PlayStation Store Redesign Launches in Europe

    October 17, 2012
    Sean Patterson
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For once, Europe and Australia aren’t behind North America in the gaming world. Sony today released the redesigned PlayStation Store for Playstation 3 in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. Those in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and Brazil will have to wait until October 23.

The new store features a “re-imagined” user interface, predictive search, and improved filtering, which Sony says will help customers find content faster. Sony also stated that the new PlayStation Store now has “more in-depth information” about purchases, demos, free trials, movies, TV shows, games, and apps.

The update appears to move the PlayStation Store closer to a style resembling Microsoft’s Xbox 360 dashboard. Sony’s store now features large ads front-and-center that show content players can purchase. Tiles and icons abound.

To comfort (or tease) the Americans, Sony released what amounts to a launch trailer for the redesigned store. It shows the breadth of content Sony is hoping to highlight through the store and just how much new information is provided on the new content-specific pages that collect a piece of content’s add-ons, avatars, and themes in one location.

  • Matty

    Just got the store upgrade this morning and it shows menus that don’t work and a blank screen
    clap clap clap

    Just kidding, teething problems I’m sure, content upgrades are always welcome

  • Andy

    Complete waste of time. They blathered on about user consultation and focus groups over and over yet the ONE thing that EVERYBODY wanted, i.e. being able to sort/filter a 5-year-long download list so that we could actually find our previous downloads, was overlooked and SCEE can’t even be bothered to let us know why it’s not been revamped or when/whether it WILL be revamped.

    I’m glad they cocked up and had to revert, I hope the new store is so poorly implemented that it NEVER goes live, and I’m especially glad that it resembles the XBLM so that when I move to the Microsoft camp for the next gen I’ll be used to it (no point staying with Sony as their PS4 won’t be backwards compatible, so I may as well build a brand new catalog of NeXbox games than one of PS4 ones).

    Last straw on this camel’s back, I’m sick of Sony’s one step forward two steps back mentality so it’s time to move back to the MS fold.

  • Das

    Looks like they are fans of Xbox marketplace and metro..

  • Joe Bloggs

    Please can anyone help me? a few days ago I could access the ps store no problem. now all I get is a blank black screen and lose all control of the ps3, I have to switch it off at the back and on again to carry on using it. every single other function works fine, i can play games online, signed into the psn no problem. it’s just the store that’s crashing :( thank you in advance. my email is wipeoutmaster87@gmail.com