Presidential Winner Predicted in State-by-State Analysis

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Presidential Winner Predicted in State-by-State Analysis
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A University of Colorado (CU) analysis of the 2012 U.S. Presidential Election predicts that Mitt Romney will win the election in November. The model used for the prediction is one that has correctly predicted all presidential elections since 1980, including George W. Bush losing the popular vote but still winning the election in 2000. [Details Here]

“For the last eight presidential elections, this model has correctly predicted the winner,” said Michael Berry, political science professor at CU. “The economy has seen some improvement since President Obama took office. What remains to be seen is whether voters will consider the economy in relative or absolute terms. If it’s the former, the president may receive credit for the economy’s trajectory and win a second term. In the latter case, Romney should pick up a number of states Obama won in 2008.”

The prediction model uses an analysis of economic factors to determine an outcome for each of the 50 U.S. states. It was developed by Berry and his fellow CU political science professor Kenneth Bickers. Two of the factors the model takes into account include state and national unemployment numbers and changes in real per capita income, both of which affect Democratic and Republican candidates differently.

The study has predicted that President Barack Obama will only receive 218 electoral votes, far short of the 270 needed to win the election. It also predicts that Romney will receive 52.9% of the popular vote.

“The incumbency advantage enjoyed by President Obama, though statistically significant, is not great enough to offset high rates of unemployment currently experienced in many of the states.” said Bickers.

The Berry and Bickers study will be published in this month’s Political Science & Politics. An update to their analysis using more recent economic data will be coming in September.

Presidential Winner Predicted in State-by-State Analysis
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  • Drea

    I dont care what they say “IM VOTING FOR OBAMA”!!!!

    • Roy Payne

      And that’s the liberal logic for you: “My mind’s made up … don’t confuse me with the facts.” No matter what the evidence proves, this genius will vote for Obama. “They walk among us and they VOTE !!” God help America with people like this allowed to enter a polling place !!

      • Jack Madison

        So you prefer a deluded thief who thinks someone is up in the sky listening to everything you say? And that better yet jesus walked around the americas chit chatting with people?

        wha… ?

        Where am I? Oh, wait, … that’s right, the United States; where people inhale toxic foods in an unprecedented level, actually listen to limbaugh & beck and actually believe bush was an “okay guy.”
        I’m aghast at being an American anymore. Very saddened and disheartened by the vitriol espoused by insane conservatives and republicans…hate mongering at its finest.

    • http://yahoo toomuchgovernment

      I am voting for Romney along with the majority of America Obama blew his opportunity

      • rr

        Sorry about your luck, Romney is going to LOSE.

  • Robert Adams

    If he wins that’s the end of America.

  • Robert Adams

    If he wins that’s the end of America..

  • semajoe

    to crystal—u cant blame bush, thats why obama got the job, to make things better, he has accomplished nothing, and if bush didnt go after hussein he would be in saudia arabia now with nukes, obama wants to take money from the people that work an give it to people that dont work, like all democrats,…… he will lose

    • Tony

      I blame Bush. He got us into this mess. 95% of the Fixes Obama puts to the senate is struck down by Republicans. Thus Republicans can say “The President did not do anything to fix the Economy” When in fact it is Republicans who blocked almost everything he tried to do.

      • Steve

        The democrats controlled the senate for the first two years he was in office. They failed to even act then. Your point is invalid.

      • Roy Payne

        Somebody needs to pay attention. The Democrats control the Senate and if they wanted to pass ANY legislation, it would be passed. They haven’t even passed a Budget since Oblabla has been in office. The man AND his party are the biggest mistake America has ever made. But we can correct it in November !!

        • dre

          YOU need to pay attention. The Democrats do in fact control the Senate with majority of senators but things dont get passed out the senate with “majority vote” which would be 51 votes. Instead its 2/3 vote which would be 60 senators. With the current numbers of the senate, the democrats would need 9 more republicans to vote with them to get anything passed. Not happening because repubs number one goal is to object ANYTHING the president does. Even after all this obstructive congress, Obama will still prevail and get re-elected. You cant turn your head against immigrants, blacks, and woman and expect to get elected. SMH

      • sam

        Obama had 2 solid years with a democratic house and senate and chose to do nothing to help this country but get it more in debt.

  • Jim Zuehlke

    Isn’t the blame it on Bush stuff gone way too far.
    After all how many coaches are given more than 4 years
    to turn around a losing team.

    • Jack Madison

      You’re joking, right?
      People who are this delusional shouldn’t be alive.
      You shouldn’t be alive.
      Comparing football teams and the richest economy in the world is like saying “why can’t the Jews just get over the holocaust?”
      George Bush and his family are murderers, thieves and charlatans. They should be tried for treason of the highest level. Being complicit with 9/11 let alone the wars, the deaths and the rape of money for education, health and infrastructure. This family has destroyed this country…along with their little buddies they call friends.
      If you don’t know this, then look it up. If you don’t believe this then you’re deluded far beyond what reality and glenn beck can gather.
      Wake up.

    • Harry

      After Hoover (Repub) sat on his butt, FDR (Dem) was elected for FOUR terms and it still wasn’t quite up to speed… we did fight TWO unfunded wars (if you don’t count borrowing from CHINA) or major tax breaks when we still had a debt. Deregulation of banks caused the Junk bond and bank failures in the 1990’s. In the 2000’s we let Wall Street and the banks inflate real estate prices then they swallowed up the difference and simultaneously claimed insolvency was approaching. The taxpayers had to bail them out (they gave themselves HUGE bonuses) while the real estate market began its slow recovery. Why is it Bush’s 8 years of rabid destruction don’t warrant at least 8 years of good sense to really begin recovery? The Repubs have blocked EVERYTHING President Obama has tried to put through and now they’re being caught again and again: The “conservative” Heritage Foundation and Repubs in 1993 insisted the individual mandate was the fairest solution for healthcare. Mitt Romney followed their advice and created ROMNEYCARE in Massachussetts and Romney stated it should be used as a national model… which is what Obama did. If he were a Repub, it would have rcvd complete support, but hypocrites will be hypocrites and now it’s a bad thing. Pay attention and learn the facts instead of watch “Faux News” and you may catch up with reality. This cluster of professors are nothing more than “intellectual” mouthpieces for the “Right” wing agenda. They don’t predict who will win in elections. They state whether a Repub will or will not be president. The Dems and votes of the majority of Americans don’t count in their book. Karl Rove said, “we just want to elect somebody with enough digits to hold a pen,” which means Romney would sign everything Repubs put before him just like Dubya did – when Ryan didn’t give a damn about deficits. These people will subjugate all of us to be the 99% “have not” and the 1% “haves” and it will become much clearer to you that their objective is to enslave us completely while they keep all profits and spend tax revenues recklously on yet new wars (Iran). We will truly regret this as a nation if Romney is made president by the rich, for the rich.

    • free

      all you folks do is blame it on someone getting old grow up and man up pussys. Blame blame blame get your fucking mind straight and take care of your own this is just a game be straight and do right we dont need to vote for anyone but our selfs.

  • http://www.tristategreenclean.com Matt

    Depends on what you want and either way you lose.

    Obama: Healthcare for everyone including immigrants and people who don’t work. Driving our deficit up more….

    Romney: Outsourcing our jobs overseas and creating low paying jobs and taxing the middle class more.

  • slippy3002

    Lets start by saying I agree with Urani Diot. There is so much free loading scum whether they are white, black, Hispanic, etc. It really doesn’t matter who the president is until they bring back the working for welfare. If you need help that is fine, but don’t make a career out of it. Also remember people its not just the president its congress too. The president is like the front runner of the band who takes the good and the bad for the band regardless of what everyone else is doing. As for the the unemployment rate; look at all the people sitting on 99 weeks of unemployment and extensions. There is plenty of work out there just look in the classifieds. And I don’t want to hear that crap about bush screwing it up and people expecting obama to do it in 4 years. Do you remember FDR doing it in 100 days pulling us out of a depression, a little over 3mos. I know the depression lasted for years before he realized his motto “Try something and if it fails try another, but we must keep moving forward”… It may not be word for word but you get the idea. How about Ronald Regan another great president that pulled us out of a “great resession” in a short time. So while he is sending his family on vacations on our tax dollars and twiddling his thumbs he should be working. The American Reinvestment and Recovery act… What a Joke! states filled their pockets and hired nobody to do the work but the already employed workers. The Cash for Clunkers…another Joke! Now there is no cheap cars for people to afford because they have all been shredded. 4-5 years ago there were TONS of cheap cars TONS….now $2,000-$3,000 Pieces of shit that people can’t afford anyway. I am saying Out with the Lazy president and in with a more progressive president that will work quickly. And how about the tax cuts Tax the rich and save the poor…Well Wake Up and look at who Hires you and Signs Your Paycheck! Save them some money to give you a raise and Hire more People…Start thinking for yourself America instead of dumb politicians doing it for you! Your business is not their Business. Their job is to keep this country running smoothly and Prosperous, not telling you what to do and think because that would be communism. I would Vote for a Republican Congress to keep Tax Cuts For Everyone than have everyones taxes go up because nobody can agree. I don’t want to give another $100 a paycheck to the government Groceries are EXPENSIVE anymore, But that is my opinion. Thanks for reading if you Did and sorry it was so long! God Bless!

  • adamcai

    The only measure of your worth and your deeds will be the love you leave behind when you’re gone. Hurry up ,find your love on ~~~ A g e Matching. C~oM~~~ and leave the most wonderful memory in your life.

  • megan

    Sad. I don’t like romney but when people just sit and complain…it doesn’t help one bit.
    Why do you ‘citizens’…start leading by example for upcoming generations..like mine. I’m in highschool still, and i’m surround by neighbors who are political idiots. Great examples you all are.

  • Sam

    Everyone says it’s so bad right now. I look back on all of the elections that I can remember.
    Nixon- things were not so great
    Ford- not so great
    Carter- not so great
    Reagan- not so great
    Bush 1 not so great
    Clinton- I was happy
    Bush 2 – I got a couple of stimulus checks, my husband was happy.
    Obama – I was able to put my college age kids on my insurance, that I paid for!
    ?- I don’t know Romney, I can only judge what I saw during the race to the republican nomination, I wasn’t impressed.
    Whoever wins, I’m glad that God is still on the throne. I won’t be placing my trust in any man. I will
    wish them all the best and keep living.

    • Joe

      God can’t fix the economy either.

  • David

    People who go for Barack Hussein Obama II or should I say “Barry Soetoro” have no education…

    • joe


      • Joe


  • Tall Tom

    What I have read is a bunch of absolute nonsense.

    First you are all deluded if you believe in a political solution. Sorry…There is not any political solution.

    Secondly Romney is just like Obama. He is just as Liberal.

    Finally you are going to have to take responsibility for your own life. Obama or Romney is not the Saviour. They are egomanical psychopaths who will say whatever it takes to get them elected. Then they work for their own best interests…LIKE YOU NEED TO DO.

    The economy is in shambles. It is in a complete collapse. If you are obtuse…DULL…you havenot already figured that out.

    The debt is gargantuan. The United States is insolvent.

    We are going to experience hyperinflation…NO MATTER WHO IS ELECTED. It DOES NOT MATTER…GET IT?

    So you are on your own at this point. So…OPT OUT. Buy Gold and Silver to protect yourself from the storm ahead. This is your fair warning. Heed it.

    God bless you and God bless America…whatever is left of it. You are going to need it.

    • Carl

      Correct! All politicians are corrupt period. They are all out for themselves, and any person who believes in any politician is an IDIOT.

      • Joe

        Soros and Paulson are hoarding gold. Thats not a good sign for the economy. Something bad is coming.



    • Bea

      You think you want that mormon in the white house,he will send all people that don’t believe in Christ to hell in a hand basket……

      • Dickyman

        You wouldn’t but i will and you are the insane one here. voting for romney is like voting for a thief to bank robber. I am been harasser every year to file my taxes by the IRS, but Rumney is getting a free load.

        • Joe

          Don’t you think Obama had the IRS give Romney an anal probe by now? If there was any dirt we would know by now. Stop beating a dead horse.

        • Dan

          sounds like you’ve taken your share of loads

    • Eliana


      • Joe

        Obama’s not a liar? lol don’t be a fool, all politicians are liars.

    • HW

      Agree, Thousand of undocumented people across the country began the process of applying for a two year amnesty program established by president obama without “CONGRESSIONAL APPROVAL”.

    • Jesse

      lol, typical liberal that is not smart enough to have a legit argument, scream racism, that is so played out, pay attention to the news a little, or read a little, then you might have something meaningful to say

  • gameface

    What ignorance. Do you know who Jimmy Carter (D) is. He started this economic mess when he decided that poor people should own homes. Reagan and Bush1 quashed this. Bill Clinton took it on again and pushed Fannie and Freddie to start giving loans to the unqualified at interest rates in the negative with balloon payments due at times in the future. This was a liberal plan not Bush’s fault. He had no idea that Wall Street was taking on the make, selling these loans to investors, and then hedging against them when they saw that the plan wasn’t working. Liberal planning and Wall Street hedging destroyed our country. Obama is not trying to fix Bush problems…he is trying to fix liberal problems that he does not understand. Gov’t programs working…none. Gov’t programs not working…SS, Medicare and Caid, public schools, the FED…and on and on. Stop government’s intrusions into our daily lives. Stop asking for a handout when you don’t need one. Stop this madness and get back to basics. I am not willing to give the current leadership another 4 years as their policies and agenda are scary beyond just economics. Give someone else a chance for 4 years and then assess and take another road if needed. Stop demonizing both parties and their people. We are a young country and we will be great again once we work through this time.

    • albert

      i agree with you 100%

    • Mark

      You sir, are correct. You ave hit the proverbial nail on the head.
      Problem is, the vast majority of people in this country have no idea what you are talking about and could care less. As long as the have the latest smartphones, bling , Jersey shore, American Idol and hip hop they are happy. This country is sooo addicted to pop culture that it elected Barack Obama. Why? because they thought he was cool. He knows that , and Im afraid it will be very difficult to get rid of him. Nero fiddled while Rome burned.

      • Joe

        Mark you are 100% correct. Many of these Obama voters are ready and willing to believe anything they say. They still think Obama is going to give them hope and change lol so sad.

      • JB

        You, sir, are a racist and a bigot from days gone by…however, which goes to show people that racism and bigotry are still alive and well in this GREAT USA of ours. Simply read between the lines all the stereotyped references you just made…You and all the respondants with similar views should be ashame of yourselves to think and believe this way. I’m praying for you and our country!

        • Bucknator

          Disagree with Obama and his policies and your instantly a racist. JB, aren’t you guys tired of pulling the guilt card on people yet?

      • John

        He will not get re-elected. The youth vote that turned out in massive numbers will not be there this time. And if you look at the polling he is always under 50%. And history shows the undecideds ALWAYS go with the challenger.

  • Cindy

    I hope that Mr. Romney isn’t elected as our new president. In my opinion, what a joke he is. Need we forget how he he strapped his dog to the top of his car (where is PETA when you want them). I hate that he probably won’t win my state (Utah) but I for one am voting for Barrack Obama. What a wonderful man and human-being. He has done more for this country in his term in office than all presidents combined since before the Reagan era. I, for one, along with as many people I can muster will vote for President Obama. ONE, TWO, THREE KNOCKOUT…..don’t let Romney get it because if he does….God Helps Us All!!!!

    • Carl

      Really barking about Romney strapping his dog to the top of his car??? When Obama confessed to eating dog while in Indonesia. Lost her mind, this woman has!!!!! LOL

      • Robin

        Carl, I really feel sorry for you. Obama a great human being and the greatest president ever. Give me a break. You evidently like having the government in your backpocket. What exactly has he done for us? A huge debt that he created, no one else. He is very scary, and you should really stop and review what he has done. You just watch the race, that man cannot run on anything he has done for this country…I don’t particularly like Romney, but I do feel that he will be better than Obama for another 4 years.

        • Robin

          Sorry Carl, this should have been addressed to the PETA person…Cindy. do the country a favor and don’t vote.

          • Shad

            Robin, you do the country a favor and don’t vote. You simple mind people stun me. Romney has done nothing but lied since the beginning.., even Republicans don’t like him. He’s a HOT MESS. He’s better for the country for his business knowledge, but don’t talk about BAIN. He’s not a christian but don’t talk about him being a Mormon. He’s running for president, but don’t ask for his taxes. He’s half Mexican, but his family is off limits. You people forget there was a surplus under Clinton, A DEM, and all hell broke loose under Bush who tucked his tail and ran after he not only killed our economy but affected the world’s. Now all of a sudden, they have all the answers? They get in Congress and filibuster every bill to keep our nation stagnant just so they can get in control to completely ruin us and you have the audacity to tell someone to stay at home and not vote? Sheer lunacy!!!

          • Coventina

            No please Cindy, do vote. Anyone who is idiotic enough to treat an animal like that should not be trusted with running a corner deli, let alone a country.

          • Dan

            @ Shad. You really have no clue do you. You can make all of the strawman rants, and finish with “Congress” fillabustering? Do you know anything of the legislative process? Those who do will realize just how stupid that statement is.

        • HW

          Sorry, but President Obama he is just another Fidel Castro.

        • Joe

          Obama the best president ever? Robin what parallel universe have you been living in?

          • Robin

            Joe, I am not for Obama, I did not vote for this dishonest person the first time and will not vote for him ever. sorry that was Cindy who I was addressing..you and I think a like.

      • Jon

        In Indonesia it’s part of the culture/customs and allowed. In America having your dog left on the roof of a car could be considered negligence or animal cruelty if it were injured. Maybe you need to reconsider your sardonic comment Carl.

        • Richard

          We are approaching the most consequential election in the history of the country and these people are actually planning to vote a given way because of a dog on a car roof! Thomas Jefferson said that a democracy is doomed to self-destruction unless the electorate has been educated in policy and social issues . He must be screaming in his grave.

      • nicholas

        Obama ate a dog on a visit to china. Look it up. Where was PETA and the media then?

    • john

      @Cindy the president of the united states is a joke, this guy has done nothing for the country but line the pockets of his cronies,vacationed and played golf on the tax payers dime,gone around congress to impose his idealog, and lied to everyone…..
      Oh and let us not forget the debt that he has accumulated but you go ahead and vote for this idiot it’s your right too but as far as your statement goes, you have no good reasons for this idiot to be reelected

    • http://google JEAN FISHER


    • Dan

      yep, god forbid Romney is elected, he strapped a dog to his roof. Obama all the way, worst he did was eat a dog.

  • Mike from california

    I don’t think so Obama will win his second term. It’s always you type that count the incumbent out. Remember Bush, remember Clinton. those people won there re-election.

    • Joe

      Bush and Clinton didn’t have such high unemployment rates, they didn’t double the national debt, and they didn’t break at least 20 campaign promises. The wool has been removed from the voters eyes. Bye bye OWEbama.

  • RR

    What ever the color of his feet that will be the color of his head? God willing he will not get what he wants this November. If he did bullying when he was young, first impression is lasting. Lack of respect to others as the same is he doing right now. He is bullying President Obama.

  • Dickyman

    voting for romney is like voting for a bank robber. I am been harasser every year to file my taxes by the IRS, but Rumney is getting a free load….Gush I can’t stand his criminal self.

    • HW

      Do your homework first, “don’t talk just to talk”.

    • Joe

      If Romney broke a law with his returns, the IRS with Obama’s urging would have his head by now. Stop beating a dead horse.

      • Coventina

        If there’s nothing to hide, there is no reason not to releae them.

        • Ron

          So based on that thinking, why won’t Obama release ANYTHING about his past. He who controls the media, controls the minds of the mindless!!

          • Richard

            Wouldn’t this also be true of school transcripts and medical records?

    • John

      I got news for you. Almost every tax return like his is audited. There is no way he is a tax cheat. You just like listening to the talking heads instead of using yours.

  • RUanAmericanSheep

    There are “financed” stories. Trace the producers to the money. This is pure private sector propaganda in the truest form.

  • Dick

    I am conservative, responsible for myself and my family. I do not accept that government should decide what level of comfort is acceptable for our families. I do not believe that government handouts will lead any family to prosperity. How many people living on Food Stamps and Welfare live decent and successful lives? Why would any family strive for a bare minimum of economic success and happiness? I believe a woman has the right to choose the outcome of a pregnanacy. I also believe that if the woman has the right to ask for financial support of the child, she in turn owes the father of the unborn child financial support for pain and suffering if she decides to end the pregnancy. When did we become a country of acceptable minimum acheivement? things people should think about when casting a vote for an elected official: Have they ever worked a JOB? Where did they go to school? College? Did they have to earn their education? Or did their family help pay the way? Did they have things given to them or did they earn them? Do they vote themselves raises at the cost of indebting the community they are working for? How long do I have to work to support the elected official after they have finished serving? Is being an elected official their job or their calling?
    November is coming. In my humble opinion it doesn’t matter who we elect. Both have problems and flaws. Both are really only looking our for themselves. I won’t vote for Romney. I can’t vote for Obama, because I am conservative and immediately labeled a racist for being conservative. It doesn’t matter which way we go because as a member of society we are heading down the wrong path. We no longer accept responsiblity for our decissions. We want to blame our neighbor for our errors and we require our community to pay for our failures. Maybe we can change the path we are set on. Something tells me it is too late. When you cast your vote, are you casting it because you want to take your neighbors stuff or do you want to help your neighbor move forward?

  • rob

    i look at it like this as far as religion goes yes romney is a mormon and not afraid to say so ,as far as obama,lou alcider better known as kareem abdul jabbar,cascious clay better known as muhammed ali and cat stevens now with a muslim name all changed their names when they accepted the muslim religion barry obama to barrack hussein obama must mean he accepted muslim back as his religion???? just something to think about and the first president to have the us credit rating cut and the first president to be judge jury and executioner when he ordered drones to kill al awaliki in yemen although he was preaching against the us what right does obama have to kill u.s citizens without any convictions or even any kind of trial.what would be said if bush would have done these things?? i predict romney will win in a landslide as obama has nothing to stand on but broken promises go look at what he said he would do in 2008 and see for yourself in his own words and what he has actually done like close gitmo,stop nuclear prolifiration,fix the economy in his first term.he wanted the job won the job then blames everone else for his failures if he didnt know what he was getting into or just didnt understand he should have not ran oh yea and those shovel ready jobs and the summer of recovery in 2010 hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha all the way to the bank

  • Rodney Harding

    God help us all if romney wins.He would be president in name only while others pull his strings.
    Don’t bel;ieve me?Just look what grover norquist had to say on the subject.Something to the effect,”we just need someone who can hold a pen in their hand to do what we tell them to do”.

    • Tom

      I voted for Obama in the last election. He has fallen short of what he said he would do for this Country. I will most likely vote for Romney in November. The economy is my issue and believe Romney is better qualified. And as for taxes – lets say Romey turns over his last 15 years of tax records and only paid 7 percent – who cares? If that is what he paid without breaking the law then he is just a good business man – something each and every one of us would do. Dont tell me you would offer to pay more taxes! Obama has gone too far left and I wish H. Clinton was the candidate!

  • W. Scott Miller

    This is the most important election in my lifetime and I have been around over 60 years. By re-electing Obama, a once fair and prowd country will continue down the path toward socialism (see Europe)! This is born out by Obama and his cronies belief in wealth redistribution (I earned mine), government control of Health Care, Education, under the table deals with dishonest union leaders, jepardizing our security by refusing to uphold existing immigration laws and by making America a welfare state. I certainly don’t mind helping the needy but balk at supporting the lazy. We are guaranteed the opportunity to be successful not success itself. All may be born equal but what you do with your life separates the haves from the have nots. The economy is tanking because the liberals spend and waste money owithout regard to revenues available. Imagine if we all did that. Obama’s foreign policy and his apologizing for America is a disgrace. His support for Muslim interests over those of American citizens continues to divide the country and unsult our military. Obama being a phony who fooled voters in 08 has never served his country in the military, never managed a business and does not have a clue to how to fix the economy. That’s right, let’s raise taxes on businesses so they will continue going overseas and continue not to create the jobs this economy and country so badly needs.

    • Lu

      Amen finally maybe we can get our spending under control before we are taken over by some other radical form of government. We need to stop borrowing money from a COMMUNIST country. Government needs to run their budget like we do. DONT SPEND MORE THAN YOU TAKE IN.

      • http://presidentialwinnerperdicted shirley

        this presidential election we don’t have anyone really worth voting for.we are heading for socialized country with obama but on the other hand romney is for the rich not the poor.we as americans should think twice about who we vote for not i am a democrat so that’ts the way i will vote or i am a republican and that’s the way i vote.the elderly are barely scraping by like my self, forced to retire early because of disabilities.we don’t have a middle class any more.romney is talking about bringing jobs back from over sea’s is he going to bring his companies back to america and give those jobs to americans? we need to get rid of obama care. we as americans can get our own insuranse we are loosing more and more good doctors. the tea party didn’t care about the airline workers,they still went on vacation,they have blocked anything that would benifit this country but they voted in obama care so they can pass the buck.be very careful research both party’s. we as a nation should take care of our own stop helping every tom and dick country do you really think those countries care about us. i just think we need to get back to the original constitution.we the people should be counted not the delegates.

        • Dan

          Shirley, how many poor people have given you a job? How has the war on business done at crating jobs? How will taking more from the so called rich create more jobs? If you had a good paying job, were paying all your bills and had saved enough to start your own business, how would a tax increase on your accumulated wealth affect your plans to start a business and employ a few people? would the money taken from you benefit your potential employess as much as the job you would have created for them?

  • George Bundas

    Based on the statistics, in the last twenty years our big corporations created more jobs in foreign countries than they created in the United States. At the same time, our big corporations are wealthy how they never were before. This is happening because in the last twenty years we live in a new economic reality–the global economy. The global economy hit the middle class in Western countries. The Republican Party and the Democratic Party believe in free market ideology. How long these two parties will operate based on this ideology nothing will be changed in the United States. I’d like to believe the Democratic Party will change its ideology in September when it will hold its convention. With a clear message to the American middle class and with clear solutions to change our ideology and our economic policies to bring the jobs back to the United States and to have economic growth, the Obama administration has a chance to turn the table and to win in November. The Republican Party is trapped in its conservative ideology. It is clear: In the last twenty years Republican ideology and Democratic ideology (free market) didn’t work. In my view, in our country the big problem is ideological, not just economical. We have to adjust our ideology and our economy to the global economy. After these two political conventions the party who will be capable to deliver a clear political platform to be relevant to the majority of American people will win in November.

  • Scott

    Does it matter anymore? This place will fall apart no matter who wins. Why? Because the political parties will block any beneficial programs of the other party. Too, nobody means a word they say.

    Promises are only ways of changing people’s minds. Then those promises can be ignored. How many really know the way these guys have voted? We hear about them(both good and bad) and accept it as gospel. How much is true? How much is pure lies?

    Whoever gets elected, this country is in for a crash to become a third world country. In a manner of speaking, it already is.

  • W. Scott Miller


    Your comments about America needing to change our ideology sounds very much like Karl Marx and European Socialists like the prissy French. We don’t need that here. What we need is for everyone regardless of race, political party, gender etc., to pull their own weight and if for nothing other than simple pride do their all to help themselves. That goes for corporate america as well. Unfortunately, Democrats make it more cost effective for many not to work so we can’t really blame them. But we can put work into welfare again. America can be great again but we have a long way to go and we need to start in November by defeating a socialist minded moron.

    • Janet

      All this talk about the welfare system and the healthcare issue are not the only thing wrong with this election. It is also that the Republicans want the rich to get richer and pay less taxes while the middle class and the lower class pay more. As for the healthcare system being like Europe at least there they do not have to worry about how they will be able to care for the elderly and spend all their retirement on meds. There children do not go without care due to not being able to go to doctor or being able to pay for meds. To everyone’s dismay not all low income children are eligible for medical help so think and research before you blowup about what you do not know. And as for one of the VP candidates women do deserve equal pay for equal work.

      • Steve

        Janet, 49% of Americans pay NO income taxes. THAT is the problem!!! You could tax EVERYONE making more than $1 million a year 100% of their income, and it would just be a drop in the bucket. Obama’s giveaways of stimulus money to his “buddies” and failed “green jobs” that were a farce is what is destroying our economy. Give the people back THEIR money, instead of taxing us to death, and we will spend more, which will create more demand for goods and services, which will cause a need for jobs. Everyone should be required to take and PASS a course in basic economics. Just because someone needs healthcare, and it is a sad story, does not mean they should get help for FREE from the Federal treasury. Where is this concept in our Constitution please?

      • http://ebrianrose.com E. Brian Rose

        Janet, politicians don’t make the rich richer. Wise decisions on their part make them richer. When somebody uses their money to invest in other US companies, they should not be penalized for making money on that investment. They should not be demonized. They should be thanked. When the “rich” start or expand businesses that result in more jobs, that means more middle class will be paying taxes. OH NO, NOW THAT I HAVE A JOB I HAVE TO PAY TAXES. What a crappy way to look at the world. Reward those that create jobs. Stop giving freebies to those that refuse to work. There, I just solved America’s problems.

  • Jess

    Ever heard of Schrödinger’s cat? Besides, this isn’t a normal election. (Though Bickers is good…yes, he is well-known, so you cannot just toss his work out and ignore it.) But by all means, scare the Obama base into showing up. You may be disenchanted with him, but what, you gonna vote for Romney? Unless the Republicans think Obama really will win, then they’ll sit home, ’cause guess what…they are disenchanted with Romney. (Can you say 1996?)

  • noapologieshere

    if the gop wins we will be living 1954 all over again.

    • Carlos

      Correction. 1854.

    • Amy

      What was wrong with 1954? the ecomony was stable, we were out of Korea, and McCarthy had lost his powerful grip of influence. Oh yeah, we were also setting the stage for equal rights regardless of race.

      • http://yahoo tony tiano

        In 1954 Ike started one of the largest spending sprees by making the Interstate Hwy system a priority, in accordance with the wishes of the oil companies. For those of you who do not remember Ike was a Republican. Nixon was his VP, and he did nothing about civil rights, Kennedy and Johnson both Democrats did that.

    • errod lawton

      As long as we don’t have to relive 2008-2012 again.
      *Downgraded credit rating
      *Higher unemployment
      *Deficit increasing at even higher rates
      *More divided than ever

      If Obama gets re-elected, he can continue to say his favorite “look at this mess I inherited from 4 years ago”. He’s taken a bad thing and made it worse.

    • William the Great!

      Thanks God!

      1954 was one of the best years in the US Economy – we lead the world , Kicked butt and took names, Prosperity is good for everyone.

      Hallelujah and here is to a “Long Lived” 1954!

  • Dis Dick

    why won’t people understand that if Romney is elected the heath care is gone and the poor and working class is screwed you f****** idiots. so why everyone has something bad to say about Obama or won’t vote for him just watch how stewed your lives will become. I’m talking about the depression times 1 million. so vote for whoever you want

    • Steve

      Dude….we are headed for depression NOW! Obama’s “giveaway” mentality is breaking our country. There will be no “middle class” if this continues. The middle class is who is getting hurt the worst. The only one benefiting are those on welfare, who continue to receive more and more $$ from the ones that are working and succeeding. Please don’t spread your idiotic comments any more, as I fear more will believe what you do now. This generation expects something for nothing, and that ideal does not exist in the real world. Obamatopia is a farce

      • martha

        well said!

    • Sean

      Thank you Dis Dick. You have spoken the truth. Plain and simple. The American people are going to vote for a Rich, White Mormon to run this country. And his tax plan is going to hit the Middle and poor class like a ton of bricks. The wealthy are going to reap in this election if he becomes President. I weep for this country if that happens.

    • http://google JEAN FISHER

      Are you stupid! Obama’s health plan will break you. Doctors don’t even want to take people on Obama’s plan. Work places will lay off people brcause they can’t afford to pay for Obama’s plan. You might be one of them. you better listen a to people that know whats going on, stupid people.

    • William the Great!


      It’s all about you isn’t it? Obama has done a terrible job, companies right and left are not spending money on growing “their” economies because they have to pay for “Your” health care!

      I don’t personally vote just because the government is giving me a free lunch – but if that is how you “roll” then that explains a lot about what has gone on in the country for the last four years. The US Government is not a charity nor salary generator for Americans who do not put in the effort to assist society – I.E. Actually work and pay taxes.

      Cut spending, Allow businesses to grow, foster an environment where Americans invest money – bring jobs back to the US.

      Stop placating Politicians with cotton headed ninny muggin’s comments like this. Open you mind “The Oxygen” is good for you!

    • Dan

      Dick, you don’t think YOU are capable of providing a better life for yourself and family by working hard, taking advantage of the opportunity to be whatever you want to be in your life, your life would be better than being the recipient of half assed gov’t programs?

  • errod lawton

    Don’t spend more than you make. If Obama somehow gets re-elected, I really hope he raises taxes if he refuses to cut spending. We all need to pay more if we’re going to spend more.

    • Steve

      please research and listen to where your tax dollars are being spent NOW, and where they will continue to be wasted if he raises taxes. It is not a revenue problem, it is a spending problem. The Federal government cannot continue to be a “cradle to grave” provider for people who won’t support themselves. If we can keep more dollars in OUR pockets, we will spend money in OUR economy, which will drive the need for more goods and services, resulting in the need for more people to work. Economics 101.

    • martha

      raise taxes?
      Cut wasteful spending!

    • William the Great!


      You might be ” NO In fact you are” a bigger dolt than “Big Ralph” you actually want to continue this uncontrolled spending in Washington and just raise taxes to cover them carte blanche?

      Wake up and smell the Cat Food my friend because caffeine has no effect on your brain!

      Stop wasteful spending.

  • Big Ralph

    I don’t think so. This is just put out there by the republican party to make you think that. They already know there in trouble and have wasted millions in there campaign.

    • William the Great!

      Big Raplh don’t be a CNN dolt – Open your damn mind and look and judge if this president has done a good job. Release the rose colored glass from your face and look at the “State of our Union”.

      We do not need nor can we afford 4 more years of poor economic performance, over spending on “socialist agenda’s” and paying for the “Dead weight” of America – PEOPLE need to get back to work and the free lunch for those who will not put in effort to be a part of our society needs to end. The US Government is not a “charity”. Stop blindly following the rest of the “Cattle” to the slaughterhouse.

      • Mike The Dem

        Ralph, You’re right. Just more Republican propaganda from the likes of Fox news… speaking of Fox News, William – you’re a moron. Socialist agenda? Sounds like someones late for his Rush/Hannity breastfeeding. Just a guess but I’m thinking that you, like me, like most people don’t make over 1/4 million a year. If this is true, you – like us, are the dead weight you speak of. You think I’m losing any sleep because the super-rich wont get their cushy tax breaks anymore? I don’t think so. The great thing about the current state of politics is that more people are taking part and speaking up. The bad part of it all is that people, like William, who dont know anything but crap they read online or heard from the puppet hacks on Fox News also wanna take part in the convo -> dragging down the rest of us with their stupid, immature, incorrect perspectives.

        • Dan

          @ Mike the DIM….when you call for taking from the “fourtanate” and redistributing it to all others, it’s not socialism? this administration has accumulated 8 trillion in debt in 4 years, Take 100% of ALL the earnings of people in excess of 250k a year and we’ll still be 6 trillion short of paying the bill from the last 4 years.

          • Mike The Dem

            First lets discuss “redistributing,” shall we? The amount of “welfare” going to the average family has DROPPED over the past 4 years due to an increase of regulations in both applicability for and remaining on these programs – admittedly due to programs initiated during W’s last term. However, if this money that is being “taken from the fortunate” (or as its been called for the first 200 years of America’s life – taxed in relation to income revenue) isn’t going to the poor, assistance-using scapegoats where is it going? First the basics, defense, education, roads, etc. Then to other projects like..I dunno.. a war to find WMDs that were never found, rebates to high-earners as soon as W took office, and to pay for bailouts like TARP when the brilliant idea to de-regulate wall street blew up in their faces and caused the economic outhouse everyone on here is talking about. If we want to discuss “socialism” lets get its real defninition – not one from the uninformed. Socialism is a form of government ideology that dictates that everyone contributes through labor and money to go to things that will overall be used for everyone. Kinda sounds like how the military is funded, but lets see you tell a Marine that his paycheck coming from your taxes makes him a socialist. We all pay and recieve the benefits from defense, roads, education (well most of us), librarys and the government itself. We all have paid taxes to pay for the salaries of presidents, police and firefighters. If you think these are too socialist for you, move to another country. As for me, I feel that these people and the freedoms that we enjoy are what makes this country the best in the world. And finally, you speak of the debt. Where was your contempt for the rising debt when it doubled under Reagan? Where was your outrage when it increased 6.1 trillion under W with another 7 backloaded in mandates to be paid for long after he left DC? The truth: people only care what “the other guy” is spending and what its being spent on. When its “their guy” who cares?

          • Dan

            Mike you seem conflicted. You seem outraged at military spending, yet group many local programs (police fire roads) with Federal powers. I find it strange that the ennumerated powers of congress are specifically stated in the cinstitution, and “to providefor common defence” is one of those listed. roads, education, welfare, federal pensions (SS, medicare) are not. This is the root of our problem, our constitution has slowly been stretched to include socialist agendas that were never intended as fedral powers.
            We have come to the point where those items that are not ennumerated powers of the constitution are deemed as more important role for our government than those that are.
            I agree TARP was an misguided use of federal money (err ahh mine yours and all other americans). Unlike Gm’s bailout and the stimuslush bills, almost all of that money has been repaid, and it looks like the treasury will ultimately realize a profit on that disbusement. Gm will never pay the amunt given back, and stimulus went to providing temporary unsustainable gov’t jobs, generating millions to public worker unions. This does’nt bother you?

          • Mike The Dem

            Money going to workers unions who have brought us such greatest hits as “8 hour work day” “health insurance for workers” “no child labor” “no working on religious holidays” ? No, it doesnt bother me. They give a damn about the average worker more than the big businesses “downsize, fire and ship to China” Bains of this world. As for your facts about the repayment of loans, you should double check your facts. GM paid 8.1 bil of its 6.7 bil loan back early. Last I checked the tresury had only recieved 76% (100 billion less) of its “tarp investments” back from wall street. Either way, if we were to talk about redistribution of wealth, its in these loans to big business and not to investment in the average 9-5, support my family worker. Throwing money at the rich doesnt help everone else the same as actually “taking” from the rich doesnt help the rest. Good thing for us that no actual “taking” is involved – just expecting them to pay their taxes at the same rate as everyone else. Someone who makes in a bonus the same as a cashier at walmart makes in their life should not be paying taxes at a lower rate than the cashier. Endless complaints about how those on assistance aren’t “doing their part” and “paying their share” but when asked to pay their fair share on income these same people throw a fit. I’ve spent far too much time talking to people who dont seem to realize that they vote and argue against their own interests over and over again. Perhaps the world does need to go to hell so they can finally see the light. However, this is one conversation with someone most likely voting against their interests in which I will just shake my head and walk away. Good night and have a great tomorrow.

      • Jerry

        No, we need four more years. His first four was fixing Bushes screw up. What we didn’t need was four more years of Bush. Do you know that the only term that job growth ever went down was during Dubya’s term. It went down -.84%. I will give you one guess what Obama’s job growth rate was his first four years… you got it +.84%

        • Dan

          Jerry are you on drugs? what is your source? In Jan 2008 unemployment was 4.6. It has peaked at above 10% under Obama, and remains above 8%. If you loose 10 million jobs, then regain 2 million over time, you still lost a net of 8 million jobs.

          • Danny T

            @Dan. I assume you mean Jan 2009 because Bush was president until Jan 2009. From the (nonpartisan) Bureau of Labor Statistics: The unemployment numbers in Jan 2009 were 7.8%. As of last month they were 8.3% – a net increase of .5%. Lets compare it to what Bush was handed. In Jan of 2001, the unemployment numbers were 4.2%. Like we said before, when he left it was 7.8%. An overall increase of 3.6%. Looks like, if we’re arguing unemployment numbers, Obama is a much better choice than Bush was and, if Mitt is going to continue Bush’s “deregulate and throw money at the top so it trickles down to the rest” policy, a much better choice than Romney as well.

          • Dan

            hahaha Jerry, Really? Yes unemployment ticked up in bush’s last year, of 8. Bush took over we entered a recession, was comming out of it, and had 911, and still even if you factor the 7.85 he left (I did error in stating the 2008 number) he averaged 5% unemployment for 8 years. You overlook the stimulus that was to keep unemployment below 8%, the summer of recoery, and you think Obama has a clue how to help the economy? Of course wage a war against business will bring them jobs back. I see what you’re talking about 4 more years of incompentency, the burden of Obamacarethrust on employers, repealing tax cuts for every american (bush tax cuts) and we’ll all be better off.

          • Danny T

            @Dan. That wasnt Jerry’s response, it was mine. I dont know where he got his numbers, but I told you where mine came from. You can tell that it was me because the name above it says Danny T and not Jerry. Your response to mine was very funny though. It just goes to show that data can be altered to show anything you want it to. I responded to your comment on what it was like when Obama took over and what it is like now with proof that it really hasnt gone up all that much from when he took over and then you chose to focus on “averages” instead of “where is it in relation to where he took over”. Whats next, point out Bush’s lowest month and compare it to Obama’s highest? Too funny. Obama doesnt want to extend Bush tax cuts for “every american, just those making under $250k (middle&lower class) and as for thrusting “Obamacare” on employers? Even funnier. The same 2 guys who wrote both (obamacare and romneycare) recently gave an interview in which they said that both are esentually the same with obamacare having an extra 3 000’s at the end. So either way we’re gonna be voting for someone who installed an obamacare like healthcare program. And as for thrusting it on employers… amazing. Have you actually read the supremecourt case? It doesnt force employers to magically cover their workers, it makes the workers buy healthcare on their own – if not provided for already by employers. People like papa johns are trying to use it as a political reason as to why their business is and will continue to mull. Dont believe me? Check their stock. Its really ironic since papa johns ALREADY provides its employees with health insurance after theyve been there over 90 days, so obamacare doesnt even apply to them anyway. I make no promises as to Obama being reelected = we’ll all be better off. I do promise that regardless of who is elected, if congress gets off their big asses and works with them instead of just saying no and offering no alternatives, we will all be better off.

    • wsm

      People, it is simply supply side economics! You spend more than you have coming in!!! By the way, anyone know the last time the Democatic Controlled Senate passed a budget? I do………. If the best the Democrats can do is Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Reed, and Wasserman (all blatant liars) how can anyone critize Reagan, Bush, Bush, and Romney. People get your head togther and look at reality and the facts. Not socialist democratic rhetroic and nonsense.

      • wsm

        I meant you spend NO more than the money you have coming in!

      • Dale

        Did you really just ask how can anyone criticize reagan, Bush, Bush, and Romney? There have been award winning books, songs, and films doing just that. Where the hell were you from 2000-2008

      • michael Murray

        Easy Bush is an abomination and war crimminal lied about the wars he wanted and why he wanted them. Thank god I know the differance between just a fool and a traitor.

        • Dan

          and Obama continued the war in Iraq for 3 years, said on day one of presidency, gitmo would be closed, escalated the war in afghanistan……is he the fool or the traitor you talk of?

  • fasttony46

    I doubt he wins because the mobilization to get people to the polls is incredible. They are trying their best to “BUY” the election right out from underneath the American people! Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are bad for this country for many reasons! My main complaint is they are not for the “POOR or MIDDLE CLASS”. They have their own agenda, and believe it to be true. They are going to destroy Medicare and Medicaid! We are the many and they chose only the few! Congress is also to blame for Obama not getting anything done! The President is dealing with a bunch of “Old Backwards and Bigoted” Men with a hatred for minorites,women and any other agenda that,Threatens the very core of what they believe is right. America is no longer white! It is now a majority or minorities! We as Americans, must stand up to this attack on our very freedom to vote. They are trying to suppress the vote in Florida,Pennsylvania,Ohio, just to name a few! Black people turn-out is being challenged as well. Now you must come up with more than just a voters registration card. This election is not about color! It is about a way of life that Romney and Ryan have promised to keep for the millionares and billionares! ” Promises the little people everything,yet deliver nothing”! If they get elected, Joe Biden, is right they will put the chains back on Us! I am not rich, I live on a fixed income, I am disabled, I am … The Real America!!! We barely survive the Bush era, Now they want to go back to it!

    • chuck west

      50% of the adult US population pays NO income tax. Is that fair?

      • michael Murray

        Not sure where you get you’r info but it is wrong what is true is 50% pay less than the most. Like Romney pays 16.3% check and see what the average family pays. Then get mad.

        • Dan

          yep Michael he is wrong, 48% pay NO federal income tax. Zero. Romney pays 16.3% as you say on 300 million dollars of INVESTMENT income. (money he has EARNED, and paid taxes on in the past, and invested and recieved additional gains)That paultry 16.3% results in a tax contribution of 49 MILLION dollars. you will not pay a 1000th of that single year contribution in your lifetime, yet HE does’nt pay enough. BTW the fed gov’t spent that in the time it took you to read the first sentence, and would have spent all his earnings if they taxed him at 100% before you read this post. Is the problem the rich don’t pay enough, or the gov has expanded to a point of unsustainable spending?

      • Steve Swaggerty

        Do you realize that 50% (like you) have an IQ below 80 and are incapable of rational thought?

  • Ron

    Why the hell are you think about oidiot has been the worst person at 1600 pennsylvia ave. since carter, unfortunatly I was a dem until the idiotic moron muslim took office I am very ashames of that I let my country down oidiot is a train wreck in motion. you talk about the middle class we dont have much of one because of this idiot, all the stimulas spending ha where is the improvement more people on welfare, food stamps and no groth in employment. If you are happy with the things are then go to another country and enjoy. gets get thing better

    • michael Murray

      I guess you prefer the traitor Bush and the killing of children and of the economy. You see it is hie personal war in Iraq that we are paying for. The economy gone to sh#$#t because of that and all of the illegal trash that come to this country and takes jobs yes jobs their are jobs just not for us or U.S. they pay no medical bills no taxes no welfare but they all recieve food stamps welfare free healthcare free free free if you have no legal right to be here. Look into Mexico’s immigration laws.

      • RLT

        Killing children? Isn’t that the pride and joy of the left with abortion…disguised as “choice?” Don’t go there Michael.

  • homer

    We can only hope Obama looses, Obama wins we loose america, usa to become USSA. socialism for all american dream will be dead, taxes will be through the roof for those working and government insurance will be great until you get sick….then if you over 65 and not work sorry better find a hospice…. for all you Obama supports I hope you get what you want and don’t bitch about when you get it….
    anyone but Obama 2012!

    • Jerry

      It’s “lose”, you sound like an idiot… Not because of your grammatical error either.

  • D

    The survival of this country depends on defeating Obama!

    • michael Murray

      Are you as stupid as you sound? I guess you still think that war is a good thing. That killing children and watching our kids come home with no legs, arms. Are you aware that the economy was in the tank before Obama took office. do I agree with everthing that Obama wants to do? NO. But I care for my children and their future. Romney/Ryan will end all hope for future generations to retire. They will work on the day of their death.They will NOT be cared for if sick or poor. Don’t work don’t eat. don’t work live on the street no help no healthcare no ss NO NO NO nothing.

      • Rene A

        What do you base your idiotic claim that two people you obviously know nothing about will “end all hope for future generations to retire”? Have you ignored the glaring fact that the left have made so many exception and allowed so many people to belly up to the social security and entitlement trough that the social security trough is loaded with nothing but IOUs since the Clinton Administration and that it and Medicade WILL fail unless a fix can be found? At least these two candidate have ideas on how to make them solvent again, not just more of the blame it on the rich that the incompetent in chief has been using since taking office.

  • Sisi

    It is amazing how everything becomes the incumbents fault come re-election time and American’s forget the amount of debt, economic depression, job losses, and high foreclosure rates President Obama inherited from the Bush administration. Please remember, George W. Bush was in office for 8…. count them 8 years. The economic decline happened during HIS (Bush’s) administration, not President Obama’s.

    • Dan

      What was the average unemployment rate for those 8…count em 8 years of the worst president you talk of, GW? What was it whe Obama took office? What did this president warn us it would SOAR to if he did’nt pass the TRILLION dollar stimulus package? (hint 8%)…WITH his stimulus it went above 10 and has never been below 8%. He knows nothing about economics of a country, other than it’s everyone elses fault.

  • tommy

    The only people in this damned country that are making money are the ones getting the money from the government on welfare. For christ’s sake cant anybody realize that a thorough background check should be in order for these welfare check receivers. All they do is go out and spend OUR hard earned money on drugs, jewels and themselves instead of thinking of their families. God help us if obuma gets re-elected…

    • joseph

      you should be ashamed of your self for stereo typing a people like that. Are you aware that whites are the majority welfare recipients? Racism will never die, so sad to see in 2012.

      • huh?

        I’m not sure I read anywhere in the original post where the poster references a specific race, color or religion. How exactly is that stereotyping? Maybe you still see racism in 2012 because you want to see it, even when it’s not necessarily there…

        • mrmike

          If it’s true that whites make up more of the welfare roll it’s because whites are a much higher % of the total population. Try finding out what percent of all blacks are on welfare compared to the total percent of all whites. You’ll learn that blacks make up a much higher % of welfare recipients than whites in total. And let’s not even go to what percent of blacks make up prison population. You need to do your math before opening your yap !

          • Travis

            The problem is entitlement. Many…not all…who rely on government benefits have no reason to better themselves. If I make $50k per year, I see about $30k of it. If someone in my situation makes $20k, they don’t pay taxes and get $7k to $10k from the government in returns. Under this current system you have to make over $100k per year to break out. Those jobs are hard to come by so why try? They are fantastic programs for the people that truly need them, however, there needs to be accountability and a motivation to better yourself and become self reliant. Under Obama I see more and more people giving up and looking to the government to take care of them.

          • http://yahoo Doug

            You took the words right out of my mouth. I could not have said it better myself. There really does need to be some type of regulation on these people getting welfare. I was behind a lady at wal-mart the other day using her ebt card for food. I walked out behind her and watched her get into a $50,000.00 Mercedes. Im not going to state her race bc all of the liberal democrats will have a fit.

      • carl

        where did you get that statistic from? I love how people like to twist statistical information into any mold they prefer. You are correct however, there are more white people on welfare…because the white population is larger. Its a issue of percentages…and the percentage that really matters….a larger percentage of blacks are the receipents of welfare than whites. But i guess you thought every one who disproves of the innner city populations way of life is a stupid redneck. Also as a side note….Tommy never meantioned race…he never said the word black…white…yellow…purple…you sir brought race into the issue…so it is because of people like you… that “racism will never die” so so sad

      • Kris

        Majority of people on welfare are white huh. I guess that menas there are more whites than blacks right? You cant make number say what helps your cause that isnt true.If there are 100 million whites people and 50 million black people it means a great percentage of blacks are on welfare. You might make a good politician!!!

      • HJH

        Typical American-just because you said it or heard it somewhere that more whites are on welfare than minorities, does not mean it is true. Check it out…

      • John

        There was no mention of race here whatsoever joseph…you racist piece of s..

    • Des

      You are the type of ignorant voter that will push Romney to the top and you will be the voter that will suffer the most when Romney & congress institute his policies. Good luck!!

    • Scott Bilson

      do you really think a welfare check can buy you jewels.
      one, welfare is gone and two disability pays about $650 a month.
      try living on that

  • saywhatuwant

    Americans just need to stop being ignorant and wake up out of stupidity. The problems the United States are having cannot be fixed over night or by a *magic wand* something the American people believe every president has or have it will take smart leadership and someone that understand what the average low class and middle class has to go through to survive in this rough economy to fix the problem which will take years to fix. If the U.S government start minding the own business and focus on its American people and fix our problem than trying to solve every foreign country problem before they solve the problem that we are enduring in the U.S now. The U.S government gives away billions of dollars to foreign a country that hates Americans. I believe the U.S government cares about more it foreign relations that its people that always has to foot the bill for their spending and pumping our money in other countries economy.

  • William

    So Sad to see so much HATRED in these comments. The issues that confront us are NOT race related…however RACE will play a part in many voters decisions. Some African American will vote for President Obama because he is African American. Some Caucasian voters will vote for Romney because he is white. Given the level of social media out there, we will never again pay attention to the real issues. Regardless of the outcome of the election, we are ALL Americans…let’s hate less…and have more understanding…

  • TJE

    What’s both amazing and sad at the same time is that the people of this great country have been conned into thinking there is a difference between a republican and a democrat. There isn’t. Both are out for control – they just approach it carefully from different ends of the spectrum. This is where you think you see a difference, but in the end, total control of the population is the goal. One day the frog in the pond may wake up, a fraction of an instant before it is boiled to death. If you are either a democrat or a republican, that frog is you. Know this or perish.

  • David P. French

    Hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah.

    • Louanna Townsend


      • Charles

        I hope the prediction is right. Having said that the truth is I am sick of this negative campaign and this disaster of an economy. I am a senior who is unable to find a descent Dr who will take Medicare because the good ones have gotten out of the business because of Obamacare. I wish my state would withdraw from the union. We would be better off!

        • Doug

          I wish both your state and yourself would withdraw from the union you moron…..yah all the doctors are quitting because of obamacare. or call it romney care because it was modeled after Mass. health care plan which was all Mitts before he was against it. And yes I do want my Prez to wear magic underwear …. haha

    • Gloria Fodge

      Amen and Amen I am so happy I could cry, I hope with all of my heart that we have this change.

      • Kristine

        You say that now, but come January 20, 2013, when you start seeing everything good taken away, you will realize you were used so those FOOLS could mandate tax breaks for themselves while raising YOUR taxes.

        Call it OBAMACARE….but for real, OBAMA CARES~

    • carl

      thank god for people who see:s through the liberal media. the truth is that democrats and obama owns this mess, and to fire them

  • George Bundas

    W. Scott Miller,

    “Mr. Geithner told Mr. Obama that if even if an additional $100 billion were available, he still would not spend it on housing.” “Two days later, an important deadline passed quietly. The $700 billion bailout fund Congress had created in 2008 expired. The administration could no longer use the money to finance new programs even if it wanted to. It had left more than $300 billion unspent.” (“Cautious moves on Foreclosures Haunting Obama”, by Binyamin Appelbaum, August 19, 2012, The New York Times). The home construction industry began to fail in the Bush administration and is failing in the Obama administration. My questions are: Why isn’t the free market working to fix this industry? How long do we have to wait for the free market to fix this industry? In this global economy more than 200 million people are looking for a job. What chance has our labor force to compete and to win internationally in this global war for jobs? “When Barack Obama joined Silicon Valley’s top luminaries for dinner in California last February, each guest was asked to come with a question for the president. But as Steven P. Jobs of Apple spoke, President Obama interrupted with an inquiry of his own: what would it take to make iPhones in the United States? Why can’t that work come home? Mr. Obama asked.” (“How the U.S. Lost Out on iPhone Work”, by Charles Duhigg and Keith Bradsher, January 21, 2012, The New York Times). We know: Apple is manufacturing their products in China. When Apple is selling their products, for each phone sold minimum $200 goes to China’s economy in labor, materials and production logistics. When Apple will have sold one billion phones the economic impact in China’s economy will be minimum $200 billion. How many international corporations like Apple are manufacturing their products in China: 100? 500? 1,000? Based on statistics, Western countries who have free market ideology are in trouble. Foreign countries who don’t have free market ideology are just fine. Why? What is the problem? What is missing in Western countries: Infrastructure? Education? Logistics? Using socialist methods the Obama administration bailed out GM. That was a mistake? GM had a chance to stand up if the Obama administration would not bail them out?

  • Vigilantis

    So either way the country is screwed

  • Scott Bilson

    This is a really scary story. We just go back to people buying the presidency which means that the rich will continue to get richer and the poor will continue to get poorer.
    Until somebody stands up to the rich and demands that they pay their fair share, middle america will have worse education, less healthcare, and eventually will just begin to starve to death.]
    What i can’t believe is that it is those very people that will suffer the most that will vote for Republicans just because they are against abortion. Soon all the mothers will be dead so why even worry about fetuses? Get a clue!!!!!!

    • Gloria Fodge

      This is the best news for me and America. We cannot afford four more years of Obama.

    • Harsh Times

      You do know that Obama has more campaign contributions than Romney right? And not by a small margin either. The only difference is that Obama has been spending it like water on his absurd, negative campaigning and Romney cannot spend his…yet.

    • Kristine

      THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your intelligent reply. These idiots block their ears when they hear that: “Whatever OBAMA is for, we are against”. Nobody could get anything done with a party that will throw the entire country “under the bus”, just to make sure Obama is a “one term president.”

      Do not start blaming Obama for the economy. He has a jobs plan, but you fools refused to vote for TEACHERS, and construction workers to fix the crumbling bridges and roads filled with pot-holes. Nope, lets just drive on unsafe roads until we get him out.

      Filibuster history has been made thank to the GOP! You made history for being idiots, immature, and (drum roll please) RACIST~

      • http://yahoo bob price

        good night already, filibuster this,”why dont you”

    • Teneka

      Why is it that you believe the rich are not paying their fair share? What is their fair share anyway…what about all of the people on food stamps and unemployment that if they truly wanted to could get a job and choose not to… The rich should pay for the poor to be lazy, while the rich works hard??? People are where they are in their life based on the decisions they make.

      I believe that the “rich” worked hard for their money and should keep it. Also, it is because of someone who made sacrifices and decided to start a business and now happens to be rich, but has provided a job for me and over 100,000 other people. So tell me why should this man pay more of his own money (his fair share you call it)..when he is the one creating jobs and Obama has created none?

  • http://none hugh shamblin

    hussein just bought 75000 votes with a simple signature, huh?

  • Keith Masker

    I hope this is true we don’t need another four years of Oblamo. Pointing fingers from the White House dose not get any thing done. We need a leader not a finger pointer. Bring the parties together not seprate them through finger pointing.

    • Kristine

      HAHAHA..bring the party’s together? OMG, you are a damn fool. The GOP has spent the last 3 1/2 years saying that “Whatever Obama is for, we are against”.

      How the hell could he get anything done with a bunch of immature, whiners who refuse to work out anything.

      RECORD FILIBUSTERING has made history for the GOP. That is a fact and it also is UNPRODUCTIVE you tea bagging, racists~

      POINTING A FINGER alright, and guess which one it is?

      • http://yahoo bob price

        go back to sleep kristan

  • Johnny

    I hope to God they’re wrong. If not, this country is SCREWED.

  • Johnny

    What continues to absolutely amaze me is how many white Americans vote against their economic interests.

  • Justin C

    Blasphemy! This is really not going to happen. President Obama has too much support and while it may be closer than the polls show now, there is no way Obama is going to lose all the states that are a toss up right now. He really only needs one or two of those depending on the electorial votes of those states and he will will.

  • Johnny

    This so-called “predictive analysis” is absolutely ABSURD. It has Mr. Obama losing every single swing state, including Michigan, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida, and Colorado? Really?? Even though OBAMA NOW LEADS ROMNEY IN EVERY ONE OF THESE STATES! (People, this “analysis” is pure B.S. – a GOP plant.) Now, Google all of the predictive analyses that predict an Obama victory!

    • John

      I think this is a no brainer, People need to chill but this is the real America, White America has taken from Indians, Mexicans,African Americans and any in-between So you Racist keep your head-up, Obama will win a second term and go down in history as one of the smartest President in American history so white america keep hating this is just fact. Obama,Obama 2012

      • obama blows

        Thats all mexicans and blacks do is take, welfare healthcare, food stamps. its obamas white side that got him elected and its his black side that will prevent him from being reelected.

      • Harsh Times

        Right. Not voting for Obama is racist. Yeah. Too bad that the race card won’t work for you guys this time. The election is about the economy and color don’t matter. Obama had his chance and failed – miserably. Romney’s up next.

        • Kristine

          ROMNEY with his opinion on NOTHING. He refuses to talk about ANYTHING at all…his Budget is off limits, abortion, his TAX RETURNS, his FAITH, (remember how you picked on Reverend Wright?)his lies about the VOUCHER PROGRAM, that will happen.

          The guy went on a foreign trip and managed to alienate every country he set foot in. RYAN and ROMNEY have ZERO foreign policy experience combined.

          ANY WOMAN that votes for the GOP does not care about her own body and what they plan to do with it.

          Woman will be spitting out a classroom full of kids in their lifetime, since birth control will be outlawed.

          Sorry, but they have a whole nation of angry woman, voting OBAMA. The polls show that WOMAN are clearly voting DEMOCRAT thanks to ATKINS. He blurted out what the whole party stands for. I do not get why they are distancing themselves from exactly what they stand for.

          Click your heels together (3) times after you have been raped, and your body will “shut down” and make it all go away.

          WOW, that TEA you people are drinking has some major LSD in it.

          • Teneka

            I am a woman and I am proudly voting for Romney. Here is why…
            Obama believes that more government is the answer to all of our problems. However, more government is not the answer. What makes America so great is the FREEDOM we have. Obama wants the people of America to be dependent on the government, so that he can have all of the power of us.

            Romney is for less government. He is not perfect, but his policies line up more with what our founding fathers and our military fought/fight for and that is FREEDOM.

            Please don’t loose sight of what makes America great by the freebies and entitlements Obama promises.

          • Mike

            Wow… Ok, one step at a time. The thing I find odd is that a Republican has to turn over everything about their life for the past whatever, yet with President Obama, we know next to nothing. We know he went to college, but not how good of a student he was. Remember, I do believe it was his first act to make sure his school records were sealed.

            And then to foreign policy. To this I have just one question. How much foriegn policy experience did President Obama have when he took office? All I can remember is a world tour proclaiming that everything would be fixed if he was elected. And let’s not forget the bowing to other foreign leaders after he was sworn in as the President. Those that have alot of foreign policy experience belong more in a Cabinet post in my opinion.

            As for any woman who votes Republician does not care about their body, since when is it such a crime for a woman to be able to choose what to do with their body (or a man for that matter)? When the whole birth control thing took off, I heard more Republicians saying that people should be allowed the choice. If your healthcare doesn’t cover birth control, there is nothing stopping you from switching jobs or getting it yourself from someplace like Planned Parenthood. (And to cut you off of the “well, they want to cut government funding to them…” argument, Planned Parenthood has stated that only @1-2% of their budget comes from the government…)

            And the validity of polls reminds me of statistics. You can take what you want from them to tell the story that you want to. I know women (both Democrat and Republician) who are NOT going to vote for President Obama. So are they racist, sexist, or whatever ist you want just cause they disagree with you? Personally, I am an Unaffiliated voter, not a Republician, and I listen to both sides to make sure I have both sides of the argument before I make a decision.

            I choose to be an informed voter, not a sheep that listens only to one side, and keeps repeating the same old party lines. From either side. I know that the current administration has spent tons of money and I am no better off. I have more regulations to deal with, and may be losing my employer provided healthcare because of the new law. I am seeing things go downhill, and from what the President is saying, there is no end in sight…

      • Kristine

        I SURE HOPE SO…..with all this VOTER SUPPRESSION, now in Ohio and spreading fast, PLUS, the Governor of Pennsylvania saying: “DONE, to voter suppression so ROMNEY WINS”, it is hard to think that there is any chance we can fix all of that before November 6th.

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