Popular eBay Competitor Bonanzle Gets Funding to Improve Service

Bonanzle CEO Gives Credit to Google Search for Success

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We’ve run several stories on e-commerce site Bonanzle in the past. If you’re unfamiliar with it, it’s a site where many disgruntled eBay users turned for an alternative place to sell their goods. Last year, it reached a million listings in 6 months and was voted the best eBay alternative according to Examiner.com. Growth continued from there, with the company surpassing 100,000 registered users in September, representing 5,000% growth in a year. 


WebProNews got an email from Bonanzle CEO Bill Harding, letting us know the company has just closed a $1m round of funding, with who he says are "many of Seattle’s top investors and entrepreneurs."

Have you sold on Bonanzle? Tell us what your experience was like.

The funding is led by Seattle angel investor, and Voyager Capital Venture Partner, Geoff Entress, and includes additional funding from Voyager Capital, Matrix Partners, Ignition Partners, Founders Co-op, Curious Office, and others from the Seattle area.

"For ‘normal’ startups, raising money from investors is usually one of the first matters to get taken care of. If not for the strong support of our community and dear old Google search, we would have needed to do this a year ago," says Harding. "But because of Bonanzle’s fast-spreading reputation (and thus sales), we have been able to bide our time and wait until we saw a deal that was simply too good to pass up."

Just as with eBay, Bonanzle’s users are quite passionate in their opinions about the site, whether that be for better for worse. We’ve had quite a range in comments about Bonanzle, just as we have with eBay, and while not all of them have been glowing, I have to say Bonanzle’s have been much more balanced.

No matter which way you feel about the site, it’s hard to deny Bonanzle is having an impact in the world of online selling. That impact has shown tremendous growth in the past, and with this new funding, it is likely to continue at a faster pace than before.

Harding looks at the funding as a way to continue growth, which he says the company owes to its sellers. "So many Bonanzle users have spent countless hours setting up their booths, marketing their items on Facebook, Twitter, and elsewhere, and have done all they can to build a successful business on Bonanzle," he says.  "For the people who have stuck with us as we’ve grown, we want to prove our commitment to doing everything in our power to ensure that the time spent booth building is rewarded with a user experience that continues to improve, and continues to deliver an ever-growing number of buyers over time."

As one would imagine, eBay is not an easy site to compete with. While it has its fair share of disgruntled users, it is still one of the top brands in online selling. In fact, recent research from Nielsen found it was one of two brands (the other being AOL) that benefited the most from an uptick in Americans’ internet habits in March.

According to Harding, there will be increased speed at which the company can fix bugs and create a better user experience. Among Bonanzle’s first priorities is a plan to make sure everything works that "real users" expect it to. The funding should help with resources in this regard.

Do you think Bonanzle has what it takes to bring real competition to eBay? Share your thoughts.

Popular eBay Competitor Bonanzle Gets Funding to Improve Service
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  • Guest

    Bonanzle needs an auction section. Goods can sit online and stagnate unless someone trips over them.

    • Guest

      Not if you actually put in the effort to selling your product. Promote yourself and your booth. You can park your items and expect someone to find it on their own. That is just lazy. But, you keep that up – I am sure your competitors love it!

  • Guest

    I love Bonanzle!

  • Guest

    Best Alternative to Ebay!

  • Bob

    I hope they are not bought by ebay. Also hope they open their own affiliate program and auction area. That will be the end of ebay and their crappy QPC.

  • Alilbirdy2

    after testing the waters in other venues, some looked more promising than Bonanzle did in the begining, they fizzled out. When I came here it was with an open mind and looking objectively at the way it was set up. I thought well this place has promise, but the main thing that stood out was the Uncanned response members received from support.

    That alone, made this place stand above all the rest of the new start ups, as well as those that have been around for years, it is even better than the one online auction site that is larger than all of them put together.

    When you lose that down home feel, you start feeling like a large corperation, and the little man becomes lost in the shuffle. Bonanzle has not lost that down home feel, and I hope it never will.

    Great Support is the backbone of any company, it keeps folks coming back because they know they will be speaking with a real human being which also makes them feel like they are important.

    My money is on Bonanzle growing into the largest online venue in a few short years. Hold on folks we are just now at the starting gate and the whistle has sounded and the race is on. We are riding a winner !

    • Roslyn Chancey

      Just wanted to say that your post was great! I agree. I believe we are on a “winning horse” with Bonanzle. You are correct in the fact that responses are not canned. They are personal, and the staff really cares, and makes every effort to correct problems or give information.

  • http://www.crackersplace.com crackersplace

    I think it is great that Bonanzle has received some funding. Bonanzle has it’s own “Culture” to it. They do things a little different in such that you feel like a small community. I feel that my sellers are my neighbors, not so much my competitors.

    Ebay has dominated the auction market front with others soon to follow. Like many others I also am tired of all the fees. I do understand that SEO and advertising is quite costly, but the seller’s profit is going out the door with all their overhead.

    The changes that ebay are making are making things look hopeful, but I will always still post items on Bonanzle, Ecrater, and Blujay! I just cannot risk having everything tied up in ebay!

    I am very happy to see that Bonanzle is moving up and onward as there are several added features that it could use!!

  • Guest

    Glad Bonanzle is on the climb. I agree totally on their customer service… The best so far…
    I just hope that Bonanzle ends up buying Ebay.com and not the other way around.

    I have paid ebay over 10 grand every month in fees and guess what ? My take home was $ 6485.00 a month that’s over 30% less in revenues than what ebay earned off me. I have also started selling on www.jewelrygrabber.com and unlike ebay no insertion fees…..

    My revenue is up.. since i started selling on bonanzle.com and jewelrygrabber.com and will never go back to ebay..

    Adios ( means “by” in spanish) ebay………

  • http://www.ezbizwebsite.com JSGeare

    This had to be a “no-brainer” for investors. Presented with something that actually works, is loved by its customers, is a financial success and is growing at a viral rate, how could they NOT want to provide the backing? A Bonanzle that scoots along under its own power is impressive enough; but a Bonanzle with big financial resources? Formidable will be an under-statement. And where’s the money going? In exactly the right place: hiring more talented people to take Bonz to the next level. I’ve said it elsewhere but it bears repeating here: black arm bands should be BIG at Ebay right now.

  • http://nymarts.com NYM Arts

    Yes, Bonanzle.
    It has the greatest setup routine on the planet.
    The absolute BEST support.
    The selection of Kool, Antique, Nostalgic, Wierd, and Collectible stuff is Fabulous and getting better and better every day.
    BUT, without the auction option, it’s just not all it could be.
    I have Very Unique Lamp Shades listed (my invention), but haven’t had a sale in a LONG, LONG time.
    With the Auction Option, folks would jump right in.
    Bill and Mark : Quit Draggin’ your feet and let’s get the Party Started :o)

  • Guest

    I have over 1000 items for sale on Bonanzle that I pulled out of my FEEbay store,it took a couple of months for my Bonanzle booth to get sales but now it keeps picking up every month,and the fees are great,well worth the change even if the traffic is not as great,the Google feeds really help.

  • Guest

    I have bought and sold both places. Now I exclusively use Bonanzle for both. It is a better site by far than Ebay.

  • http://www.baconsdozen.co.uk Baconsdozen

    I have tried ecrater and ebid and had pretty good sales on both.I registered on bonanazle but just haven’t got round to listing there yet.maybe its time to give it a try.

  • Guest

    I joined Bonanzle 8-08 and have learned alot and experienced the growth and changes. I still sell on eBay because I can….and have to have PS sales. I have sold there for over 11 years. Closed my store in March and have all my store merchandise on Bonanzle.

    Sales on Bonanzle are picking up and I have the faith that IT is the site of the future. I would like auctions too (like the above posters) and perhaps one day that will happen. I hope it is in my lifetime for I am a senior now………but until that time I will hang in there without the stress of being treated with disrespect that eBay has dished out in the last few years. Now, I list about 25 live auctions a week on eBay and waiting to make that a zero.

    I have tried other sites and think that Bonanzle is the one for me….I like the attitude of the “Boyz” and their relationship to humanity and I think that they know how to “make IT happen.”

  • http://moneycoach-jim.com Jim Sterling

    I sure hope Bonanzle succeeds. I hate ebay with a purple passion.

  • BonanzleSeller

    I’ve sold on Bonanzle for a bout a year and 1/2 now and have had good success although Bonanzle isn’t all it could be without Auctions. The Auction format would bring in yet another crowd of buyers and sellers. I agree boyz come on lets get the auction party started. It really would be a benefical asset to everyone involved with Bonazle both buyers and sellers. I believe the more selling formats available to sellers and buyers the better the sales will be for both. COME ON BRING ON THE AUCTIONS!

  • TGG

    I’ve been on Bonanzle for about a year now, and it is the Best experience,
    has the best Community, and the buying and selling experience Rocks!

    The Support could not be better. so many Helpful folks!
    Genuine, kind, and helpful is the experience that many
    experience here. The Owners, Active, warm, joyful and always ready to assist you
    if needed. I would say for e-bayer’s, No insertion fees!
    and Yes were a live chat community (part of the majick) and
    its good to introduce yourself, and post. Get You out there!
    we see the items but we buy from you.

    Bonanzle is a place unlike no other. Bonanzle has helped Many folks
    sell their wares, allows people to help each other, and its a place of warmth and friendships.
    and Yes, Sellers & buyers.

    I credit Bonanzle & my sells on Bonanzle for helping me open up my Shop.
    How many can say that about their selling venue~

    Auctions? sort of out to thought on that as many of us at Bonanzle hold our own. LIVE
    as this allows both the seller and the buyer to On the Spot Negotiate. You see the results Fast and friendly.

    How many can say That!

    Kudos to the owners for creating a wonderful place that so many have come to~

  • Inglishbob

    I have tried Bonanzle for over a year and never sold anything and I sell below wholesale. I had one person contact me to ask a question and that is the only thing that has happened. Bonanzle has a great easy to use site for listing items and editing. Maybe in the near future it will get better for me.

  • martin

    Have had booth open for about 9 months. Not a lot of sales yet. Service is good cost is low. I will be adding more items.

  • Guest

    For social networking.

    I’ve been there for 1 1/2 years and have sold 2 things. Had some fun chats on the boards though! LOL

    I dislike the code they use, and from what I hear from most people (that I know anyway), they feel the same… it’s a giant virtual memory sucker and slows the loading process horribly, causing crashes/freezes, making for not a very fun shopping environment.

    Hopefully, with this new investment money, they can change that and make it a bit more buyer/user friendly (it’s another reason I stopped listing there too). Don’t get me wrong, having a bazillion new sellers at Bonanzle is fun and all, but it’d be nice to make a sale now and again.

    Only a very, very small percentage of the sellers on bonanzle have any kind of sales at all.

    Either way, I use another ebay alternative, that I dearly love, and will never, ever go back to ebay.

  • Guest

    Comparing ebay and aol… LOL ๐Ÿ˜€

    Sorry, for some reason that just made me LOL! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Guest

    We here at FingerPop.com hope that the recent receipt of 1 million dollars will be spent on advertising for BUYERS. TV, radio, print, etc.

    It is pretty easy to find new sellers but…. finding buyers will be key to Bonanzle’s success and even survival.

    Thanks, Bonanzle. We’re in your corner!

  • http://www.theturkishcarpetcompany.com Guest

    I opened a Bonanzle storefront 15 months ago. In that time the only sales I made were with customers who found their way to bonanzle via my web page link. Bonanzle versus eBay then eBay wins hands down. But, in reality I’ve made my own web site viable with ecommerce using Paypal “Buy Now” buttons and this is the only way to go.
    On another front, the folks at bonanzle treat your information as their own. After a minor transgression they removed all of my listings without a by you leave or any notification to me whatsoever; they’ll do it to you too and in their words anyone associated with you in any way whatsoever.
    I put a huge amount of effort into my Bonanzle store, hundreds of hours. They are unmerciful. Dont fall afoul of their management, they’ll can you without a qualm.
    In short using a tried and tested phrase sums them up, Buyer beware !

  • Guest

    I first signed onto bonanzle, but did not start selling right away. I was not feeling good about ebay, and wanted a change. I noticed how my sales were dropping with ebay, the rules changing, and the way that ebay was doing things was no longer fun. Felt like you are fighting some kind of force there. When I would make a sale, I did not profit much at all IF any kind of profit. I kept thinking there has to be something better than this. I went back to bonanzle to study it more, and my first instinct was this feels comfortable. Wow, they share things here. Look how they are helping each other. So, after a couple of months of signing on with bonanzle I started to list there. Within a day I had my first sale. Sales have been slow for me, like others have also experienced too. But, I am getting some sales, and they slowly keep coming a little bit more at a time too. I love the support there…that is live & not automated, the owners keep you updated as to what is happening, any technical difficulties they get on it right away, sellers helping sellers along with buyers too. And…I keep learning from this sight too! The majority of my sales have been from google searches due to how the sight admits them, and also from learning things to do ourselves to place better in the google searches too.

    Fees are great there! If this sight was not moving up, or showing any potential why would anyone invest with it? Since the new investors of recently that shows something for the sight too. How old is ebay? How long did it take them to get to where they are? Fame got to be too much, and now look how they are slowly dropping too. Now, how old is Bonanzle, and look where they are already:)

    I feel Bonanzle is a great choice, and happy to be there during their growth, and their growing success:)

  • Guest

    Have been on Bonanzle for two years and sales are really picking up. It’s the best alternative so far. Auctions are really needed for those of us selling antiques & collectibles, and I hope that they add them once the site is better known.

  • alex bernavon

    i have sold one item on bonanzle in almost 2 years i truly enjoy bonanzle because of it’s simplicity of starting your booth on bonanzle it feels like the mom and pop shops of yesteryear the people are great but they need to do something about bringing in more buyers i hope that part of the 1 million dollar investment goes towards advertising as well as an auctions selection needs to be put in place which i trully feel can take them past ebay i’ve made bonanzle my permanent home for selling my items but i truly feel they are in the right direction.

  • Guest

    I am a seller at Bonanzle. After reading the comments posted above I have to say that while sales are slow, they do happen.

    The internet is FULL to bursting with on line selling and on line selling sites. It’s very difficult to make a livable wage from on line selling right now with so much competition. People that are new to on line selling or have been selling on EBay and are now venturing out to places like Bonanzle really have NO idea how much work it entails to get customers to their stores and get sales. personally I am of the firm belief that some of the above negative comments were probably generated by those sellers that don’t have a clue about how much work it does entail to sell on line.

    Plus, people need to take into account the fact that the economy is not in the best shape. People are still losing jobs and homes. Tax time is on us as well as the arrival of the time of the year that families that can afford it, are saving up for the yearly family vacation. All those things affect sales, especially if you are a seller that sells things that these seasonable changes affect.

    Bonanzle is committed to building and maintaining a high level of customer and seller service. I’ve sold on line at several sites since leaving EBay and I have to say that over all Bonanzle has the higher level of quality features. Their customer service is the fastest responding one that I have ever seen and that’s saying a lot for such a young site that has grown so fast.

    I really hope that they will use some of that investment money and do some targeted advertising for the site. Sellers can only do so much in advertising the site and their stores.

    With all the support that Bonanzle has gotten, it’s time for them to “pay back” some of that effort the sellers have been putting out, and get some major advertising going to further the growth of the site. A small television ad campaign for a short time would go a long ways to turning the site into a household name

  • Gone Bye Bye

    I left Bonanzle after a year of no sales. I am an experienced seller and know how to promote and market my items. The site is still unknown to 90% of the world and the other 10% see it as a social gathering place. Good luck Bonanzle CEO but you need to listen to your sellers and do some advertising.

    • http://www.onlineauction.com HonestLogic

      Have you tried OLA? ww.OnlineAuction.com www.OLA.com

  • http://www.hammocksaustralia.com.au Hammock

    I’ve been a seller on Bonanzle for probably over a year. Most of the time I actually forget it is there until I get an email from them.

    It is easy to setup, list and use which I like, and not having to pay or constantly renew listing is the biggest benefit to me.

    However the main problem that seems to occur on these sites competing with the more established sites like ebay is a distinct lack of buyers. There is always plenty of sellers looking to jump ship and try to sell, but often the buyers are slow to follow.

    When the balance of buyers vs sellers increases I think the site will really start taking off.

  • Guest

    I have been selling on Bonanzle since Beta with 2 stores. Sales have been slow but I tried selling some items that were great collectibles on ebay recently and the views were lower than what I was getting on Bonanzle. These items should have sold on ebay but they didn’t. Sellers there say sales are slow there and getting worse since all the changes.
    Bonanzle is a friendly, great place to have a store. The buyers will come as I know the owners will do all they can now that they got funding to make it even greater.
    To the person who said they got kicked off Bonanzle for no reason I doubt that happened because the owner is not like that.
    Ebay was slow starting off too when it was new, and I know this because I used to sell on there soon after they came online.
    Bonanzle is the one site I believe is going to give ebay a run for their money. Get on board now and be part of the new and exciting fun.

    • reallynicestamps

      We started on eBay in 1998 as part of our shop’s movement into ecommerce. I started my own eBay fun business in 2001.

      EBay grew exponentially. It is possible to see the growth on MedVed right back to the beginning. By 2001, it was getting mentioned in Jay Leno’s monologue and his very middle of the road audience were familiar with the site.

      By 2003, eBay accounted for 1/3 of our sales including our B&M store. It dropped when we started our own website, but our website customers were eBay customers first. Recently a new employee has boosted our eBay sales back to nearly 20% of our online sales, although the website is still the big money maker.

  • Great but So-So

    I’ve invested tons of time listing stuff because I believe this selling venue has potential no other site has.

    I am a seller, and yes, most sales come through Google search.

    The vision Bill had when creating this site is phenomenally genius. Yet I’m sure he won’t rest on his laurels, and his team will continually improve the site.

    However, as a buyer, I was sadly disappointed when a dispute was not handled properly.

    Selling is free, so what the the heck. But I won’t be buying there until their new dispute resolution center gets going.

  • Guest

    I have been selling on eBay for 6 years and found Bonanzle about 1 1/2 years ago. My sales on eBay have been declining however my sales on Bonanzle are increasing and becoming steady. I sell high end collectibles and have not been getting multiple bids at auctions for approx 2 years. No longer can you start an item low and depend on it to sell at a fair price. In my opinion the non auction format at Bonanzle is the wave of the future and I trust Bill is the genius that will make Bonanzle a household name someday soon.

  • Guest

    I have sold on Bonanzle for over a year. I have had less than 50 items sold. I do agree the company does need to do some advertising. I do not know how many paid members there are, ( I am one) and I do not know how many items actually sell per month on Bonanzle so I do not know how much money is actually coming in.

    I am curious as too how many items are sold on a average month.

    Now that they have funding hope they put it to use.

    Support for the most part are wonderful. Most of the people that chat on the forums are very helpful.

    Bonanzle yet doesn’t compare to eBay because of the customers that eBay has. Yes the sellers are jumping ship. But the buyers are not.

    Bonanzle doesn’t compare to Amazon either for the same reason.

    Yes it is free to list, and the selling fee is low, but if you sell small items for less than 2.00 you don’t make much money. .50 cents goes to Bonanzle.

    Advertisement will draw in Customers. Customers will make it a great site. without them, there would be no reason for Bonanzle or any other selling venue.

  • Guest

    I ran my stock on both Bonanzle and e-bay simultaneously. I sold a good amount of stock on e-bay where I had n inquiries from Bonanzle. I felt Bonanzle was really a facebook for dealers in the Antique and Collecting biz. They send messages to boost each others ego but rarely do they purchase. I also get search results on e-bay via an item title or member id where on bonanzle I got zilch. A great item cannot reach its target audience if you do not advertise you have it. bonanzle is really a museum of collectibles and a hobby for dealers at this point. I switched back to e-bay which has made some improvements in the past year that have worked to my benefit and helped swing the pendulum somewhat back to the seller. Granted, e-bay is no optimal but it beats the alternatives right now.

    • http://www.hardcorebikersupplies.com/ Guest Del-Ray

      ebay is a only good for buying . . . We sold for 5 or 6 years on ebay . . . What a dog with fleas . . We hate ebay and are so glad we started our own websites years ago. IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A REAL SONS OF ANARCHY SOA SAMCRO LEATHER BIKER VEST AND CUSTOM VESTS – AND LIL JOE HA LEATHER BAY AREA COLLAR OUTLAW MOTORCYCLE LEATHER GEAR . . . WE MAKE IT RIGHT HERE IN THE USA ! – – – – – http://www.hardcorebikersupplies.com/ – – – – http://www.outlawbikersuppliesusa.com/ – – – – Bonanzle is good for a lead up to your own sites. I hope ebay and the loosers a pay pal go down for the count FOR RIPPING OF ALL THE SELLERS ! – – – – Del-Ray – – – – – sales@hardcorebikersupplies.com

  • Chris

    My handycam sold on Bonanzel after a few months.

    I REALLY like the people at Bonanzle; they’re witty and uber responsive and their fees are way more reasonable.
    However I don’t care for the name “Bonanzle” …I hope they change that name to something more catchy.

  • Guest

    Bonanzle seems to be, pardon the expression but a crap fest. No real value products. If your a woman that likes to shop for nick nacks well, have at it. Even their book selection is hard to search and of very little value. Somewhere someone must have valuable things to sell but it isn’t here.

    • Guest

      I would just like to say that After selling online for many years I have noticed that many of the new customers shoppong are not familiar with how to search for things. It does take more work to find that item you may be interested in Simply because there is so much more selection. Yes in that search you will probably find alot of items your not interested in.

  • http://avazzia-best-devices.com Danielle Parsons

    I have made a few sales on Bonanzle. I have also sold on Ebay. I am all for the place where my selling fees are kept low. I like the xml upload that was offered from the Bonanzle site to Google every night. Need to go list some more of my products on Bonanzle now. Anyone have a better name suggestion? It makes you think they meant Bonanza.

  • Guest

    I am Seller at Both place.
    Ebay has more Traffic then any other online selling site. PERIOD.

    • http://www.baconsdozen.co.uk Baconsdozen

      I sell on Ebid in the UK and Ecrater in the US and Canada,in addition to sales on my own web site www.baconsdozen.co.uk.
      The alternatives to ebay might not yet attract the same volumes of traffic but they are cheaper,less dictatorial and froendlier places to trade,try them,you have nothing to lose.
      Better to try a cruise ship looking for new horizons than one heading for the rocks.

      • kkootenay

        Even though I am a hobby seller, it makes no sense to me to list where there are practically no sales.

        Bonanza is easy to list on (actually to transfer over my existng eBay listings) and the listings are free.

        But minimum wage here in British Columbia is 13 cents a minute and I count my time as part of my costs. If it takes me 10 minutes to upload a listing, then that listing is not free– it cost $1.30.

        There was an interesting article on Slate.com a few months ago about how etsy.com was fooling its sellers into thinking they had a viable business. I did not entirely agree with it, but it is useful reading especially for stay at home crafters who think they are in business.

    • Guest

      Since Ebay offers the 100 fee auctions, I take advantage of that. Sell by auction and offer the item at a fixed price at Bonanzle or Ecrater. I will not pay Ebay any more than I have to.

    • Guest

      Just wait until ebay cancel your account. for something as simple as 2 bad feedback in one month. then you will feel the pain of the ebayEvil. all vendors in ebay sooner or later have their account closed

    • kkootenay

      (I ship internationally from Canada and this is very much a hobby business).

      The nice thing about Bonanzle/ Bonanza is that it is easy to move new eBay listings over to the site.

      The problems with Bonanzle/Bonanza are :

      Few sales; about a dozen sales a year compared to 2 a day on eBay.
      The site takes it upon itself to change my prices.
      Shipping costs are difficult for non-US sellers because they are based on USPS.
      No noticeable publicity or advertising for the site in general interest media.

      Bonanzle was saying that they have now completed one million Paypal transactions. Overlooking that PP is currently an eBay division, as a hobby seller I personally have done over 5000 Paypal transactions. Unless the management thinks that sellers are vague about statistics (not a bad bet, actually) perhaps they should not talk numbers publically.

  • cjaz

    Everyone keeps talking about how easy bonanzle is to use and I found it to be very difficult to for either buying or selling. I couldn’t narrow my search the way I could on ebay and because of the layout there are not enough on a page so I have to flip through page after page which takes too long! When I though I would try to list an item it was a nightmare. I wasn’t sure what catagory so I wanted to browse, but once I picked a catagory it locked me into it and I had to cancel and restart to change catagories.

    They need a LOT of work.

  • Guest

    I have bought and sold on both sites and find Bonanzle to be the best. There are fewer MEGA SELLERS and more small sellers who are willing to negotiate prices and do custom work. I find there is less drop shipping type things and more handmade and unique items. As a buyer I like not to have to wait until an auction is finished. When I decide to buy I want it right away. As a seller, the fees are lower, there is less monitoring of the process that I have to do and I get my own booth (store) for free. The fees are much lower (free to list even with 4 pictures) and the final value fee is also lower. Easy PayPal, Google checkout or even personal checks options. I might go on eBay as a buyer, but definitely not as a seller.

    • http://www.ola.com HonestLogic

      Have you tried www.OLA.com? OnlineAuction

  • Victoria

    I’ve been selling on Bonanzle for about a year and am seeing sales increase.
    Bonanzle will be a growing concern to Ebay and Ebay is the one who forced me to start looking for alternatives.
    Ebay is moving out of the easy “auction” site it used to be and is turning more “store” oriented. Their fees are getting out of sight for small businesses such as mine and as a business owner, I loose more and more control all the time with Ebay.
    I’m in total support of Bonanzle and look forward to continued and increased business with the site.

  • http://www.zonakid.com ZonaKid’s OutPost Jewelry

    As a Wire Jewelry Artist, I have had stores on ebay, Etsy, Ecrater and Bonanzle. The majority of my sales come from local showings. With that being said, I have had a few decent size sales online. I had zero success on ebay without offering prices so low that to do on a continual basis would be business suicide. After all of the rage about Esty and it being the site for Artisans, same deal. The only exception is if you sell supplies and not actual art. I have had more sales on ecrater and Bonanzle. The things I really like about Bonanzle is the selling features as well as NO LISTING FEES! A few of the features are the Automatic Discount Options( allows you to offer whoesale if buyers purchase a stated dollar amount), The Coupon feature and their Picture Optimizing can make so so pictures look great.

  • http://www.evolwebsolution.com/ Website Development

    yes, now a days everyone think that search engine means GOOGLE. Google is the brand of search engine its changing and changing business strategy is really fantastic so it has hold firmly in search engine field. thanks for sharing us.

  • Guest

    We have all been in a place where you want to start a new business, make some extra cash or just want to maybe clear out some of the clutter or overstocked collections. I tried selling on Ebay for years. At it’s high point I was very successful and sold lots of great stuff. But as we all know Ebay is moving the small sellers out and replacing it with Mega giant retailers wanting to sell you the same stuff you can buy down the street at Walmart cheaper. I tried several other venues and then hit Bonanzle. This place is really unique. I enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and being in control of my own destiny. As with any job or project you have to do the foot work to make it a success. As I look around these days online I see many people who want instant everything including success. Bonanzle is a place that is offering an oppurtunity to have success. But instead of charging you outrageous fees and setting standards that are higher then anyone with a small business can meet affordably, You have to do the work. Sound Familiar. We were all taught that if you want somthing you do need to work for it. The seller does the setup and promotion of your URL (booth name) and the buyers are afforded the oppurtunity to relax and spend alittle time window shopping. There are several ways to look around at Bonanzle if you take the time to seek them out. Yes they are a startup and some of the bells need alittle polishing and the whistles needs some adjustment. But in a couple of years from now The people who were here in the beginning will reap the benefits. All things take time to be built Nothing is instant! except soup in a bag and coffee. So relax enjoy and slow down alittle it’s good for your health :)

  • Guest

    Bonanzle is crap, its not even an auction website! I have used it, bought 2 items, and both 2 sellers are probably not active anymore, even if their products are on the site. I sent them several emails, but no response… There is a new auction site going to be launched very soon, that will not have any fees for selling, that means no fees for listing an item, also no fees when the product sells…
    And i think that will be a real ebay competitor, not Bonanzle…
    I will update you with the name of that new site, as soon as it is fully launched, as it is still in testing….but, trust me, it will be worth it…

  • http://www.controldatainc.com Agency collection

    I did know their was an alternative to using Fee-Bay. Thanks for the posting, Im going to check it out today.

  • http://www.datingbiggirls.info Sable

    I tend to be a glass is have full person about nearly everything related to new businesses. However, unless I’m way off the mark, Bonanzle is at best a highly speculative bet for any VC group trying to get a jump on the recovery.

    Any savvy player has to consider that the powerhouse behind eBay has much deeper pockets and a formidable track record for not wanting to loose any battles.

    My bet is on eBay…. but my heart is cheering for Bonanzle to enjoy an Amazon type of victory over all those smart guys who predict they’re not going to come out on top in this niche.

    Only time will tell…

  • http://thebonz.com/memawscollectibles Memaws16

    I have been selling on Bonanzle since October 2009. I am thrilled with the progress it has made, thank all the support personnel that make it possible, and look forward to an ever increasing sales experience! Would not go back to the other place for any amount of money!

  • Guest

    Bonanzle would do fine if management would try harder to advertise. The site name is virtually unknown and will continue to be that way until some effort is made by the site. Constantly relying on your sellers is not the answer as only a handful are willing to do so at this point. But it is Bill’s baby and he’ll make the decisions despite having a treasure trove of sellers giving feedback of of their needs.

  • Tammie’s Treasures

    I have been with Bonanzle for almost a year and love it. There are new sellers and buyers coming everyday. Plus with the lower fees you don’t have to sell as much or at such high prices to make money. Sellers must realize that promotion is not only the sights responsibility but ours as well. With 250,000 users and write-ups like this one they must be doing something right.

  • http://nymarts.com NYM Arts

    It’s Ebay (Bonanzle) On Location : a HUGE Waste of Time with the parties.
    We could care LESS about the “Meet and Greet” sessions.
    WE NEED AUCTIONS NOW ! ! ! ! ! ! !
    Bill and Mark have turned a deaf ear to this request.
    Why ? Who knows…..
    The rest of us know it’s time to ROCK and get down to the business of business.
    It’s Fun to sell on Bonanzle ? NO IT ISN’T. Not when there aren’t any SALES !
    Folks would line up around the block and down the street to bid and sell if BILL AND MARK WOULD JUST LISTEN !

    • ohwhisht

      um, Bonanzle is a fixed price site. If it doesn’t serve your purpose, then perhaps you need to JOIN and auction site, as opposed to joining a FP site and expecting them to jump when you say jump.

      • Guest

        Sounds like You’re Too Rich to serve.

    • GuestBreezers

      If your problem is really about auctions – you didn’t look very hard. While Bonanzle does not have the same auction style set up as Feebay (Thank Goodness!!) they do have the option (created by it’s own sellers) for LIVE CHAT AUCTIONS- which from what I’ve seen are very successful for both sellers and buyers.
      I am fairly new on Bonanzle and it is FANTASTIC- so seriously if you are just there to moan and whine- go back to feebay I’m sure they would be THRILLED to take your money hand over fist.
      As for Bonanzle- I believe the “meet and greet” sessions you seem to dislike so much are one of the reasons Bonanzle is such a GREAT site- it shows people care about what other users are doing and saying and to be honest I find it doubtful that you tried very hard to sell anything- much less COMMUNICATE with others including Bill & Mark in a constructive manner.

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