Playing This Game Will Probably Destroy Your Phone


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Would you throw your smartphone into the air? You would normally say no. Now, would you do it if it was a competition? Most of you would probably still say no, but one developer has something for those of you willing to risk it.

SMTH (or Send Me To Heaven) is a "sports game" according to developer Carrot Pop. It challenges players to toss their phone as high as they can into the air. The app will then measure how high the phone went, and upload your score to the leaderboards. It's like a game of chicken where the winner gets a high score, and the loser gets a broken phone.

As you would expect, the game's developers say that you play their game at your own risk. There's a pretty high chance that you will murder your phone by playing this game. Apple rejected the game for obvious reasons, but Google Play apparently doesn't care if you're an idiot.

If you want to test fate, you can grab SMTH from Google Play now. Just be warned - you're going to break your phone if you don't catch your phone on the way down. Don't say I, and the app, didn't warn you.

[h/t: Kotaku]