President Obama Does Gangnam Style with a T-Rex in NMA’s Election Animation

    November 7, 2012
    Josh Wolford
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You knew it was coming. No major world event is ever really complete without a breakdown from our favorite Taiwanese animators.

NMA has just released their take on the 2012 Presidential Election, and it lives up to their delightfully odd standard.

If you only watch one post-election wrap-up this morning, please let it be this one. Divorced from political bias, Next Media Animation free themselves up to present last night’s election the way it should be presented – with boxing, Nate Silver beatdowns, trapdoors, battleaxes, dinosaurs, hadoukens, and Gangnam style. Check it out below:

  • alex lyon

    heck yaaaa Obama!!

  • http://www.justlovegardening.net/Stumpgrinding.html central coast stump grinding

    yep, it just had to happen