Plus Size Barbie Is Causing An Uproar

    December 28, 2013
    Tina Volpe
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Many kids have played with, and dreamed of being that beautiful Barbie doll from childhood, and remember that slim, gorgeous beauty that was so popular, nearly all-little girls have some version of her.

A version, meaning one of the vast selections of different collection dolls available today – such as the Happy New Year Doll, The Blondes Blond Gold Barbie, The Hunger Games Barbie and many more.

When the Barbie doll was created by Mattel in 1959, nobody had a clue it would become such a huge success. Selling at a rate of two dolls per minute, Barbie has become one of the top selling toys every year since its creation.

“In 1959, its first year, 351,000 Barbie dolls were sold at $3 each — a new sales record.”

The idea behind Ruth Handler’s creation, the wife of Mattel owner Elliot Handler, was a teenage looking doll that little girls could dream their futures through. The doll was designed around a teenage fashion model concept.

The first Barbie though, had only one version – until 1961 the founder of Mattel decided Barbie needed a mate – and out came Ken.

The creation of the slim, gorgeous Barbie was the impetus of the 1950’s era. Obesity was a foreign word, and housewives everywhere skipped meals and ate like birds to maintain that ‘female’ figure to please their men.

What Mattel has just done to the 54 year history of Barbie, the beauty queen, blonde model who dresses in gowns and fancy clothes – has shattered an over half-century image of Barbie.

Mattel has created “Plus Size” Barbie. Could it have been done to ease the minds of obese people all over the U.S.?

Others were critical of the idea in general, such as one woman who noted, “We shouldn’t encourage people to be unhealthy… Maybe we should make a heroin addict Barbie too?”

Mattel has been known to be quite controversial in the past, for example, in 1967 Mattel released the first African-American Barbie, a bold move during a tumultuous time in America. Additional Barbie dolls from other ethnic groups were released over the following years. In 1997, Mattel widened the doll’s waist to fit more realistic, contemporary fashions.

The company can’t be criticized for not ‘staying with the times’ and creating controversy, however this creation is a bit broad.

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  • Tricia

    If Barbie is supposed to be like some of their friends then I guess they should make one with a joint in her hand and a needle in her arm lol so, I guess then it’s okay for them to make this UGLY doll that’s supposed to be uplifting to children. Good way to encourage!

    • Rodrian Roadeye

      Ugly Tricia? Are you fat-phobic?

  • samantha lopez

    Dont mind plus size, but the 3chins looks rediculous and unattractive. The body type is realistic though.

  • More Issues Than Just Weight

    I wrote this for another article and I stand by it.

    Okay America, enough of the politically correct garbage. Being fat is neither healthy nor is it attractive. No one sits around and says, gee I want to be 30, 50, 100, or 200 pounds overweight. Hell, I am 20 pounds overweight and I can’t freaking stand it.

    We have to get serious about this topic and ask why the hell is everyone getting so fat? Yes, there are lazy people and yes, people are glued to the internet. However, lets dig a little deeper. Girls are now having periods at 7 years old. That is unheard of in nature and science. Twelve year old girls look 20 and fifteen year old girls look to be in their middle 20s. Girls simply did not look like they do today back in the 1980′s. Something is in the food and it is changing us and I don’t think that is a good thing.

    Being fat is not a happy thing. Yes, we see some of these women that put on false fronts and tell how happy they are to be so overweight. Please. That is nonsense. I know many overweight people and trust me, they aren’t happy. In fact, they are miserable.

    Let’s not encourage our kids to get fat. Let’s not condition our kids to think that being fat is acceptable. What happens to a society that is fat and complacent? Look throughout history. What happens? That society gets destroyed or suppressed. Especially, if the society is fat, complacent, dumbbed downed, and unarmed. America we are becoming fat, complacent, dummbed down and they are coming after our guns. Believe me, I don’t like guns either. I hate them, but it is undeniable there is a push to disarm this nation and that is not a good thing. Look at every tyrant that lived. The first thing he did was disarm the population.

    This may seem like a small issue, but it is not. There are many other issues that go along with this. Many. For those of you that were alive in the 70s and 80s. Pull out your pictures. No one looked like we do today. Not even close. Something is wrong in our society.

    • Rodrian Roadeye

      For one thing evetryone was on amphetamines back then, even our mothers’ and their “little helpers”, Second, would you rather continue promoting anorexia and bulemia with your fat-phobia? That is in effect what has happened to today’s girls. And third, God made some of us with fat genes, PERIOD or no PERIOD!

      • @Rodrian


        No one I grew up with was on amphetamines. No one has a fat phobia. It just isn’t healthy or attractive.

        Yes, there are many doctors that are concerned with the falling age at which a girl experiences her first period. We went thousands of years and it didn’t change, but in the past 10 years it has changed dramatically. This is very troublesome.

        Fat genes? There are tons of things you can do to counteract genetics and furthermore, just because you have a gene it doesn’t mean that gene is active. Eat healthy, exercise, drink water, learn how to boost your metabolism, eat at the proper times and you will lose weight.

        • Rodrian Roadeye

          It’s all about control isn’t it. Not just controlling yourself, but in your case controlling others. Maybe we should start another race of Nazi Aryans, all slim, blonde hair, blue eyes, and charming. Is that what would please you? If aeverybody lived up to yourv standards of howv they should act, look, and feel? You are pathetic.

    • http://www.tinavolpe-writer.com/ Tina Volpe

      Ok – part of this is correct. The reason people are fat is because of what they are eating. It is also why 1 in 2 people have heart disease and 1 in 3 have cancer. The American diet (also called the SAD Diet) is destroying our country. Too much fat, too much meat, too much saturated fat and too much sugar – period.

      The kids that are getting their periods early- one word – DAIRY. Dairy is full of growth hormones designed to make cows fat. Imagine how much your kids are getting and a fraction of the weight of a cow. And it is making them sick.

      It has NOTHING to do with “Mother’s little helpers” it has to do with diet. In the 50’s they sat down to a sensible dinner – hell, fast food wasn’t even heard of yet – except for maybe ONE McDonald’s in a major city. Everyone is in too big of a hurry to stop and make a healthy meal. So they order pizza, or drive thru a fast food joint.

      Nobody realizes how easy it is to stop from being fat. Eat whole foods, fruits, veggies – and whole grains – you will be full, but not fat.

      • Rodrian Roadeye

        Skinny people don’t get heart disease, diabetes, or cancer? Way to go nimrod.

      • Rodrian Roadeye

        Oh, and in my day, and in my neck of thye weoos, everyone and their mother were doing those little green pills. We all didn’t grow up with na silver spoon in our mouth in an Ivory tower.

      • More Issues than Just Weight


        What Tina said isn’t wrong and she isn’t a nimrod. It is right.

        Messing with a woman’s menstrual cycle is not a good thing. There are a whole host of issues that go along with that, but we don’t have time to go into all that.

        I am sorry you feel so attacked. It is apparent you have a lot of unresolved issues. Maybe that is the source of your weight issues. I don’t know. All I know is if you commit to a lifestyle change, many times good things can happen. It takes effort and time.

        • Rodrian Roadeye

          Why don’t you commit to a lifestyle change of your own… live and let live!

  • Rodrian Roadeye

    Now if only they would use me as a model for a Plus-sized Ken! ROTFLMAO

  • The One

    @Rodrian – and the ones that weren’t taking little red “liver pills” (essentially Sudafed before it was a brand-name or a “Decongestant” – that’s the current “described use” for Pseudo-Ephedrine – that wasn’t always the “described use” – it used to be used for “general pep and vigor” and to “re-energize the liver”) were taking your little green “pep pills” (which were variously methamphetamine, methedrine, Dexedrine, and methylphenidate – all of which are types of “Ritalin” today) and EVERYONE took the “pep pills” or the “liver pills” – EVERYONE – that’s why people started cooking METH (that’s even why it’s called METH) and using Cocaine or “Coke” when they made the “liver pills” and the “pep pills” illegal – it wasn’t until YEARS later that they started selling Sudafed OTC again – maybe if they hadn’t waited to “discover” it’s “decongestant properties” METH and coke never would have gotten a foothold, but they did – I mean Cocaine used to be in use by as much as 25% of the ENTIRE American Population at the beginning of the 20th Century and this was after Coke took the “Coke” out of Coca-Cola – the “liver pills” and “pep pills” came out when Cocaine was made generally illegal – It’s only in the last 25 years or so that EVERYONE except the Mormons isn’t on some MASSIVE amount of alcohol and stimulants and nicotine and caffeine – even my grandmother! She wouldn’t drink coffee because it made her feel too “wired” and she didn’t like most medication, but she would take between 5 and 10 times the recommended dosage of her THYROID medication in order to “keep her figure” – she died a month ago at age 86 – I wonder if her generation had the right idea??? They are all living to between 69 and 90+ and they just lived on stimulants, cigarettes, and alcohol…..

    You know why people are fat??? No one drinks, no one smokes, no one takes “pep pills” – The average American prior to prohibition drank 90 bottles of whiskey a year – now the average American drinks 18…. NO ONE SMOKES ANYMORE!!! What does Nicotine do??? It suppresses appetite… What does Cocaine do??? It suppresses appetite and increases metabolism!!! HEY!!! BIG SURPRISE EVERYONE IS FAT AS HECK!!! There is a reason rock singers drink and smoke!!! Gotta keep that figure!!! It really is calories in versus calories out! I’m not arguing that! It’s just in the old days NO ONE KNEW THEY WERE HUNGRY!

    • Rodrian Roadeye

      As a kid I went to a retired doctor who gave me green amphetamines for my Aunt who was also an alcoholic. She gave some to mom and dad when they worked night shift, and they weren’t the only ones who used them. Everyone, including mothers who wanted slim daughters. I was on them for weight loss then at 15, and they worked. When they became illegal I gained like crazy. A lot of people did. So yes, you are right about a lot of what you brought up. Alcoholism is one of the few things keeping many thin today.

  • Maya

    Why does it always have to be black or white? Why can’t we have a “normal ” sized barbie who is neither unrealistically slim, nor fat or obese? Why does it always have to be extremes to please the consumer market?

    • Rosa

      It is a sad day when we market obesity to our children as acceptable. Why are we allowing this acceptance of fatness to creep into our society. Aren’t people fat enough! I was never in favor of Thin Barbie but this fat one is ridiculous. Why not develop a Barbie that truly reflects what children can realistically aspire to — mid-size, attractive but not stunning. Both the THIN and FAT Barbie versions give children the wrong target.

      • Rodrian Roadeye

        Again, we are back to control, a race of Aryans that all look the same. ZLine up everyone who is different and shoot them. A lot of you would like that. There are healthy fat people, and sickly thin people. Variety is the spice of life.