Praying Hitler Statue Is Proving Controversial

    December 28, 2012
    Zach Walton
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A praying Hitler statue was recently set up as an art exhibit in a Warsaw ghetto where many Jews were killed at the hands of the Nazis. As expected, the statue is drawing heavy criticism from the Jewish community.

The AP reports that Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan created the statue, simply titled “HIM,” as an expression of the nature of evil. As an art installation, part of the work’s appeal is that it’s only visible from a distance and its meaning is ambiguous.

That being said, organizers of the art installation have said that there is “no intention from the side of the artist or the center to insult Jewish memory.” Instead, they argue that the art installation is meant to make people think about where evil comes from and how it can hide in the most innocent of places.

The arguments for the work’s merit aren’t convincing some Jewish advocacy groups, however, as many see the statue as offensive. One group, the Simon Wiesenthal Center, told the AP that the statue was a “senseless provocation” and that it insulted the memory of those who were killed at the spot.

As for regular visitors and tourists, many praise the work for its ability to make them question the origin of evil. Having a visage of Hitler appearing innocent is intensely provocative, but many don’t feel it to be offensive.

  • john beckley

    why the big deal?? i have come to accept that the vast majority of people are terribly uninformed….simple fact is that Jew killing has been a sport for most peoples throughout history…how many popes have signed off on genocide? spanish inquisition ring any bells? crusades? compared to the Christians hitler is a amature….now the popes….here are a group of different people all consumed with killing…jews muslims…dont matter…hell they even told people that they would wash away the sin of murder if only they would kill more folks….

    • Turner Page

      Indeed – we’ve become such poor students of History that the younger generation is already threatening to surpass the elder generation in repeating many of their same mistakes. Even with the advent of the Internet and its availability of immense information, an amazing amount of Americans remain in steeped in the ignorance of stereotypes and other mis-perceptions.

    • David R

      If you believe The Bible, God himself has killed billions of people and consigns billions omore to burn in Hell for ever and ever… Makes Hitler seem like a pussy…

  • Michael Pike

    Its time to let go Jews. Your upset because AH is portrayed as a monster ? What about all the drawings of Satan in religious contexts? I think you have milked this enough, ok, we get it. He killed many people including some Jews. Many Jews were hated because of their sneaky ways while attempting to take over other countries.

    I disagree with the USA giving you so much money and taking for granted that we will help you militarily if you get youselves into trouble. Go
    back to Israel and fight your own battles you bunch of pussies !!!!!

    • JON

      I could not agree with you more. The Jews have always been liars and snaky-sneaksssss!!! Remember the law of karma? You know the one…”What goes around shall come around!” Welcome to hell! Later…

  • c.

    Those human beings who don’t understand why this would be offensive to the Jewish community may not qualify for the term “human being”
    Perhaps it’s these type of “people” who are in favor of cruel genocide based on someone’s heritage. Also,maybe they would have fit in with Hitler’s cult in the 1930-40s.

  • Kyla

    Hitler was evil, sick and wrong! I feel so very bad for his poor victims:( This statue is an outrage, IMO!

  • Joseph

    What god did he pray to? It sure wasn’t the God of the Bible. Everyone knows that Germany is known as the Leopard just like the United States is known as the Eagle. In Daniel Chapter 7 verse 6, a kingdom arises in the future described as a leopard with 4 heads and it is given dominion. Hitler announced the 3rd reich during his time as the German leader. Bible scholars believe that there is one more reich on the way (the fourth head of the leopard in Daniel). This military power will again try to dominate the earth just before Jesus Christ returns to establish the True Kingdom. The Kingdome of God.

    • David R

      He learned to hate Jews from Christianity. He was a big fan of Martin Luther, The Protestant reformer who himself said Jews were evil and should be killed. He was also a Catholic, and the Catholic Church also taught that Jews were evil. Christianity is not all innocent when it comes to the reasons for the Holocaust…

  • http://Yahoo.com lovecompassionpeace

    It has the feeling of a cruel joke. This statue is not necessary. Take it down. We know what went on at The Warsaw Ghetto, we don’t need to see a hate monger kneeling in front of it to help us “remember”.BS.

  • sowhat32

    We have hitler reincarnated in the white house. Her name is Valerie Jarrett.