Powerball Winner of $213 Million Jackpot Speaks

By: Brian Powell - November 7, 2013

Whenever discussions of playing the lottery come up, people are always quick to point out the odds of winning – 1 in 175,223,510 – a figure that Powerball winner Carlo Mitchell’s wife adamantly pointed out every time her husband played: “I would tell him once a week he’s wasting his money,” Erlinda Mitchell stated at their press-conference on Wednesday. “I’m glad he didn’t listen to me.”

Before winning the Powerball, Carlo Mitchell was a 68 year old Vietnam veteran and retired nuclear medical technician. After winning the Powerball, Mitchell is now a super rich 68 year old Vietnam veteran and retired nuclear medical technician. Despite the fact that they are now multi-millionaires, the Mitchells want things to remain the same: “Right now we live a simple lifestyle and we plan to keep living that lifestyle,” said Erlinda. Her husband reiterated their wishes: “We really have no plans of going any place else. This is home,” stated Carlo.

For the past two years, Carlo has played the lottery on a regular basis, spending $96 per month on three different tickets – Super Lotto, Mega Millions, and the Powerball. And he always buys his tickets at the same location – the Fast ‘N Easy store at Shields and Armstrong Avenues. Carlo was awaiting an X-ray examination at the hospital when he heard that a winning ticket had been purchased at his Fast ‘N Easy, but didn’t know whether or not he owned that ticket because it was not in his possession: “I had a pretty good suspicion, but I didn’t say anything… I just kept saying anything is possible.”

Carlo delivered the news to Erlinda while she received a furniture delivery in the front-yard: “I fainted, I blacked out right there on the new couch. I just couldn’t believe it,” Erlinda exclaimed. While it has since been discovered that Erlinda did not actually faint, Carlo reported that she owned a blank-stare “that lasted about 5 minutes.”

When presented with the option to take the winnings in one lump sum or payments over so many years, the Mitchells went with the one-time lump-sum of $123.4 million. With this inordinate amount of money, the Mitchells plan to donate to their church, take care of their children and grandchildren, and perhaps buy a vacation home or two.

Regardless of the fact that he has already defied all odds, Carlo Mitchell has no plans to quit playing the lottery: “Winning the lottery is more than just the money, it’s more about defying the odds…if I can set a new record, why not?”

Way to embrace that American, capitalist spirit Carlo.

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  • missdiscipline

    If you’re rich, take your money and go see all the beauty every country in this world has to offer and when you have spent every last penny go home and live your life like you did before you won.
    Josh Flagg on the Millionaire Real Estate show has a Grandmother Edith (wonderful story of her rags to riches) who took him to 50 countries when he was 14 to show him ancient ruins and many other things. To me that is wealth.