Portia De Rossi: Plastic Surgery, Or “Arrested” Joke?

    June 3, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Portia De Rossi, who plays self-absorbed Lindsay Bluth on “Arrested Development”, is getting quite a bit of attention lately for her looks.

The 40-year old actress hasn’t spoken publicly about whether or not she’s had work done, but since new episodes of the show have been brought back by Netflix, fans have taken to social media to talk about what appear to be significant changes to her face.

However, photos of De Rossi on the red carpet don’t seem to mesh with what we’re seeing on the show, so now the question is, did she really have surgery or is it just that she’s made up to look that way because that’s what Lindsay Bluth would have done? According to Jezebel, it’s a possibility:

“Lindsay’s plastic surgery is something that’s been repeatedly referenced on AD — it’s easy to imagine she’d get work done in the seven years since the show’s final Fox season, and It’s just the kind of subtle joke [creator] Mitch Hurwitz and co. would let go unmentioned.”

A fair point. But a “source” says something else is to blame for her altered appearance.

“She’s absolutely not had plastic surgery,” the source said. “Her character is clearly wearing a wig, which ended up altering her entire look.”

Take a look at the pics of De Rossi below and judge for yourself.


  • cristina

    lame. Yes she has and it is ridiculous that anyone might try to argue that a wig would alter facial features to that extent. Come clean already. more shame in hiding. lame.

    • Gina Robertson

      The changes where done within the storyline, this is make-up.

      • George Maharris

        Umm you obviously are face blind. Her eyes are more open and a different shape than before. When she smiles it does look like her old look bc she has that squinty smile. Her face is frozen from botox, which is obvious. Same thing with Courtney Cox in that show of hers.

    • Love2Act

      You wouldn’t believe how much wearing a wig can alter one’s appearance! In order to make it blend seamlessly into the forehead, one’s forehead skin ends up being pulled upwards. I had a friend who does hair and makeup professionally do my wig last Halloween, and my own mother thought I had gotten work done! 😀

  • Top

    When I first saw the new episodes of AD, I thought theyu had replaced Portie de Rossi with another actress. Why do these people seem driven to disfigure themselves (Darryl Hanna)?

  • Jeannie

    She looks like Calista Flockhart?

  • Cynthia

    Why won’t Ellen let her get her boobs done. They look like pancakes.

    • Shea

      Why would it be up to Ellen or Ellen’s choice? Being in a relationship is being in a relationship and all this bullsh@t about the two of them is disgraceful. Perhaps Portia loves her body the way it is and maybe doesn’t want the health risk that come along with some implants. If they have a normal marriage then Ellen I’m sure gave her opinion but certainly can’t keep her from doing it or make her do it!

  • D

    look at the nose though..it is either a fantastic make up artist or other…hmmmm

  • http://yahoo Angel

    She doesn’t look very good in the after photo, but for some reason, I really like her personality.

  • Rose Nylund

    Maybe not plastic surgery per se, but definitely some fillers there. She looks weird, which is a shame. She used to be gorgeous.

  • Diane

    Who cares? Leave her and Ellen alone. Someone needs to get a life. Report on real news. Search out heroes and heroines who make this world a better place…as Ellen and Portia do.

    • George Maharris

      Yet you are here reading this not-so-real-news and commenting on it…

  • Lkay

    Her face us entirely different. Unless they did cgi to shorten/thin her nose, widen her eyes and make her mouth fuller this is a gal who thought the series was done, got her wife a new face gift and then got the surprise call to report to production. Oops.

  • Viz

    It’s not about surgery.Its all about cunnilingus. Just ask Michael Douglas! Portia’s ugly face is Ellen’s fault! Sitting on Portia’s face for sooo long has made her the hag she is now. Lolol..

    • Joe

      Viz- you’re a stupid dick. FACT.

      • oscar

        Joe-Get a sense of humor Fag.FACT

    • Raven

      you are a filthy pig

    • M

      That’s why your so pretty viz! You have never had the joy of a woman!

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  • Sandy

    The only difference (other than the bad wig) I see is that her eyes are much much rounder. Portia’s “slinty” eyes is her signature look (I call them smiley eyes) and she seems to have lost that in the new season. I noticed she doesn’t look younger so maybe she had botox and had her eyebrows raised and in term her eyes were opened up more. she doesn’t seem to have done much otherwise.

  • emily

    You guys are all stupid. Portia de rossi herself did not have any plastic surgery done. I bet if you found a photo of her from today she would look like she did last season. But as part of her character, lindsay, in arrested development, her makeup is done to look like lindsay got plastic surgery. It is part of her costume. If any of you had actually read the article you would have known that.

    • http://www.bloggersmakemoney.com Wade Harman

      You’re crazy! If you think that this lady didn’t have plastic surgery then I’ve got some swampland in Fla I want to sell you. Everyone needs to get over it. Portia de Rossi once was a beautiful lady, now she isn’t. Plain and simple.

      It’s the logic of Hollywood women. They all do this at one point or another. It’s the fear of being passed over. There’s not a lot of older women actors these days that make it as far as they used to. Appearing younger, even with the risk of botching it, they take this risk for there career.

      Bad move on her part. She would have aged well.

    • Speshlk37

      So her character got plastic surgery in the hour between her being on the ship at the end of season 3 and at the Coast Guard station in the beginning of season 4? Um, no. Portia de Rossi got plastic surgery at some point in the seven years between seasons.

    • oscar

      make-up cannot make you look like an entirely different person you moron, the voice was the only thing that lets you know it is even her.

  • Speshlk37

    Lindsay’s character getting plastic surgery in the “seven years” since the 3rd season is HORSE SH*T. Did the person who spun that load of crap up even watch the 4th season? Most of it takes place immediately after the events of the 3rd season.

  • Hugh G. Rection

    Why would she get plastic surgery and not get her tiny tits enlarged? I’ve got bigger man-boobs.

  • ann

    She looks a lot like Calista Flockhart did circa Ally McBeal days…and a bit like Ben Stiller’s wife (can’t think of her name at the moment)…she’s def. had something done…whether it is fillers and botox or more severe, she’s not the beautiful woman she once was. Sadly, she seems kind of alien now. She seems like a sweet lady though, and she’s still pretty darn funny, so hope that doesn’t change.

  • Jeff

    What about the guy who plays Steve Holt? Now he looks different!

  • Raven

    Looks like she definitely had a nose job.

  • BarryMcGinnis

    I smell in side joke. Her character name on Ally McBeal was Nelle. Both of us thought she now (at least on Arrested) looks like Calista Flockhart(Ally McBeal).

  • Red Crayon

    I think she looks like – What if Christina Ricci and Madonna had a baby? Something is definitely going on there and it’s not a wig.

    • Red Crayon

      Should also say – I’m hoping that it’s a joke for the show, because PdR is clearly gorgeous and doesn’t need plastic surgery. I hope she didn’t.

  • Ayesha

    She looks like a completely different person. She’s thinner and the face is definitely less attractive, and the wig doesn’t help.

  • Justin

    It’s makeup

    If you check out any of the cast interviews- she looks virtually identical to how she looked 6 years ago. (I don’t know why Mitch Hurwitz had her wearing new Lindsay face in the scenes immediately following the boat jacking of S3).

  • Annie

    Anybody else think they have her made up to look like Sally Sitwell? (Christine Taylor).