PlayStation Network Not The Only Breach, Says Sony

By: Josh Wolford - May 3, 2011

Sony has just announced that the scope of their “external intrusion” is much greater than they had thought.

Of course, the PlayStation Network and Qriocity services have been down since on or about April 19th.  Sony has confirmed that its servers were breached and personal information was stolen by an unknown group.

Now, it looks like user information from Sony’s Online Entertainment Division has been compromised as well.  From SOE:

This information, which was discovered by engineers and security consultants reviewing SOE systems, showed that personal information from approximately 24.6 million SOE accounts may have been stolen, as well as certain information from an outdated database from 2007.  The information from the outdated database that may have been stolen includes approximately 12,700 non-U.S. credit or debit card numbers and expiration dates (but not credit card security codes), and about 10,700 direct debit records of certain customers in Austria, Germany, Netherlands and Spain.

Sony Online Entertainment is a gaming division of Sony that produces huge online multiplayer games, among other things.  Some if its most well known games are the MMORPG EverQuest, Star Wars Galaxies and Free Realms. 

Sony discovered this during their ongoing investigation of the PSN and Qriocity attacks.  Originally, they thought that SOE users accounts had not been touched during the initial hack, but just now concluded that they had in fact been accessed on April 16th and 17th.

Sony says that this is not a new cyber-attack.  This is part of the original “external intrusion” that prompted the shutdown of the PSN.  A Sony rep told Joystiq :

“While the two systems are distinct and operated separately, given that they are both under the SONY umbrella, there is some degree of architecture that overlaps. The intrusions were similar in nature. This is NOT a second attack; new information has been discovered as part of our ongoing investigation of the external intrusion in April.”

The extent of the information stolen for U.S. customers is name, address, email, birthday, password and phone number.  For non-U.S. players, it’s a little more dicey.  As stated above, credit card info was indeed stolen as well as direct deposit information which Sony details to mean bank account numbers and account names.

Like Sony has stated when addressing the PSN outage, they say there is no evidence that their main credit card database was compromised – so U.S. players have no confirmation whether their financial info has been stolen or not.

Like the PSN after the hack, Sony has taken down its SOE services while they investigate.  Yesterday, they announced that the PSN will return many of its services some time this week.  Sony will also be offering a “welcome back” rewards program as an apology to its users for the outage.

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  • Sandor hegedus

    I hope everything b ok!!! When is psn b back???

  • Jodi Jezz

    This is bogus. We were first told 2 days, then within a week, now PSN still isnt up…PlayStation PR department is retarded and the CEO isnt any different. Here is a hint to PlayStation! If you dont know when PSN is going to be back up, dont tell your customers fake stories! Us gamers were actually looking forward to playing online after work today, after school, this morning, or even all night tonight! You guys are idiots…What dumb ass hired these losers

    • sony consumer

      well then you might just have to play games without the internet like we used to before ps3 and xbox 360 came… but oh my fucking god that would just be torture now wouldnt it

      • Jodi Jezz

        ah, dont reply on my comment you low life! Get the fu*k outta here…

        • Jadeoblue

          I don’t play online games but I do watch Netflix. I pay for that. Now I can’t get on to get my movie fix. XBOX here I come.

          • chris

            Netflix works I’ve been on it the entire psn shutdown

  • Magic

    My site has the letter that sony needs to release.

  • marko

    i thought they said may 3rd, welllllllll ……..

  • abdiel garcia

    they said it would be on today n once again they lied just like the government a bunch of lies n broken promises i think they r doing this to do a survey on the crime if crime goes up or stays the same psn works for the government remember that losers lol

    • marko

      yeah your right

  • abdiel garcia

    Psn are a bunch of liars gettin paid to tell us whatever they wanna tell us fuck dis im gonna get x box! lol

  • preston cross

    hi this is an enconvent i could have a my money stolen from my bank because sony cant provide a good security for the ps network what are you guys trying to do things are now worse then before nobody can get on the network and thers a lot of pissed off custermers and that encludes me im probly going to have to change my bank card so my money dosent get stolen and im probaly not going to use ps3 network any more because of this problem i will have to play with out network exbox and wee dosent have that problem now do they even if you fix it is there a gerontee that there will not be a onther problem thanks concerned custermer

    • RndmGuy

      You need to stop playing video games and go back to school. That whole paragraph is atrocious.

      • halfbakd24-7

        still waiting . just traded my xbox 360 for a canoe . i think i’ll do some fishin while i wait for the psn 2 b fixed .

      • gesus

        Your a f..king idiot. Put down the joystick and go back to school. How old are you?

  • top business hosting

    they are playing with us now i am gonna go for XBOX

  • Roedup

    I’m not sure when it will be back up, but let me tell you i have had an Xbox for 3 years and since the PSN shutdown, I still havent turned it on. For one, i’m not goin out to buy Black Ops for xbox, when i have the Prestige edition on PS3 that i spent an arm and a leg on, plus first strike map pack. so with me already having an xbox, thats still like $300 extra i would have to pay to make it even with my PS3, plus gas and paying for online play? would you really want to do all that or just wait a little longer for free?

    • Mike

      PSN is free… true enough.

      So how’s that ‘free’ online working out for you?

      You get what you pay for. And sometimes… you pay for what you get for free. I’d keep my eye on my credit card info.

      • Roedup

        They have gift cards that you purchase so you wont have to worry about you credit card infomation being manhandled. So if you could possibly get a ‘free’ car in 7 days, would you opt to buy a bicycle? (xbox). lol

      • Chris Richardson

        So it got hacked because it’s free? Nice logic there.

  • StiffTwig

    Any of you who think your personal and cc information is 100% safe online with ANY company is sadly mistaken. It’s unfortunate for Sony that this happened to them, but I’ve seen news reports about banks who say their customers’ information was compromised! Google it. Speaking of Google – have you ever Googled yourself? Anyone can get your name, address, phone number that way. Pay extra and get additional information from Intelius. If someone wants to find out about you bad enough they can. The internet is a great tool – but its also a dangerous one.

    I don’t blame Sony at all. I blame those people out there who break the law and/or consider it a challenge or their right to stick it to big corporations without a care for how it effects the “little people.”

  • Zach

    xbox is making bank…
    Black ops dlc “Ecscalation” came out yesterday for xbox live and psn users wont even get it until possibly june. Not to mention that people are too impatient to wait on psn to come back up and they got out and buy a 360 and xbox live.

  • andy

    I HOPE psn will be back up by THIS WEEKEND. (MONDAY) im looking forward to playing cod, and all my favorite games online i cant take beeing offline i checked every day is it on? is it on? no… :( plz don’t let us down. We <3 u playstatipn, sony commuunity~~~!!!!

  • Brad C

    I just have to mention, everyone makes mistakes, but the fact a multi million dollar company didnt keep up on security worries me. But at the same time just like xBox and its security holes no one is safe online especially in the gamer community.

    All in all just stay true to sony as they are fixing the situation but as with anything if you want it done right you hire the people that do or even in some cases did the exploiting in the first place and with that it takes time to explore the root problems and holes to cover them up so it wont happen again.

    Sony has been good for a long time i hope they keep their new security adviser and keep us well protected from years to come.