Pokemon X/Y Gets A Live Action TV Spot


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Nintendo wants you to know that Pokemon X and Y for the 3DS changes everything. Gone are the 2D sprites and stilted battle animations. They've been replaced with full 3D models and battles that look more like what we saw back on the N64 with Pokemon Stadium. In short, Pokemon is finally starting to be a bit more realistic, and Nintendo's latest ad attempts to reflect that.

In the new TV spot, we get what may be the first live action Pokemon ad in over a decade. In it, the cool kids that would have beaten up us Pokemon playing nerds in middle school extol the virtues of the latest Pokemon title complete with epic backdrops. There's even a fight between Charizard and Yveltal.

If you want to see something a little more ridiculous, check out this official "remix" of the classic Pokemon theme song complete with an autotuned Ash Ketchum:

Pokemon X and Y will be available on October 12 for the Nintendo 3DS and 2DS.

[Image: Nintendo/YouTube]