Powerball: Change Up Your Tactics

    March 16, 2014
    Aleyia Dixon
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In case you didn’t know, the Powerball numbers drawn yesterday were: 2,5, 34, 51, 58 with nine as the Powerball. If you’re still reading this, you likely haven’t won and have a little spare time on your hands. That’s fine.

At this point, you might be wondering if you should change up your lottery number choosing tactics. It is pretty likely that you haven’t won yet. Since this is certainly an odd occurrence, you may be right. Time to switch up your tactics. Read below to learn a few ways that people win big with the lottery.

Find the Frequent Factors
Lottery websites often show the winning numbers over the years, and they usually add up how much each number is drawn with a frequency chart. Go back as far as you can before your next Powerball ticket purchase and choose the most frequently picked numbers, and then maybe purchase another ticket with all of the least picked numbers to appease to the Law of Averages just a bit more.

Look for the Lucky

Channel your grandmother and get excited about each random number that always seems to pop up in your life. You never know– that number that keeps popping up in your life might pop up right in front of your eyes as you watch the Powerball numbers being picked.

Secure a Second Success
Don’t throw your tickets in the trashcan or tear them up when you realize that your numbers haven’t been picked– A lot of lottery tickets have second-chance winning thats you can sign up for online. If you see any thrown around from the folks who haven’t read this article, why not pick those up too to increase your averages?

There we have it. Feel free to gift the writer if any of them work in your favor!

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  • jvii

    O way would I gift you and levy a tax burden on you.

    Advice is taken once it has proven to be valid! Is yours? How many lotteries have you won with this advice. That is just what I thought!

  • Bob

    Hay Dixon, got to let you know; this is hands down, by far, the stupidest thing I have ever read on the internet. Future outcomes have NOTHING to do with past results. As a general rule I would suggest that one should refrain from commenting on probability theory if they still find second grade math a challenge. At the very least, if you want to pretend to write a news article, pretend to do some bloody research!


    • JD

      not to mention that is everyone picks the most common numbers and by some chance they do come out, the pot is split between everyone….instead of 1 or 2 winners there are thousands of winners who split the jackpot.

    • Dixon

      Ha Ha you’re kind of rude. I don’t even play the lottery, I got this from researching the advice from people who do. :) Good luck though! I’ll wait for my percentage from you!!