Plenty of Reasons Email is as Relevant as Ever

Social Media Enhances Email Rather Than Kills It

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Every now and then, there is a discussion about where email stands as social network use becomes the "it" thing. We’ve all heard mutterings like, "email is dead" and "social media is killing email," but it’s just not the case, and there are plenty of reasons why (even if Google thinks it’s time to start over).

Do you think email is on the way out?
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Last year, we ran a piece titled 10 Reasons Social Media isnt’ Replacing Email that got a pretty good response from readers. In a nutshell (read the article for elaboration), these ten reasons were:

1. People still send hand-written letters
2. Nearly all sites on the web that require registration require an email address
3. Email notifies you of updates from all social networks
4. We haven’t seen any evidence yet that Google Wave really is the next big thing
5. Email is universal, and social networks are not
6. There are plenty of people who have no interest in joining social networks, but already use email
7. Email is still improving
8. Even social networks themselves recognize the importance of email
9. More social media use means more email use
10. As far as marketing is concerned, email is doing pretty well

At the Online Marketing Summit last week, there was an interesting session about email marketing, led by Joel Book, Director of eMarketing Education for email marketing firm ExactTarget. In that session among other points of discussion, he provided the following concept equations:

Email + CRM = lead nurturing
Email + CRM = Reseller education
Email + CRM = trade show follow up
Email + CRM = sales support for dealers
Email + analytics = Personalized recommendations
Email + analytics = live offers
Email + retail = product education
Email + retail = scannable coupons
Email + retail = subscriber acquisition
Email + social = driving demand
Email + social = using social forward to expand customer database
Email + sms = mobile immediacy
Email + SMS = lead generation
Email + sms = subscriber acquisition

Some things to think about.

Also at the Online Marketing Summit, WebProNews discussed the integration of social media with email, with Kara Trivunovic, Sr. Director of Strategic Services at StrongMail, who makes some great points.

Businesses are plugging in social aspects into email programs to not only expand the reach of their existing offers, but to turn customers into evangelists, and ultimately grow their databases, as she says. Keep in mind that about half of all content is shared through email, and social media can make for a great way to gain subscribers. According to Trivunovic, there are 3 major ways that people integrate social into their email programs:

1. Share with your network

2. Leverage as a medium to incentivize current customer base to evangelize on their behalf, and drive additional subscribers or awareness

3. Business model: acquiring customers through referrals

This article could go on for a long time, but let me just conclude with a few more points. Mobile apps will continue to keep email relevant in the mobile world (Google just acquired a popular one). Google recently released its own social media product, Buzz, which the company decided would fit best right in Gmail. Microsoft Outlook only recently started integrating social networks into the inbox (Mozilla has Raindrop to serve a similar purpose). The social networks themselves are creating email services (it didn’t take MySpace long to get a lot of users for theirs, and Facebook is said to be working on its own…and we know how popular Facebook is [it recently surpassed Yahoo as the number 2 site on the web]).

Tell us why you think email is here to stay or why you think it’s not.

Plenty of Reasons Email is as Relevant as Ever
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  • http://www.happyendingonline.com adult toy sotre

    Not even close to dead. Thriving even. Lets not forget email marketing.

  • Jack

    All I can say that over last 15 years or so my mother always complained that I never wrote a letter to her. “If only you had email” I’d mutter, “no-one writes letters these days”. Now I complain to my kids (mid teens) that they don’t email me. Guess what… “No-one writes emails these days” they say. Indeed in my work (conventional office stuff) communications methods such as skype, msn and even FaceBook are gradually taking over email – slowly, but probably about 5% now. Give it another few years. And yes, I have signed up to Google wave and think that might mature into a very useful system.

  • http://www.nopun.com Noel Wiggins

    indeed email is still one of the most effective most cost efficient forms of marketing a business can do.

    Thanks and Regards

    Noel for Nopun.com

  • http://www.szonyegtisztito.hu Online marketing tan

    I have read some statistics that email marketing can generate as many new clients as seo alone. It should be really taken into consideration.

  • http://priorityresults.com/blog/author/jlarranaga/ Jlarranaga

    Social media thrives on email.

    Have you noticed you can now reply to Facebook updates right from your email inbox? And Google announced Buzz to me via email and it interfaces in my Gmail account. Email and social media are not rivals, they’re cousins — one is just a few years older and the younger cousin is getting all the attention, but they’re still family. They can play nice!

    What’s All the Buzz About the Inbox? (blog post) http://bit.ly/bkDZ8E

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    thank you a lot thanks

  • http://www.telechatusa.com/ Bryan Smith

    This is a good blog.

  • http://www.webdesign4all.co.uk Guest

    Email marketing is not dead at all.
    Though sometimes many abuse the use of it and make us nervous receiving so many not wanted offers, it’s still powerful. The most economical and time saving method.

  • afilliate

    thank you a lot thanks

  • http://www.websitetemplates.bz Website Templates.bz

    Well, e-mail marketing is def NOT dead!
    One thing though – I think people got tired of it.

    Those who promote use it today more and more often, though the reaction of recepients became more indiferent than it was, so this may cause the death, but not yet….. it will happen in a few years)

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  • http://www.oscommerce-template-easy.com Alex


    Email marketing is really excellent. About 10 years ago, I got a lot of customers by email marketing. I must say if your email ads is simple and useful, this is benefit to the receivers.

  • http://www.afrofabric.com Therese Coker

    Our email marketing has not been as great as we would want. But given the fact that more and more emails are being treated as spams today even when the customers signed up for the newsletters, I wonder what the future of this medium looks like.

  • http://www.afrofabric.com African Fabric

    How much hope is there for small businesse that spend a fortune convincing customers to sign up for newsletter and then only for the follow up emails to be blocked. Actually, is there anyone who thinks this is right? C sutomer signs up for a newsletter but the ISP blocks its delivery.

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