, Stevie Wonder, Rosario Dawson, Jennifer Hudson, Shawn Johnson, Forest Whitaker, Star Jones, Wilmer Valderama, Daniel Dae Kim, Kelly Hu, Jamie Foxx, Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner, Chevy Chase, Richard Dreyfuss, Melissa Etheridge and Pharrell Williams.

    How many hundreds of millions of dollars of net worth do you see in that list? I can’t even guess, but any one of these has more money today than I will ever earn in my life.

    It isn’t about the size of people’s bank accounts. It’s about those of us that started with nothing and get up and go to work each day and what we think is important.

    Instead of instantly hating and categorizing anyone that is not 100% in agreement with the Obama party line as a “rich pub”, why don’t you try to find out who the other 50% of America really is and why we disagree with you.

    • Terry

      Oprah is worth over a billion alone. That list you just created does not have a networth of millions, it’s in the billions!

      • http://yahoo bob price

        nice point, I hate when they think all poor are dems and all repub. are rich. I am rep, and i work my ass off 5 days a week, and a store on weekends. Nobody hands me money for sitting home.I accumulated a nice b account all by myself, no help from our govt.Wouldnt want it anyway.

        • DG

          Well done sir, same here on being rep and I work average 6 a week. I make enough, I just can’t stand those America hating low education whinning twits that label themselves democrats or liberals. If having a strong country means being republican then that’s me. They are going to lose this november and they are already crying lol.

    • Harsh Times

      Actually the Hollywod elite and their pocketbooks are starting to catch on that they are rich too. And that they are hypocrites for slamming Romney for his wealth. I read that they will be staying home this convention as a result.

    • ashley

      another stat that you all might find interesting… Currently 7 of the top 10 wealthiest in congress are democrates.

  • Gary Johnson

    That’s just the liberal media professing a winner hoping the Conservatives are stupid enough to think they don’t need to vote, ensuring a obama lanslide. We’re not. Vote the bum out.

    • Brandon

      Well if that’s what you think then apparently you really are that stupid. LOL

  • http://msn Daisy

    I’m not really surprised if Colorado will predicted the winner LOL the state always voted Republican . Don’t believe in Polls the majority of americans are not going backward to the same trickle down economics of the same policy of george bush cheney damn enough is enough theyre conservative views produce more poor people in america while the clinton era and obamas forward policy produce more millionaires and billionaires. Kudos to the democratic policy and goodbye to those arrogant wealthy people who disagree to pay more taxes.

    • Mike

      Actually, in 2008, Colorado went to President Obama…

      • Mike

        And 1992, President Clinton… Colorado doesn’t “always” vote in a Republician… Also in 1964, 1948, 1932, 1936, 1916, 1912, 1908… It has a more mixed record than DC, which has gone Democrat since 1964, or Alaska, which has only gone for a Democrat once since it gained statehood in 1960 (and that was 1964 btw…)

  • Harsh Times

    Well — of the 52.9% that Romney receives you can count my vote as one of them. Unfortunately, I cannot vote multiple times like the Dems do or it would be higher.

    • Kristine

      Yeah, I voted 150 times in 2008. My voting place, lets only DEMOCRATS come back again, and again….It must be terrible to only be allowed to vote ONCE?

      NOBODY can vote more than once. This is what they let roam loose on the planet. People that think like this~

      • DG

        F aw k off with the tea party racism, you silly twit.

    • Doug

      well hell, why even bother voting. If the university of colorado says that mitt will win why even bother….I wish the media would start reporting facts….this is effing nonsense.

    • Doug

      Dems have to vote multiple times because the rethugs keep trying to suppress the vote….Obama 2012

      • Clint

        Like the new black panther party not allowing white voters into polls in 2008?

  • Kristine

    If you read about SKULL & BONES, you know that VOTING has always been pre-determined. That is how BUSH won a second term. Gore really won, but the whole “hanging chad”, Florida voting mess was why he won.

    This year, I am sure ROMNEY will win because of the voter suppression going on. Why else would they need to do that?

    Plus, RYAN & ROMNEY are so cocky getting away with telling the media that they refuse to answer ANY questions about: Their budget, Romneys tax returns, the MORMON church, abortion….you know, they do not want any “ammunition”.

    Reminds me, we need to go buy a horse so we can have a new tax deduction.

  • Randy

    WHY VOTE ???

  • Ingrid

    In your dreams! Obama got this! Wishful thinking for some….but will never happen! Obama 2012!

    • Tony

      When is Obummer ever going to grow a set and take a hit for all the things he has done wrong and stop blaming everyone else?? Romney / Ryan all the way!!!

      • Randymshit

        (OBAMA)”all the things he has done wrong”? You think this is bad? Wait an see what happens once that “shilldo” Romney wins this election(if he does). Personally, I`ve been around 55 years and I`ve NEVER ONCE seen any president want to actually HELP PEOPLE rather then STEAL FROM THEM! And this is why your bosses are so damn mad! He`s putting a stop to it and they hate uit!!! We finally get a guy in the White House that wants to stop all the EFFIN THIEVERY and you all accept a brainwashing and screw it all up for us!!!!!!!!!

        • rubtherightway

          Fake welfare is stealing. What about Silendra.

        • ashley

          you might be interested is a stat that indicates the exact opposite as far as this president stopping thievery… Clintons administration prosecuted and convicted over 1300 individuals for corporate fraud… Bush’s (2000-2008)administration prosecuted/convicted 1000 individuals. Obama’s administration has prosecuted/convicted “0” now 4 years in.. A real crimestopper that obama haha

        • michelle

          Obama will bring this country to its knees, he is the worst President ever the worst.

          • PatronF

            At least while the nation is on its knees people may return to prayer and genuine faith!

    • DG

      LMAO you are so stupid. I can’t wait for Obama to lose and fools like you will be just stuck there standing dumbfounded. We all know hes a failure. And november 6th we say “you’re fired, good luck elsewhere”

      • PatronF

        The sad truth is that after President Obama is returned to the White House after the 2012 Elections, all of those who now say he will lose will either silently slither into their hole once more or simply pretend they never made such ill-informed predictions!

  • Ingrid

    By the way if you haven’t heard! Bush put our country in the mess it’s in! Obama is having a hard time cleaning it up! And those GOP dummies are blocking everything he tries to do!

    • http://yahoo bob price

      He needs to go home, where ever that is,,,”africa maybe”,,who knows,the way he bullshits

      • ian

        You know who says things like “go back to Africa”? Racists. And pieces of s#!t.

      • http://google Rocco

        You racist pig!!!!!!!11

    • obama BLOWS

      I suggest you pull your head out of obamasass and try to look at the state of the nation objectively, instead of libtardedly.

      • julian axworthy

        I understand your comment if you are part of the top 1% of the wealthy of this country. If not you are the stupidist retard to comment here.

        • michelle

          Oh please are you kidding me they had you pegged right. Educate yourself already

    • rubtherightway

      How long do you clean.

    • michelle

      He wanted the job didnt he? Why do people whine for him… What a cry baby he is blaming everyone but himself. Get your facts Bush did not triple the deficet Obama did,Bush did not push in the dream act under the table as among many other criminal activities he has done. Dont write until you stop crying for the President ,clear your eyes and see whats reallygoing on fool

  • mtav

    well, this one will be wrong. How the hell does this model predict Obama will only get 218! Even if Obama lost every swing state he would still get around 237. Does this model give Romney California? These models are useless. It has a 50/50 chance of predicting a winner, so this thing has been right eight straight times. Wow, I just flipped a coin ten times and predicted the right outcome nine times, I must be clairvoyant.

  • Mitt SUCKS

    If Romney wins on November 6, civil war starts November 7!!

    • David

      bring it!!

    • obama BLOWS

      Another liberal fool with nothing but contempt for the constitution?

    • DG

      you threatening the country? be careful what you say on the net

    • michelle

      really? lol

  • Johnny

    Per Nate Silver, this so-called U. of Colorado “model” is pure B.S. They lie when they say it has predicted previous elections (again, complete LIE – this model NEVER before been used). Secondly, the “analysis” is based upon a whole lot of crazy assumptions. In short, this model, and the accompanying article, are nothing more than GOP propoganda plants.

  • mongoos

    ”The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools, such as those who made him their president.” -translated from Czech newspaper Prager Zeitungen

    • Doug

      I always get my advice from Czech newspapers……lol

      • desraejs

        Yeah, but it turns out that the Czechs hit this one dead on.

  • David


  • Charles Murray

    Thank you God for the “hope” this article brings!

    • hello

      you’re funny

  • Kevin Higgins

    Well they are wrong now.

  • Sipzz Pourner

    I’m voting for ROMNEY, because I want to SABOTAGE the GAHDDAMN FUCKING AMERICAN SHITHEAD PEOPLE who can’t appreciate SHIT for the positive things that Obama has tried to do for them for the last 4 years…like try to clean-up the FUCKER MESS that TURDBLOSSOM ROVE, Dick Cheese and Dummy Dubya put us in financially with all their BULLSHIT WAR CRAP.

    So I’m voting for Romney because that’s what the FUKKIN AMERICUNT YANKEELAND ASSHOLE PEOPLE DESERVE. I’m gonna give ‘em what they want, kuzz I’m a NICE GUY! And when the red-state redneck fuckers become homeless and starve to death ’cause they got no food or shelter and are wearing smelly shitrags for clothing and are drop dead like flies on the streets ’cause they can’t afford no health care, I’M GONNA LAUGH MY FUCKING ASS OFF!! HAH HAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! But THAT’S OK, ’cause Mittsie and Paulster are gonna bring ‘em fuhreeedumb and demokraseeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! YEEEEEEE-HAHHHHHH!!!!! Ha HHHHHHAAAAAAAA!!! :-D

    Fuck you, American peepullz (fellow citizens my ass). Not gonna affect me – Oh yeah, BTW, I’M IN THE 1 PERCENT, so I’ll be laughin’ in style sittin’ on my couch blowing FARTS out my ASSHOLE as I earn my easy, passive income as you fuckers starve your lame-ass asses off!! The majority of you Americunts deserve Republican bullshit stuffed down your fucking throats and to be made to swallow…THAT’S WHAT YOU WANT ANYWAYS, RIGHT?!?! ANUS SHIT FOR DINNER?!?!?!

    No surprise we’re the dumbest fucking industrialized 1st world country in the fucking world. So you can go fuck yourself, HARD (at least 52% of you peeps). And come January, y’all is gonna get PORKED in the SHITTER by the Grand Old Perverts and that’s GOOD, ’cause it’s what you DESERVE and what you NEED. So, fuck yoooooooouuu my good U.S. men and women, best of everything to ya’, and HAVE FUNNNNN!!! :-D :-D :-D

  • hello


  • jl


  • Anthony

    And only then there will be HOPE!

  • bob

    All I know is Romney will win the election and Obama is going back to Chicago !

    • http://google Sabaidee

      How do you know?

  • Robert Cote

    Come election day they will be 8-1 after Obama wins a narrow popular vote and and electoral vote landslide. I use electoral tracking polls from the internet and have correctly predicted every election since 1980. That counts Gore over Bush if as the media recoun ts show the real results. Romney is loosing ground in all the swing states and unless Obama has a major blunder in his campaign he will be re-elected easily.

    • Robert Cote

      Using electoral vote tracking polls I have picked the winner of every election since 1980 correctly. When you count the media recounts of 2001 which showed gore won. Using these polls which I have been tracking since may., romney is loosing ground and I predict Obama will win in November . Me 9-0. Col 8-1.

      • David

        Robert – let’s all pray you are wrong this time!

      • Deb Maddox

        Ah well… Read today’s headline. This organization has been right since 1980 too and they disagree with you. It’s all just rhetoric.

        • kat

          Robert is a Obama lover not a american !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Zac

            He’s a lover but not an American? You are inane.

      • kat

        I don’t think so american people are wakening up seeing a new light obama is not it Romney is 2012

  • Debra

    One more thing…DG…these RADICAL DEMOCRATS…do you think they forgot about OBAMA promising to bringing the troops home? Uhhhhhhhhhh as he would say, I am bringing the troops home! What a farce. He is no more a black than I am. He’s a muslum..BARRACK HUSSEIN OBAMA? They don’t get it, do they? LOL…They are so RADICAL..it makes me sick! I never thought politics would ever interfere with my friends but over this election I have lost a very good friend because he is so radical about Obama I don’t know if he’d just plain stupid or just a RADICAL DEMOCRAT.

    • Deb Maddox

      I remember Obama saying he would be a one-termer if he didn’t fix the economy…

      • ROBERT


  • Debra

    Go back & read what I posted earlier on DG’s post. Get the message DEMOCRATS?

  • June

    I need to move if this happens.

    • John

      Good, On less liberal to worry about when Hillary runs.

      • ROBERT


      • kat

        move than

    • Stanley

      I pay for one way ticket. I suggest Cuba or Afghanistan.

    • http://none princelaife

      Your opinion brings out a great deal of hateful emotions toward Mitt’s religion. What is his religion has done to you? I just read a prediction statement that Mitt will win this GOP. There are great smart people in America and they sensed what is good and what is bad for them by listening, watching, detecting, reading, and pondering besides many other ways of experience. I wish you would do the same thing instead of attacking Mitt with no founding truths and facts. I feel sorry for you and your life experience.

    • Nikki

      OK, Jesse. You are a paranoid psycho.

  • Jessie

    I hope you people realize that “Mitten” will not be the president. The Leaders of the Mormon church will be running the country because “Mitten” has to listen to them…

    • Laura

      That’s what they said about J.F.K and the Catholic church.

  • Randy

    Romney * Ryan Win

    “Its the right thing to do”

    • ROBERT


    • Zac

      A Romney/Ryan win will be same thing. Wake up and realize that.

  • Harold R Krisher

    This Great America which I and millions of others have fought to save and all the blood shed and lives lost for Freedom and Liberty are now going to be cast out the window because so many people here know not the cost of Freedom and can’t see beyond their nose into the future not just for us but for our Grand and Great Grand Children,Don’t they have common sense and a Heart for the future?I’t seesm most people had more God given sense at birth than what they do as adults,Really Sad,,Is it all the EDUCATION?We don’t need any more student loans if thats the case,,it’s wasted money.How can Obama or anyone with Christain values up hold everything which he says and does as gospel when it is truely wrong and even against Scripture.When FREEDOM is gone people,,IT IS GONE.THINK,THINK even if you never did before because this is the future of this Country of AMERICA.Let’s not have to look back and see what this Country once was,but to see that it is still UNITED STATES OF AMERICA..For the good of the people and to continue of Gods Great work,,God Bless America,and please BLESS GOD!Thanks Harold

  • c boone

    anyone who is voting for Romney should carefully consider his use of tax shelters. On an income, last year, of about 20 million dollars, he appears to have sheltered as much money as possible. You and I, who are probably paying around 18% in income tax probably can’t shelter our earnings — we’re too poor. Mitt winds up paying 13%. If I were to start a campaign for president, one of the first things I would do would be pay as much as possible in taxes for at least 4 years. If I earned 20 million, I certainly don’t have to worry about going bankrupt paying taxes. This is a job that after he leaves office will make him much richer — thanks to the American tax payer. Putting his money in off-shore accounts is just too stupid.

    loyal American tax payer

    • wayman simpson

      c boone, I’m pretty sure Mitt uses a good accounting firm to do his taxes and only takes legal deductions. Should loop holes be closed? Certainly, but you can’t blame him for using the ones that are available. And when you consider about 50% of all working Americans currently pay 0%, that’s ZERO percent federal income taxes, the millions he pays is significant. I’d rather have a leader that has come idea how a capitalistic economy works, rather this Marxist we have now.

    • http://none princelaife

      Mitt Romney is a rich man already. He does not need your approval for his financial standing. What you need if you are an American is to make up your mind what you need in life. Because if you stand there all your life and tear down people who tries to make life better for you. You will ended up in your coffin with nothing to your life credits but bitterness toward good people like Mitt or Obama for that matter. Sorry for you guy.

    • John

      It is absurd of people to consider that sheltering money from the Government is not a practice EACH and EVERY person does out there when you have big money and if YOU HAD IT YOU WOULD DO IT TOO!!!! How can you call someone out for trying to hide money from a Government system that is broken and corrupt and digs at the pocketbooks of every working NON-Welfare American. Look at all the money that the Middle-Class has to put up to try and SHELTER their money from the IRS/Government by hiring a TAX PROFESSIONAL to make sure they get BACK as much money as they can because they don’t want to pay more and are trying to simply get their TAX RATE down to as low as possible.

      MITT ROMNEY did the same thing… and he agrees that the GOVERNMENT has their hands in too much of the AMERICAN ECONOMY and it needs to be returned to the people, translating into LOWER TAXES for EVERYONE because the Government is not going to SPEND as much.

      This is such a basic concept, slim government and allow the citizen to advance. Allowing the Citizen to Advance is simply going to bring more money into the Government. Then we pay down our debt and become the Economic Superpower all of our forefathers had worked hard for in their lives.

      Get a grip people, vote for the guy that WANTS to make America the shining STAR of the world, NOT for the guy that wants to bring us DOWN to be amongst the AVERAGE of the WORLD.

      You can believe that the US has imperialized itself around the world. But the facts are that AMERICA has had hard working people with a Dream of success, with a drive to be the BEST in the world. And we developed and created some of the most AMAZING products and services that have REVOLUTIONIZED the entire WORLD.

      We need to get back to having that Drive and That VISION for our Country. Learn your facts about OBAMA. His VISION is probably way beyond what your vision is and you have to consider the Future of our kids and what they are going to have to pay for.


    • Deb Maddox

      So you are saying you wouldn’t do the same if you could? Blame the folks who made these tax shelters legal, not those who are business savvy enough to take advantage of them.

      • ROBERT


        • keith

          So … do you have a list of people you are going to vote for that you can prove have not used any loopholes or tax breaks? I’m real curious to know who, among any group of politicians have not used the legal tax code to the limit to avoid overpaying. The people with “all that money” didn’t pay to to make those holes as you assert, they voted on the House and Senate floors to make those holes. Obama is running his campaign on money given to him by some of the richest people in the world, and yes they use all those loopholes too. Don’t throw stones if you live in a glass house.

    • Ben

      First off you’re comparing apples and oranges. You assume you and I are paying 18%, we might be but that is on income. Romney’s income comes from investments so he pays capital gains tax not income tax. You take a risk on investments thus the lower tax rates. Secondly, he is not breaking any laws/regulations. If I were him and running for President I would be doing the same thing. This is America. We operate in a capitalistic society (not for long if Obama is re-elected) he is playing by the rules in place, fair or not. You don’t like the rules…pay closer attention to your Congressional races, they are the one’s making them.

    • Robert in Canada

      I can’t see what a person’s tax return (that was legally filed and properly paid) has to do with his ability to run a country, lead the free world, and re-build the US economy.

      The US and the free world needs a USA that has a strong and growing economy. Otherwise, we will all have to learn to speak Mandarin and follow orders from Beijing.

    • kat

      yes people you want America back and strong vote for Romney Obama don’t care about american people hes already proven that!!!!!!!!



    • Martha

      Robert, Robert, you are scaring me now. This is not France and the Bastille. You sound somewhat delusional. Actually, if you allow this anti-America Muslin in office to continue his agenda, YOU WILL BE A SLAVE FOR SURE. He will change MY COUNTRY into something we would not recognize, and everyone will be equally poor. YOU are the one that needs to wake up!!!



    • abc

      no bama go romney

      • Jeff

        What slavery? You are a jerk for throwing names like that around. Have you ever been a slave AH?

    • keith

      Read some history, slavery ended in 1865, 147 years ago this past June, at the hand of a Republican President. Time to throw that tired old ‘slavery’ mantra away. No one alive today was ever a slave or owned slaves. But, if you are instead trying to say we are slaves of evil corporate America, I beg to differ. Evil ol’ Corporate America and free enterprise has employed me, legally for the past 32 years. That legal employment, not indentured servitude, has allowed me to buy a home, pay my bills, raise two kids, feed and educate those two kids, and live to “pursue happiness” … and all I had to do was show up, on time, ready to work for the dollar I was earning. No slave here bro.

      • Zac

        What you failed to include is that the Republican party from its incarnation to the 1970’s was Liberal

    • Martha

      Robert, you are indoctrinated by the socialists from the Democrat party. How sad, and by the way, learn to spell or use a dictinary before posting.

      • KB

        Dictionary*** Fail. Typical Republican response fearing that voting for Obama would result in the middle class becoming more educated than you.

  • Matthew

    Anybody here ever work under the table? Getting paid cash? In a way that is sheltering your money. I bet you didn’t just run over to H&R Block and tell them about the money you made on the side. My point is, it is his money, and his tax advisors introduced to him a way to keep his money. I am not concerned about what he does with his money, I want the 50% of the american people who pay NO taxes to put money into the pot like the rest of us. I am tired of our money being given away to illegals and other countries, it is not our responsibilty to help them, you can be damn sure if we go belly up there will not be anyone there to give us a free ride.

  • abc

    Romney sweeps the nation Nobama

  • http://OahuHandyman.com Oahu Handyman

    well i have to agree with polls: the researchers have made a decision already…. MITT ROMNEY not Obama —- How can Obama explain the worst 4 years in the history of the United States America is under going jobless and homeless issues in 50 states ; many already fleed their homes: Obama No Cann

    • karen carpenter

      Its easy to explain…. listen closely….. buwh bush bush bush bush bush bush bush bush

  • jeff

    Robert i cant believe you are an AMERICAN, or i think we know you are just a kool-aid drinking plant saying lose what you have earned. And what give it to people, or the government who did not. Since when was it my responsibility to pay half of my income to those who pay none because they wont get off their collective , and i use the term wisely, asses. My money is not your money. Romney’s income, no matter who decided the law and it wasn’t him, has blinded you to the real facts. What you think Obama REALLY cares about you. If so, why is he making so many mistakes. I mean really who elects a president with so few qualifications. It’s obvious you are a plant. No one is this ignorant!

    • deedra

      your money is your money but if your rich and you pay taxes in this country your going to pay more anyway do the math, you kook aid drinkers of mitt dont here facts all you want is obana out well i have news for you this poll is going to be wrong i predicted obama to win in 08 against all odds and i predict it again, and dont count out asians, woman, hispanic votes , this country is not white and black dont forget so whoever does this stupid poll is wrong dont get all hyped for a let down

      • lynn

        Well, there we have it. The “Deedra” poll is never wrong.

  • Tony

    The American people deserve what they get. If they want a man who will make the wealthy wealthier then hey vote for Mitt. After all they already own 46% of this nation. Might as well give them the rest.

  • http://bluegoldmedia.com John

    Is anybody really paying attention to what is going on? Mitt Romney won’t release his taxes, won’t say who his bundlers are, won’t tell us why he has a Swiss bank account, why he uses tax shelters, wants to enrich the wealthy more and does not care about the middle class. Who is Mitt Romney listening to? All these billions his friends are spending on his behalf…what is he promising them once he gets in the White House? It always amazes me that rational human beings can be persuaded to vote against their interest, just because of some minor issues like the way a person looks…If you think George W. Bush was bad for this country and you want to vote for Romney, go ahead, you will get Bush on steroids….more wars, lies, death, deficit and further destruction of the middle class.

    • Susan

      i beg to differ, the alternative to Romney is much, much worse….

    • Amh01

      Have you not paid attention to ANY election info? Romey has released at leasr 2 years of tax info which is more than any other canidadate has ever had to release. Why does he have to release all of his when he just released more than required…where are obamas? Oh I guess that doesnt matter because thats who your voting for. Why are romneys the only ones that matter? Many of obamas cabinet members like the sec of treasury have not paid taxes at all. Please educate yourself. If you go to google and look up campaign donors there is a wonderful website with both sides donors. You will then educate yourself that obama gets lots of money from lobyists as well and would also see obama gets way more money donated than anybody else so is bought and paid for more than anyother canadiate..please dont vote unless you educate yourself you like obamas policies fine but everything you just posted obama is equally guilty for. More than half obamas administration has also been found to have over seas accounts and you know why? Because its legal and our country has been ran so far into the ground NOBODY wants to invest here.

    • Martha

      John, you are repeating the liberal rhetoric and frankly most of us are sick of it. Demonizing Romney is the cheap trick from democrats, because they can’t find any dirt on Romney. I could not careless about his tax returns. HE MADE HIS MONEY AND IS ENTITLED TO IT! STOP the class warfare, its getting boring!!

      • Zac

        Liberal rhetoric = Republican rhetoric. Same shit.

  • http://www.angersausomeaussies.com AngersAusomeAussies

    I totally agree w/Jeff there. OBama is turning our country into a Socialist country & further more, it was a real slap in the face that America let him run for President. OBAMA was not even born here & he is giving our Country away. My money is not their money & personally, I dont like paying for all these ppl he lets in so they can have a better life while I work to jobs to keep a roof over my head!

  • GIL


    • karen carpenter

      Or clint eastwood is available.

  • deedra

    a call to all who support obama/biden dig deep in your pockets and donate to the campaign only way mitt/ryan wins is by what they do best buy the election, havent you noticed all the ads from that camp against obama, that cost money , we need you to give to the campaign 3.00 from each person goes along way, do your part like we did in 08 dont sit on this one, they want the great white hope to ride in on his horse and save the day, lets get this upset , go door to door , volunteer make the calls , get people registered , get them to the polls to vote, even the independents should vote that takes votes away from mitt camp, I’m counting on you this is how we win this, obama.com for donations we will overcome

    • jt

      romneycare didn’t raise taxes, do your homework

    • Martha

      Deedra, I will give you credit for boldness. Isn’t it obvious by now that people are engaged and ready to vote him out? It sounds pretty pathetic that he is asking for even 3.00 donations. Where is his Hollywood bankroll? It has dried up thanks to his bad policies. Hate to break it to you , but He will be history soon!

  • Sophia

    If Mitt wins everyone who voted for him will have their mouths stuck out complaining about everything under the sun. I love how everyone is upset of Obamacare but it was based off of Romenycare. Boy, Americans have a lot to learn. It pays to do your homework…

    • Martha

      Sophia, we are aware of how Obamacare originated, and frankly don’t care. If Obamacare was the only bad policy Obama passed and realized it was a mistake, as Romney did with his Healthcare, maybe he would have a chance. But he is done, there is nothing he has done for the benefit of our country. He is a destroyer and must be defeated. Romney/Ryan 2012!

  • brooke burbach

    Mitt Romney is the only man that can give America back to the people. I have confidence he will fix the economy, jobs, education and the respect we no longer have in the world.

  • msr

    Romney promise 12 million new job, I dont think he really mean to 12 million American job! He definitely can help create few millions job in China and one more think he can help some rich people to hide their mony in Caymon islsnd like he did. By the way Romney love America so much that he does not like to pay any tax and off course he will flip flop on his views and false promises !

    • keith

      Show me where Romney has not paid any taxes. More to the point … you would rather trust a complete, total incompetent, who has promised us everything under the sun and has yet to deliver anything in four years!?! I guess you would like to see where this little experiment in socialism takes us. I for one will vote for Romney/Ryan. They have a clear track record of actually understanding economics and how to grow businesses/prosperity, unlike the current “community organizer” clown in office. Community organizer, wow I bet that impresses on a resume’, but then he’s never really needed a resume’, since he has never held a real job!
      Have his promises gotten you anywhere, other than (judging by your English) across of the border?

      • Zac

        You silly sheep. Romney and Ryan are no different from Obama and Biden. Democrats and Republicans are the same scum. Open your eyes and mind to realize that Romney and Ryan, if they even win, will be more of the same thing, keeping the status quo in place.

    • http://yahoo.com kathy

      If Romney hid his money in the cayman Islands, how is it that you know about it. Who are we to tell anyone where they can put their money. If I want to take my money out of the bank and bury it in my back yard that would be my business wouldn’t it.

  • Jack LV

    This election is between incompetence and expertise, failure and success. Bottom line is that my sales started to shrink in 2009 and I am now down to 50% less. And this guy, Obama, has done nothing to stop the fall. Nothing year 1, nothing year 2, nothing year 3 and nothing year 4. His “experience” hasn’t improved. He just repeated the 1st year 4 times. Therefore he needs to go. I will vote Romney. Anyone voting for Obama is suicidal or a fool. He couldn’t do a thing to fix “the mess he inherited” as per him, what make you think that he can fix the disaster he put us in? He doesn’t know. He is ignorant, with zero experience, and his beautiful words and smile are pathetic. Four more years will only put us further deep in the hole. Four more years of this incompetent and I will be out of business…. and so will you.

    • Jim Larsen Jr.

      My job could not be better as a matter of fact everyone I know is doing better than four years ago. Four years ago my job was in the toilet. It’s easy to blame someone else for your problems. Many would blame Obama for their foreclosures as well if they could while they continue buy things that they cannot afford. The fact of the matter is Obama did not have anything to do with your bad luck..

    • Martha

      Jack, I totally agree with you. The choice is very clear for those of us who care about our country and our descendants, and not stuck on party loyalty. Although not a democrat myself, if my candidate was a total failure asking for re-election, I would have no problem switching parties for the sake of my country. Unfortunately, some people vote for the wrong reasons: party, ideology, and even just skin color.

    • karen carpenter

      Hey who started the fall? Dont forget your boy bush?

  • zeny Jones

    I dont believe Mitt Romney didnt pay the correct tax due. If not the IRS will run after him. The IRS people are so competent in their jobs. He didnt even take the wealth of his father for himself. Think about that.

  • Flbitch

    Obama doesn’t even believe in God. He comes first and if we have an antichrist Muslim running our country, how will things ever get better?

  • Fibh

    Y’all are stupid.
    Mitt retard is sayin things that may change his mind. Do you not understand all he wants is to make the middle class poor. Become more homeless….
    He may say he won’t……. But who are you to say he won’t. He could be telling you one thing but it doesn’t mean he will do it!!!!!
    Think of it this way,
    Every president we’ve had so far that’s been republican hasn’t done crap to help us out. All you republicians voted for Bush, and you think he helped at all!?!?!?!?! NO.

    He was the one who fucking got us in war to began with.
    And Obama care…….. That’s a good thing. It helps out children so they CAN BE on their parents health care until 26. Do you really want your kid to be out there with NO HEALTH CARE AT ALL?!?!
    I mean, they go in get in a car crash…. I guess you the parents would be paying a high ass doctor bill because all of you want Obama care gone.

    I truely believe that the American society is f***** up. Ohh mitt might have some ok things, but I’m just saying maybe you should THINK about both sides. Idc if your republican, maybe you should actually think before YOU are the one who VOTED for mitt…. And YOU will be the one homeless.

    • http://yahoo.com kathy

      I don’t think I need YOU to tell me what I should do and shouldn’t do. I am definitely OLD enough to make my own decision and have been probably for more years then you have been alive.

      • Fibh

        I don’t care how old you are… But I do have the right to voice my opinion just like all the others. Respect!

    • Drake

      You made zero sense and established zero credibility. Your just another person who will vote for him because he is black just like in 08. When people ask why you voted for him your response is “change”. I hope you say the same thing this year.

      • Fibh

        Actually drake, I didn’t vote last year. & I’m not voting this year either…..
        But I think it’s pretty funny when all you republicans think mitt is the one.
        They both have good and bads, but the last republican we had didn’t help.
        At least obama had some good ideas rather than Bush.

        And why do you call him black. Stop being rasict and shut up.
        It doesn’t matter what color a person is or how old they are on a election.
        The whole world is in the crap hole and that’s the way it’s going to be.

    • Martha

      You are obviously a hardcore liberal, therefore have been “programmed” in the democrat ideology. It is so sad that a supposedly rational thinking individual can be so devoid of any coherence in presenting a point of view. The only thing that is blatant is the hate that liberals are known for spewing on anyone who disagrees with them.

      • Zac

        And you’re a sheep who can’t see that Democrats and Republicans are the same scum. If you weren’t a sheep, you would realize that that both parties are bad for our country. It’s a shame that the Republican establishment manipulated the numbers to help the puppet Romney win. Ron Paul won the primaries and the delegates

    • Boa12

      While I firmly support the right to free speech, I must say your choice of language illustrates your ignorance. How can you expect anyone to take seriously your mindless drivel? How about using a few more swear words next time to better try and make your point…unbelievable!!! Do us all a favor and stay home on November 6th.

  • Chris

    Who cares that he is a success. Wish we all could be. If that is all u can dig up on him, it is not much. Obama supporters must have blinders on, wake up and smell the coffee! Please if you care about your children and their future, we need obama out of office. If you are a Christian then the choice is clear, read the book (BIBLE) our instructions are clear!

    • Zac

      Religion is just a tool of manipulation. You’re a sheep like most people who don’t have the capacity to think for themselves. Democrats and Republicans are the same type of scum.

    • karen carpenter

      Play the bible card. Cant all you republicans just buy the election or did you not take advantage of the eight years bush was in office.

  • http://www.webpronews.com Rose

    four years is more than enough time to have to struggle.
    it is time for a big change in Washington especially in the White House.
    Obama can not and will not do anything for this country even if he
    got a chance to have four more years.Never mind the fact that he is a Democrat.that doesn’t mean he is smart enough to know how to fix anything.he has already proven that by making a bad mess even worse.
    he is a Muslim and he is only out to finish his destruction of
    America.make UsA.. into a socialist nation.
    i sincerely Hope and Pray that Mitt Romney Does win this Election
    he is the change we all need and hisHealth Care has to be Repealed.
    my vote is for Romney.

    • Zac

      If Romney gets elected, there won’t be change. It will be more of the same thing. Democrats and Republicans are same scum. They both don’t give a shit about the American people. And your religious undertone makes me nauseous. Religion is just a tool of manipulation. You’re a sheep like most people who don’t have the capacity to think for themselves.

      • Harold

        Some of you very stupid people as you better wake up,as if Obama gets back in this country that was so great will be a communist nation of Dictatorship!!Is that what you Morons want???? Education in this Great Land has turned out nothing very ignorant people like you.Yuo ought to be ashamed to think your an American,,as I don’t feel youare,Good Ridence to all yous that see him as something,,,he is a Sissy,Cry Baby,Thats all he is.Think while it is still FREE,OK?

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