Portia de Rossi Makes a Deal With Ellen DeGeneres

    August 9, 2014
    Mike Tuttle
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Amid all the swirling rumors of divorce, Portia de Rossi just told everyone to shut up. Portia just bought a new condo with wife Ellen DeGeneres, and word is that the place is swanky as all get-out.

According to RadarOnline, “Ellen and Portia just purchased an entire floor of a luxury building in Beverly Hills. It is very centrally located, right in the heart of everything that they do in Hollywood.”

Portia and Ellen also own a place in Santa Barbara, which they love. But the condo gives them a more convenient access to be able to take care of business.

The couple have a reputation for buying, improving and flipping luxury homes. It has become a joke that they move a lot.

They bought a sprawling estate in Hidden Valley back in 2009. That property had two barns and eight guest cabins, each with a different decor.

“When we bought the place, it was a professional horse facility,” DeGeneres said. “But it was really not taken care of.”

But Ellen went to work on the place and turned that all around.

“I thought it might take Ellen five years to finish the project and she did it in one,” de Rossi said. “It was shocking!”

They sold that place for $10.85 million.

The most recent purchase should put to rest any more of the vicious rumors that Portia and wife Ellen are on the outs. You just don’t go around buying houses with someone who you think is cheating on you while you are in rehab and about to divorce you.

“It’s a good sign that they are going to stay together,” the source tells Radar. “Ellen and Portia have always loved working on a home project together!”

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  • Tbear62

    By all means- yes, nobody in Hollywood would put a false front up to save face. They are as honest as the day is long out there. ( Insert eye roll here) Nobody but the 2 of them knows 100% and what ever happens we know that nobody will have to worry about eating their next meal, keeping the lights turned on or having to shop at Goodwill for clothes.

    • me

      I already shop at Goodwill for clothes.

      • Darren Lee

        I wear your granddads clothes.. I look incredible!!

    • Bunny

      Your cynical skepticism is just that.

    • earbud

      Sounds like someone is bitter. Plus, you don’t know them. So what makes you think you know their situation.

      • Renee doan

        Very true.

    • Renee doan

      Makes sense as it is reality.

    • Guest

      You’re so right Bear.. I think she’s trying to put those rumors to rest because everyone KNOWS, (insert sarcastic tone and another eye rolling), that when you buy a home together that will definitely make the public, because her publicist thinks we’re all simple minded and believe this crap..Ellen will usually use her show, but since she’s on hiatus till September when they begin to start filming new shows, she’ll get on there and either ignore the rumors or will state that everything that’s been said is a lie.. These articles are always in need of some kind of source to confirm that there is some truth to what has been happening to their marriage.. that could be from a person in their inner circle, a maid, a person who works on thier many homes..those people get paid bad enough from these stars who make so many millions it would make you sick.. Portia has money but she doesn’t have even close to what Ellen is worth.. Ellen is worth close to over $300 Mill.. She owns other shows, some that bombed, that being the horrible Bethenny show..it’s like the Mary Tyler Moore show… MTM productions owned Rhoda, The Bob Newhart show and all the ones produced under her production company.. I heard that Ellen is so controlling and so dominating that this was a huge reason why Anne Heche broke up with her and why Ellen was so pissed she then began to date and marry a man and proceed to have a kid with him. I heard that tore her apart. She was so angry at him (Coley LaFoon)- anyway, Portia supposedly stated that she gets really drunk (Ellen does) and she is extremely possessive and just makes it impossible for Portia to even feel like an equal. She mentioned when she fights she hits way below the belt and that is one of the reasons she entered rehab. Portia began to drink and take pills because living with Ellen has become so stressful… A lot of people who have worked with her say that that goody two shoes person she seems to be (personified on TV) makes everyone love her but she gets really angry if they lighting, makeup and clothing aren’t up to her standards she loses her shit and goes nuts.. I can see why Portia, which by the way she did hint around about issues, when Jennifer Aniston was on the show and was co hosting with Ellen, she said she wanted to interview Ellen and Portia, when she did, she asked Portia, what’s the worst thing about being married to Ellen..and she did say that when she cooks for her, she likes to cook gourmet food, that Ellen is always late and rude about it because when she gets home she runs to all the animals to feed them..Ellen has housekeepers, assistants, and everything you could imagine to free up her time..so I see where she would be pissed about that much..she also said every single time they move into a new home, she doens’t even want to unpack anymore because within less than a month that Ellen then wants to move to a new house after she lives in a home, usuallly gargantuous mansions and the other two beside them to keep their privacy, so there are three homes there.. after they or Ellen fixes it up the way she wants, she then wants to move again…Portia said she was sick and tired of moving. Moving sucks..it’s got to be the worst thing on the planet to ever go through and if she has to go through that on a continual basis, as you see here, they now own a condo, another place out of the many homes they do own and it has to be a huge pain in the ass… She’s probably sick of the BS and wants out of the marriage and Ellen is making it sound as if they are living in bliss, which I don’t believe..People in Hollywood talk all the time..these two are probably on the verge of ending their marriage..so there ya go..who knows.. If Ellen is that much of a nightmare to live with, I would get the hell away from her as well…

  • marbl

    It’s too bad they bat for the other team.

    • Bunny

      Other team? Maybe you’re the one that’s actually on the other team?

    • tom

      or is it too bad you root for the other team?

    • Billybob

      Hey Marbi, not everyone gets it. I guess they didn’t watch Seinfeld.

    • Darren Lee

      Marbl well at least they’re honest about their lives, not all that hiding and hypocrisy, claiming they support good ol’ Christian family values, and then you find out they have a child out of wedlock, another child in drug treatment, and they’re bonking their secretary, or are caught with their pants down in the men’s restroom at the airport.

  • Rita Lamy

    A rumor is just that – a rumor. Not fact. Even IF and a big IF they are in couple’s counseling or have been – even IF there are difficulties in their marriage – it is really no one’s business but their own. What marriage does not have ups and downs, it is a marriage in sickness or in health, for better or worse … leave them alone for goodness sake- it’s like people report on them based on rumors that they start. It’s like people want them to fail – isn’t that just the overall sickness in this country. Have a useless life and want other people to fail. Sick, sick society.

    • Renee doan

      Kudos to the couple for working things out. They seem to be a good team & team work is necessary.

    • Periwinkle

      It’s not a “marriage”. THAT is the problem.

      • Rita Lamy

        Yes, it is a marriage Periwinkle – they are legally married, as am I. God made me in His image just as he made you in His image. God is Love – not a cruel and hypocritical person like you – the Devil is in you Periwinkle, not in me.

  • martin galgay

    Some couples who are having problems might go away for a weekend to a bed & breakfast. This sickening bitch buys an entire floor of a swanky condo in Beverly Hills. Should anyone care?

    • guest


    • Darren Lee

      I detect jealousy— her success has hardly been easy. Most would have folded under the intense pressure and instead she has thrived. Her money, her success, her right to spend it however she wants. A woman, a lesbian, and a trailblazer could that be why you call her a “sickening bitch”?

  • Toby Keith

    their motto……………..its NICE not having so SUCK D I C K….for material things

  • Guest

    ‘Swanky as all get out’? That sounds like something my grandma would have said 50 years ago………..

    • Di

      Swanky! lol

  • casusar

    They mind their own business, work hard and deserve to live the life that suits them and to be free from nasty comments. “PEOPLE, IT”S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS”? I find that those who obsess over others are usually jealous….HMMMM?

    • Periwinkle

      They do not mind their own business. They put their perverted lifestyle out there for all the world to see. No one is jealous of these two women who pretend they are “married”. They are not and never will be..unless they each find a man to marry.

  • blueyedlorelie

    It’s inevitable that when people are at the top, there’s always going to be people that’re are happy when they hear of discord. Another example is Beyonce and Jay-Z. They can’t claim privacy because they’re entertainers, but they’re no different than anybody else in matters of the heart. I wish both couples well.

  • Lovelace

    Seriously who cares about two dykes who rather make money for themselves than have children and support them. Selfish kunts.

    • Renee doan

      Not everyone wants children or can have them. Cruel language. They can’t help who they are.

      • Periwinkle

        I agree about the cruel language, but disagree with “they can’t help who they are”. YES..they can. They have chosen to live this deviant lifestyle willingly.

        • Renee doan

          Studies across the country strongly suggest biological genetics & hormonal factors during pre-natal development play this impact on our desires, different ways for different people. Drs on T.V. have confirmed same. Be well.

        • nobody

          you are an idiot!!! When did you choose to be straight!!!

  • Di

    Poor things….

  • Joseph E. Bowker

    The author of the trash magazine that “Broke the News” that the pair always have had problems. I am surprised she didn’t say, “What, really, you will never have a dick to fuck me with? Oh shit, I didn’t know that!!” Well, Portia, who is one beautiful chick, and sexy as all get out, doesn’t look very happy. Why, I do not know. But they would be fools to break up what they have together.

  • Das Troll

    Portia has no titties. Reason enough to break up.

    • Renee doan

      That’s very shallow.

  • MisterCadet

    There is an in-depth tell-all book coming out next month about Ellen DeGeneres – the first one to expose what kind of person she really is. Breaking up with Portia now would be a PR disaster for DeGeneres. We’ll see what happens in six months or a year.

  • Periwinkle

    Miss DeRossi…Ellen degenris is not your “wife”. Marriage is between one man and one woman. Not two women, not two men, not a man and his billy goat. I pray you will turn away from this lifestyle and turn back to a normal lifestyle with a man. You really need a man in your life…(not a woman who tries to dress and act like a “man”.) No, you need a REAL man to be married. I hope you will truly leave this deviant lifestyle behind and repent of the sin of homosexuality.

    • nobody

      You have your right to your beliefs and so do they. Who made you the authority on marriage?

    • Angella Patches Wessel

      It amazes me how often people like you talk about marriage with animals, it makes one wonder just what sick thoughts are running through your head!

  • JCJ Bike

    And De Rossi will be spending more time in the new condo while ellen is at their house.

  • RA

    … a more convenient place to “take care of business”. Funny.