PlayStation Network Back Online Within a Week (Maybe)

Latest blog update discusses credit card info, time-frame for return

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PlayStation Network Back Online Within a Week (Maybe)
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When it’s all said and done, it looks like the PSN may be down for over 2 weeks.

The latest official update posted to the PlayStation blog takes the form of a Q&A, much of it mirroring questions outlined yesterday in an offical Sony FAQ page that was linked to from the blog.  Here’s what now-very-widely-known Director of Corporate Communications Patrick Seybold has to say:

First off, we want to again thank you for your patience. We know that the PlayStation Network and Qriocity outage has been frustrating for you. We know you are upset, and so we are taking steps to make our services safer and more secure than ever before. We sincerely regret any inconvenience or concern this outage has caused, and rest assured that we’re going to get the services back online as quickly as we can.

We received a number of questions and comments yesterday and early today relating to the criminal intrusion into our network. We’d like to address some of the most common questions today.

We are also going to continue to post updates to this blog with any additional information and insight that we can over the next few days.

We are reading your comments. We are listening to your suggestions. Please keep them coming.

It’s good to see that Sony is at least feigning a dialogue with users.  Besides the obvious frustration of not being able to play your games online, PS3 owners have been the most frustrated with that lack of transparency regarding the “external intrusion.”  Users were not notified until a week after the initial outage that their personal information had been compromised

The latest update from Sony reminds users that although no evidence is yet available that their credit info was stolen, users should brace for that likely possibility.  One bit of good news – even if the credit card numbers and expiration dates were stolen, the CVC security code from the back of your card were not obtained because the PSN and Qriocity does not ask for it.

The real news from this latest blog post is that there is a very soft time-frame for when the PSN will be restored.  I repeat, WoW Gold Guide, very soft:

Our employees have been working day and night to restore operations as quickly as possible, and we expect to have some services up and running within a week from yesterday. However, we want to be very clear that we will only restore operations when we are confident that the network is secure.

PlayStation Network Back Online Within a Week (Maybe)
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  • george

    its 50 $ 4 a year membership on xbox and its way bettr so dont be little bitches over 50 $ when your spending 60$ every wweak 4 a game

  • Kevin M.

    Wow all you guys are retards the whole point of buying an fkn console is to play it when ever the hell you want to… its not that I dnt have a life its just that when I bought a ps3 I wasn’t planing on taking a 3 week break for it that’s really sad that Sonny got hacked….. whenever its late from working, studying, working out and even after partying there’s a time where I want to fkn play black ops with my friends I didn’t buy a ps3 so it would just stay in my room.. I alrdy beat singlemodes on My games… I dnt want to waste my money on games anymore when I alrdy got enough… I don’t mind waiting its just that I didn’t waste 500$ on my ps3 so it could just lay there like some kind of ornament…. psn needs to fix this asap before they lose anymore users

    • Jarad

      Be thankfull that you dont get the red ring of death twice a year and have to wait two weeks till you get your xbox back

  • Adam

    All those who wana go xbox fuck off your not wanted
    Shit happens and sony ain’t the 1’s to blame they are doing more then you can imagine it’s der multi million industry at stake and if you ain’t got anything better then gaming must me a bldy low life loosers fuck sake wake up enjoy life only for a week for you loosers who live life for gaming….

  • Spike

    I dont give a fuck if its out i have just been playing on the pc and i have beaten portal 2 three times already… AND i already have all 3 next gen consoles… sure i dont have online but wtf is wrong with single player i still support sony even if shit happened…. they are not as greedy as microsoft….. they are giving us FREE ONLINE PLAY…… so what the fuck am i losing even if its out a few days IM NOT LOSING ANY MONEY so suck it xbox fan boys… even if sony is out.. what do i have to lose?

    • Dan

      They make us pay because our consoles cost less, And so they have money to prevent THIS from happening.

      • Jarad

        Are you god? Do you work for microsoft? How do you know this will never happen to them?? Your talking out your ass mate, your hating on something you don’t have just because your mum decided to pay for the cheaper console. Your going to eat your own words when xboxlive gets hacked. Now go sit on the toilet and cry about it because you just got served.

      • Dan

        All u fuckers saying IM GOIN TO X-BOX feel free ya dum fucks, x box has been hacked and 10x more problems with there console than Sony, not to mention x-box sounds like a fukin car!! I’m as pissed off as every1 else I wanna get online but can’t so we all have to wait it’s tough shut but 1 thing that is really fukin me off is SONY Y CAN’T WE HAVE A DATE WEN IT’S GUNNA B ON YA SELFISH FUCKS WE PAY FOR UR CONSOLES , GAMES ECT SO ALL WE ASK IT’S A DATE!!!

  • ruben

    ya said n a week and its not back on….if ya have to rebulid the whole network let us know the truth dont tell us that it would be ready in a week


    In the words of charlie sheen Xbox is Winning!!!

  • Jim Henson

    Seriously people it’s not that big of a deal! Why don’t u just play the games for the story! Even if it’s got a really good online mode, if the story sucks then it’s not worth it!

  • Jim Henson

    It doesn’t matter that the hackers did this to psn. If a hacker wanted to they could hack into any software.

    • Dan

      I get your point, but a Trillion dollar company has to do better than this.

  • dragonmafia

    if u use NETFLIX on your ps3 “good news” it still works.when u go to it it will say SIGN IN do so.then u get the sh*t about maintenance HIT O then wait about 10 seconds and u will seen movies in the back ground and the same SIGN IN screen.Just hit X to sign in u will get the same thing again BUT this time WHEN U BACK OUT U GOT MOVIES.THIS DOES WORK AND I AM SO MAD I DIDN’T TRY IT EARLIER.PS…XBOX SUCKS SO DON’T SWITCH KILL U SOON ON SOME “BLACK OPS”look me up dragonmafia out:}

  • justin

    i think its rediculous that damn trillion dollar company is taking so flipping long to get back online i mean its been 2 weeks already almost and still no word on when it will be back up thank god you idiots dont run a cell phone company i mean my god it dont take that long whether or not u are running an investigation we should still be able to play this is so sad that all these ppl spent hundreds of dollars on these things and now cant hardly play sony get f off you piece of garbage losers

  • justin

    all you people who are sticking up for sony should be hit in the head the point of the matter is they should have did there research and blocked hackers from getting in you have the money so put it to use granite yeah stuff gets hacked but to this extent come on they shouold have top of line security features but yet they dont so all of who spent hundreds of dollars are not screwed over cuz they cant get their crap together and instead of them posting crap on twitter or facebook get your butts to work and i highly doubt you fools are working day and night to fix it thats a lie you best be getting crap fixed or your trillion dollar company wont exist cuz i guarantee you fools lost a ton of money cuz they games that came out this week cant be played cuz hmmm lemme see your network it down sucks to be you

  • Dan

    Fair enuff ppl wanna go buy a x-box but remember we r all happy with the ps until now, every1 Slags of the psn now it’s gone wrong ur acting like u pay for it!!!! Yh I’m just as pissed off as every1 else wen it comes to my bank details but come on Ppl it ain’t that hard to get a new card !! And Sony just make sure that scum can’t get in again, and all u sad wasters f-in and blinding go get a girlfriend !

    • dragonmafia

      so true and people need to realize that noon is safe from hackers.our goverment gets hacked all the time.no matter how good they secure a network there is always someone who will want to f*ck it up.So Sony needs to put up a better fight this time but be warned it could happen again:(

  • Connor

    its taking the f*cking p*ss now! they said 2 days now its 2 week. make your mind up :/ im not a sad gamer or out but in my spare time i like to relax online but without that my spare time sucks ass lmao.

    • dragonmafia

      thats why i’m here cus i can’t play

  • Dan

    Yh but we r all goin through the same shit, it takes wot it takes hopefully it comes bk better than b4 but until then watch porn and play with ur balls if ur that bored !!

  • charlie

    ttbh i dont see why everyone is moaning, its not exactly gunnu kill you to not go on ps3 for 2 weeks, i meen that is a bit sad?

  • http://www.osg-gaming.com Peter Vlachos

    most trillion dollar companys dont have playable networks with 75 million + users either, and within the 75 million user list, a potential hacker or two…LOL

  • http://www.osg-gaming.com Peter Vlachos

    Well Sony you gave me time to play outside and try out a couple of games on my XBOX 360. I think I still have a month on my subscription left. There OK but the community is not. Take your time, and the network running right, listening to the the community on XBOX is making my ears bleed, feels like I am playing with a bunch of kids. Anyways just like I remembered XBOX 360 is the same as the PS3 if you ask me except I am not much for the controllers, and I forgot how loud it was. It makes for a better space heater than the PS3, and it has a nice little footrest I can’t hide, and it keeps my feet warm. Well its up temporarily until PSN fixes there stuff. Or my “PAID” subscription expires. What!!!! no alts without paying for another user? sorry xbox that sux even more.

  • bob the builder

    why update the PSN just leave it alone we just want to play online

  • Tam scotland

    Xbox is shit man . Ps3 is worth it . nd u pay 35 pound a year for xbox and map packs for games are more expensive for xbox . Ps3 could give us a half price discount for a week or two and that would boost the respect for them.

    • Dan

      In sure youve played soo much,youd be happy to shead 35 REAL pounds.

  • Tam scotland

    Omfg. . Is every xbox gamer a fukin 2 year old . Xbox are full of noobs . I had an xbox before and all i heard was squeeky little voices crying because they got killed or got beat like a 2 year old would do I felt like smashing up my xbox And xbox was to expensive

  • Emsthtsme5


  • poppy

    i play on black ops most nite wen i put my daughter to bed i love it but its good to have a break at the same time i spent more time with my husband since lol everyone is getting stupid tho as its a game at the end of the day, yeah like most people i want it back on as soon as possible but if it means waiting for better security and stuff then surly its worth it, i used to have an xbox and now got ps and i defo prefer ps for loads of reasons plus its so much quieter, i do wish sony wud give a bit more info on the matter even if its just to shut up my partner as hes inpatient but the best thing about this is you will appriate the games more wen they are back online, in the mean time wethers been lovely in uk so go out and enjoy it, ps i no my spelling is bad so i realy dont need anyone to point that out to me lol

  • jedi dodds

    Hi I was wondering when psn is actually back on line because all they keep saying is next week.Why can’t they just give us a straight answer,At the end of the day im a ps3 fan and always will be.And I think its pretty sad how xbox players keep sayin how crap the ps3 is.At the end of the day we all love our consoles and I hope it does’nt happen to them.Come sony ”REALLY” SORT IT OUT!!!!

  • Joe

    Hey guess what xbox lovers and people who are gonna switch from psn to xbl. Xbox had a 14 day no online also each company has their flaws…

  • Ninja_Toolz

    how can a trillion dolla company get hacked?? i mean 4 real….. and what most gets me pissed off is that sony is a Japanese company..!! how can the mostadvanced people in the whole world get hacked b some no life dudes dat are freakin poor??? i think that its x-box doing this!!

    • scott hamby

      what really happened is someone tripped over the power cord. lol. at least I have been getting some yard work done and enjoying the nice weather. ill stay with my ps3

  • Corey

    You guys are making a big deal out of nothing i have a ps3, and don’t get me wrong a few weeks is a little long. But you get what yu pay for with playstation(“It only does everything.) Considering that you have to pay for xBox to play online, and it doesn’t even come close to having all the stuff that a playstion has. So all you that are geting all pissed off about it taking awhile, and selling your system its not going to do you any good cause your just going to get pissed off in a week when its back up and you want to play your games. And its for your benefit that there fixing it; would trust your credit card info with a kid half way around the world cause i sure as hell no i don’t. I just say give it time before you go and sell your ps3, because it won’t be worth it with an xBox.

    • waughzy

      that’s right why would u want to sell ur ps3 for a console that u have to pay to play online with when u get it all and more for free on ur ps3’s

  • Chuck

    Well I was really pisses off as well. But since it is a free service that I don’t have to pay 100$ a yr. Which is what it costs u to play online on ur x-box. I came to realize that I have no right to bitch abt something that I’m getting for FREE. Neither do the rest of U. If ur that dumb to not have used a different credit card with a low limit on it. Than ur also a moron for allowing that information to be out there.

    • Dan

      actualy we pay half that so this junk doesnt happen

  • kurt

    playstaion should have a server on the side that they have more security in it waiting for a problem like this so there not offline as long as they have been cause people like to play when there just sitting around or on rainy days like the past week its spring it rains alot come on playstaion

  • ganjaman213

    man i just bought an one and was gonna play me some red dead & its off for another week? this is a huge screw up,

  • xXtReMe3x0TwIsTeRx


    • Dan

      Fun fact that a tard will mabey understand. te playstation has been out for 15 years. the Xbox has been around for 7. In half the time microsoft has a bigger fanbase than the Sony. Add this together and the one whos in trouble is the Ps3, not the Xbox

  • Emsthtsme5

    Ok I just really want to play online zombies!!!!!!

    • killroy 1144

      I know I really mostly want to play the new zombies call of the dead.
      which should have came out today on ps3, I think because while they were uping secirity they could have forgot to tell the public about it.

      • Dan

        It’s a pretty fun map, very innovative but you guys wont know for sure for a few more weeks

  • jedi dodds

    Hey people I had a email on my iphone yesterday from sony saying that they are moving there security to another location.I think they are going to stick it on the (MOON)so don’t panic all our worrys are sorted:)

  • jedi dodds

    Well said corey 😉

  • jedi dodds

    Don’t panic ganjaman 213 Ive heard its back on 3rd may well some of it I cant wait;)

    • unnown

      i can’t beleive they lied.

  • craig

    all you xbox people dont remember when the network went down for the live on line gaming then do ya? this happen too microsoft with the xbox live like 2 1/2 yrs ago, Then xbox went threw there server’s an looked for moded system,(got rid of like 1 million people) then sent a lock out code which gave you the red ring an made it so you could not claim the system on warranty. No system is hack proof an thats just the plain truth….look at the pentagon..they have a much better set up the either gaming system yet someone got into them. amazon is having problems an a couple of other main web site are dealing with the same problems too…..what gets me is the people on here that think sony should give then something for nothing. i mean your not paying for this online service but you act like you are intitled too something for what, becuz you cant get your fix? Does anybody remember when china had that problem with people online playing so much that they would actually not eat sleep or drink for days an would actually fall over at there systems dead. if you are jones that bad then hook up the ps 2 an play socom or something, go outside . hang with your kids do something constructive! Ya it does suck that the lack of information on the credits cards where slow to get out there, but too file a class action law suit becuase they interferd with your gaming schedule,,,very greedy an stupid!I am a avid call of duty fan an play pretty much every night AFTER MY REAL LIFE DUTIES ARE FINISHED but i am doin stuff too bide the time till its back on. As long as they get it right then i can wait, i do believe the will compinsate the users , but how much an what is there answer an they will shed light when they feel like it. As far as credit card stuff is concern, call your banks an cc company too get new cards. you tell them you are a ps3 user an they will replace them for free, i have done this already with all my info so you should do the same…..an for christ sake….go out side or be with your family there is more to life then playstation!

    • http://buzzpronews Jesus Christ

      Sony needs to get its legal issues out of the way on where they stand before any restart of the PSN . Personally, i think this could take quite some time before Sony is allowed to assume online credt transactions, this cannot happen a second time. The courts will see to that, the integraty of PSN has been breeched along with 77 million user accounts and personal info infringed. This is more than a 2 week cease and decist and everything is ok issue and away we go again, lol be realistic.

  • Rom

    Xbox has had downtime before (thirteen days)…. Sony said there was a POSSIBILITY that credit card info was stolen.
    It is also possible that your profile data, including purchase history and billing address (city, state, zip), and your PlayStation Network/Qriocity password security answers may have been obtained Taken from the April 26 blog post

  • http://www.webpronews.com Everyone will leave eventually

    When will the playstation network be back on again sony you need to speak up your the sorriest company i’ve ever known too much pride eating you up inside too stupid to speak up their’s over 250,000 people has already lefted the playstation network how long you going to take when you get it back up you stupid moron’s if you’d listen to the players on the game long time ago when these games came out retards you wouldn’t went through this garbage to start with you knew hacker’s where on it i’ve even told you foolish stupid workers i’ve even told the psn to get up with you that’s their damn job they are too sorry they don’t need no job either they all need fired and get other workers in there that care about customer support you need the better bussiness bereau on your ass’s they was too stuck up to get in touch with you if you don’t get up soon they ain’t no use of getting it fixed you ain’t going to have no people to play your stupid little games treyarch’s stupid idiotic worker’s wouldn’t listen to someone sorry ass’s put a email up called info@treyarch.com no one never writes back by not supporting their constumer’s they are constumer rights all the millions that played this game when they was telling them hacker’s where over running their games but no treyarch knew it all thinking they are talking to some hick well this damn hick known what he was talking about you moron’s think everyone is going to wait patiencely on this to continue i wouldn’t count on it that damn george hotz bastard needs locked up until doomsday letting a faggot ruin everyone’s game with his stupid hacks a moron that can’t play without screwing everyone’s game up too many damn hacker’s running around with God Mode, Aimbot’s, Invisible hacks, Prestiage Hacks others standing around in hacking lobbies all sorts of cheats on the game and you all thinking that those bastards ain’t doing it on Xbox360 as well their doing it just as they screwed the playstation 3 up they’ll do the Xbox360 the same way eventually over you all not doing your job. While these players pay to play with a bunch of queer’s screwing their games up no one can entertain themselves because of all of it.

    • unnown

      why doesnt sony just hire around 10,000 or less emploies to help with the security and to play there games and watch for hackers cause maybe that will stop future axcident but also employ many people.
      also, they don’t have to buy some ps3s for there workers, but they just need to offer jobs by a random message on playstation network accounts.

  • hamp

    Here’s to all the people that saying others have no life. First of all I play videogames, Ive been playing video games since I was 5 im 21 now. Am I pissed that psn is down? Yes, but I have other shit to do, music,homework,smoke loud, and listen to my GF bitch. But when I come home after work, practice, whatever I like to sit down relax and play games online with my friends,and it sucks that i havent done that. There literally isnt anything to do during the week other than that. And when you come at people for wanting to play online with the games they purchased with the system they purchased is b.s. Free or not this situation did not live up to expectations. You loser trolls need to get a life, we have one.

  • jedi dodds

    Can anyone tell me when psn is back online cos I heard it was today,Even my iphone is f@*ked and I think that was the same hacker who jail broke the iphones (BUT) don’t quote me on that.Was he called geohot or something like that cos when I reboot my iphone it says geohot on it And his face,he looks like frodo from lord of the rings:)

  • jedi dodds

    People are saying that we should all get a life,but i have 4 children and my wife works and im a house husband which is ok cos I do all my housework just to keep the wife happy and then I would go on the ps3 for a bit (IN BETWEEN WASHING CLOTHES)Then I would go and pick them all up from school at the end of the day.At the end of the day Ive got nothing to do in the evenings because my wife likes to watch her programmes And we are out most weekends depending on the weather so come on sony im gagging to get back online with black ops and have some fun with everybody around the world.And it also makes me laugh when you hear people swearing on the game and getting stressed out cos they got shot.(GOOD TIMES) 😉

    • http://playstation RASHID

      you should play socom confrontation once you play it you never go bak to call of booty lol

  • Travis

    Hmm wonder why xbox paid off playstation to crash there site. Aw i knw why its because xbox sucks an they need more customers….

    • unnown

      ya i bet they did have someone hack them someday it will bite them in the but.

  • unnown

    who ever switches will miss out on the awsome freebees sony might deliver but i will put money on that ps3 users will get freebees unlike xbox who in this situation would i know would not care at all or even fix it and give nothing for the inconnvenice.

    • http://chickenballs.com

      u gay

  • http://chickenballs.com hurry up

    i love anna and maritza

    • http://chickenballs.com

      i love you to bae

  • Travis

    So does any1 think they will fix motorstorm pacific rift imma say prolly not any1 elze

  • http://yahoomail luke

    can use fix this by tomorrow

    • http://yahoomail luke

      will playstaion network be on by may the 5th tomorrow

      • brandon

        when is it psn coming back

  • clootvis





    • darth4052

      well said, ive played X-box and ive played playstation and i wouldnt swap my PS3 for the world. Im depressed as hell the network is down but i will wait, im dieing to get on MK9 online :( screw you XBOX.

      • MeToo

        People can be pissed off all they want at Sony. They say Macs can’t be hacked, there wrong too. It just doesn’t happen as often, because PC holds the market share.If they are going after Sony, then lets think about it, maybe its because they own the market share over Xbox. Besides that, multiplatform games have to be dumbed down to play on the Xbox in order to save them software companies money. It saves them from making multiple complex coding and debugging for the different platforms, so they dumb it down for Xbox and then everyone can play it. So tell me who is getting ripped off, PS3 users or Xbox users. We have to buy dumbed down games because of the inferiority of the Xbox. Thanks alot for ruining my gaming experience Xbox users. Seriously how many times do you have to keep replacing something before you give up on it!

        • nick

          i’d like to here more about that, ps3 games are obviously a higher quality but are games really being “dumbed down”? That and this hacker threat i would rather buy a xbox and get used to sending it in every couples years, + plus no hdmi……. :(

  • gooley

    i feel bad for people who sit around in there parents basement and play ps3 online all day. U HAVE NO LIFE!! LEAVE THE HOUSE U LOSERS!! i mean i know it sucks when u want to get on and play but it will b back shortly. chill out and go outside and get some sun u vampires. WORD!

  • i just farted

    people act like this cant happen to people who have an xbox. they say xbox is better and the ps3 is garbage. they just sound dumb and ignorant.. i personally have never liked the xbox and playstation has always been my favorite. so wat ever floats ur boat. it would b nice if psn could give us an exact date it will b bak up

  • says:

    im tired of waiting…………………….i wana play MGO so bad. this is bs. if i ever found out who caused this i would slit there throat and dance all over there blood

  • lalo

    So what is the truth? You hear so many different stories. Has our information been taken or not. Ive been a with Sony and ps3 since i can remember but now im switching to Xbox good bye ps3 and your screw up systems…

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